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Renting a Pet-Friendly Apartment

Hi, welcome back to the Launch Center!
This week we’re answering questions about pets.
I’m Shannon. I’m Lauren. I’m Alecia. And I’m Megan. I have a question today and it is, “What
should I consider before getting a pet?” Pets live a long time. I mean they live, like, 14 — my pug is 14 years old I’ve had her for 14 years. You have to
realize that this is a long-term commitment you got to make sure that you
really want this pet for a very long time. So, I mean, when you move you have to
move your pet, you’ve got to think about, you know, you’ll always need pet-friendly,
you’ll always be paying pet rent, you’ll always be paying pet deposits. Yeah, and
when you get a pet, too — at least for the first, you know, couple weeks, sometimes it’s even longer, if it’s like a brand new puppy, they need you constantly. Mmm-hmm. And they make noise constantly. At night especially. And when you live in an apartment, when you have to take them out, and
if you live on the like fifth floor with no elevator you’ll be walking up and
down every night. In the middle of the night. But they’re so worth it. Book a pet hotel, if you want to go on vacation, if you have a dog. You gotta
board it. So I mean make sure that you really want one because a lot of times
people say, you know, “Oh this dog is so cute! I think I’ll take it home!” and they
don’t really think it through. Oh, the dog’s barking, people are
complaining, you know, I have to pay all this extra money, and then I’ll just, you
know, give it away and then, you don’t want to do that. You have to be conscious, too, if you have a roommate. Your roommate can’t be allergic to any pets. I mean,
like, my roommate is allergic to cats, so — big bummer. What do you do with her? She lives with my boyfriend. What do you do about your roommate? I mean, I hope you’re not watching this. You need some Zyrtec! Okay, so another question we get
a lot is, what should you look for in a pet friendly community? Well, if you have
a cat, windows are great because cats love to sit in the window sill. And then
you’ve got to consider your litter box too
so you either want to have a spacious bathroom or a closet depending on where
you want to put it. Yeah, and didn’t you take the door off your bathroom? Yes,
you can take a door off of your bathroom cabinet if it is removed easily. Slip the
litter box in. Go to Renterverse and read her article and where to hide your
litter box. In a small apartment. You want to look for pet amenities, as well. You know, a lot of
communities now are incorporating dog parks but if you’re looking at an
apartment that doesn’t have a dog park you might want to consider, you know,
where is the nearest park that you can walk your dog. Yeah. Or where is the nearest
public dog park, or plenty of sidewalks to walk your dog, Sidewalks. Huge perk yeah. We get a
lot of questions regarding what you need to bring to your landlord or property
manager when you are thinking about adopting a pet or have adopted a pet.
Sometimes they’re gonna want you to go for a pet interview where you
actually have to bring your dog and they have to look at it. Dress him up in a
suit. Make sure he has a tie on. Make sure your dog isn’t, like, the worst dog ever — no dog
is the worst dog ever. And send us pictures at [email protected] com of your dog. Also you will need to provide your dog’s medical records.
Sometimes they do request that, especially if there’s breed restrictions.
Do they want pet interviews with cats or is it just dogs? Just dogs.
Yeah, it’s not like your cats are going out in the community and, like, hanging
out with other cats. Unless they join the feral cat colonies by the dumpster. The feral cats in the apartments are the best part of apartment living! I love them! Thanks for joining us today. If you’d
like to get in touch with us, you could tweet us or you can email us at [email protected] Until next time, see you in the Renterverse!

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