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RENTED – One Bedroom apartment for rent – 1320 E 29th Ave Denver co

Marketing video 1320 E 29 Ave. This is in
Denver Colorado. You’re really going to like this unit right down here in the
heart of Denver let’s head inside and take a look. As you first walk in you’re going to
notice these nice high ceilings you have a ceiling fan right here nice open feel
to the room turn around this way so you can see this is really great for
entertaining. You have granite countertops nice big
sink nice updated hood okay. Those beautiful hardwood floors in here. Nice tract lighting up above okay and
this is all finished off with tile on the top okay. Let’s head back this way First we have the restroom here this is
a full okay and on the other side we have some really nice washer/dryer here
stackable whirlpools that’s included with the rental. W have a little coat
closet area here and this opens up into the bedroom. Okay the only furniture that the owner
plans to leave there go and take the boxspring and mattress but there’s a bed
here with built-in storage so the owner has offered to leave that so that you
have the additional storage. Let’s just take a quick look out back there’s a
real nice sitting area out here it’s kind of dark right now nice little
sitting area there nice garden box. And over here we have another closet
area and downstairs we have another little room down here let’s head down
this way so we have another room here and a storage closet as well so you have
some additional storage. Back this way this is an awesome unit
give us a call 303 884-3381 and we
could schedule a time for you to come and take a look. Thanks.

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