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Rental Apartment Efficiency Program | FortisBC

If you own or manage an older rental apartment building in B.C., there’s a program to help you save money, energy and water. Qualifying buildings receive an energy assessment and the direct installation of energy efficient upgrades in each unit. All at no cost. The program has been very successful because it gives building owners exactly what they need to drive energy efficiency within their building. So what FortisBC has done is we designed a three-step process. We conduct direct installs to install shower heads, bathroom aerators and kitchen aerators. We conduct energy assessments for the customer to identify all the energy efficiency improvements they need to do. And lastly we go one step further and support the customer with a guided approach to drive those energy efficiency upgrades. The report also identifies opportunities to save through FortisBC’s rebate program for upgrading to high-efficiency space and water heating systems. A professional contractor will install energy efficient upgrades in each unit including a brand name water-efficient shower head, kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators, and it only takes about 15 minutes per unit. Participants could save about $20 per unit in water heating costs annually. Tenants may even notice a better shower experience, as shower heads have pressure compensation technology for good flow rate, and multiple spray settings. At the end of this program our residents were quite happy with the water and the new fixtures. Our clients were exceptionally happy about the cost benefits of their energy savings and their water consumption. In follow up surveys, about 94% of participants were satisfied with the program, and tenant feedback has also been very positive. This program has not only reduced a substantial amount of energy and greenhouse gas emissions, but out of the hundreds of buildings that have participated in the program, we have reduced millions of liters of drinking water that would normally go down the drain. We designed the program in the hopes that it’ll be an easy decision for building owners Not only is it free, but it also reduces their operating costs and the tenants feel good about benefiting the environment. Join Gateway Properties and the hundreds of buildings in B.C. that are already saving water, energy and money while increasing tenant comfort. The program is free and it’s easy to take part. That’s energy at work!

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