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Renting an Apartment | Federal Trade Commission

Rachel was ready to
rent an apartment. She looked at rental ads
online and in the newspaper. She asked her
friends if they knew about apartments
she could afford. At last, Rachel found
a good apartment that was within her budget. Rachel knew she had to
apply to get the apartment, so she made sure she had her
identification, information about her employer
and her income, and details about where
she had lived before. Rachel filled out an application
and gave the landlord permission to check her credit. She also paid the landlord a
small fee for the credit check. But when the landlord
checked her credit, he found that Rachel did not
have a good credit history. Fortunately, Rachel
was prepared. She knew that sometimes people
with a not very good credit history have to pay
more money in advance. Rachel explained that she
could afford the apartment. To prove it, she showed
the landlord information about her employer
and her income. The landlord agreed that Rachel
could rent the apartment, if she paid the rent for the
first month and the last month now. She also had to pay
a security deposit. Rachel signed her lease,
wrote a check to the landlord, and agreed on a move-in date. Now all Rachel had
to do was figure out how to decorate
her apartment, without spending any more money.

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