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Rent Surrey Apartment at Park Place – King George SkyTrain

Surrey BC has what it takes for
substantial sustainable growth. In ten years, it’s population will surpass
Vancouver’s and it will become become the lower mainland’s regional and economic
center While skytrain connects Surrey, even more
mass transit systems are proposed Billions of dollars are being spent to
upgrade roadways and bridges including the two point five billion dollar Portmann Bridge expansion, the highway one project and the South
Fraser Perimeter Road bypass Civic investments include expansion of
SFU Surrey campus revitalization of Holland Park a new flagship library city hall, civic plaza and center for the
performing arts. Every amenity one could want is
already here: community centers, sports fields big box retail and a major shopping mall the SFU stage three expansion Surrey Memorial hospital expansion the new outpatient center and new RCMP-E division headquarters
alone will create over five thousand high
quality jobs by 2013 from education, healthcare and government. A thousand new residents every month
will increase the city center population threefold in twenty years driving housing demand. This is the location. Now is the time.
Invest your future at Park Place Surrey City Center. The future lives here.
Ask Prompton 604-899-2333 for details.

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Mar 3, 2016, 3:37 am Reply

a lot of these facts are wrong port man should and will be destroyed for a new bridge more people driving more housing no how about all the illegal basement suites and rental prices going sky high affordable housing should come first theirs not enough jobs to sustain as many people they propose to move here and it's just not worth it I've lived in Surrey 10 yrs and seeing it goto hell really quick especially with a lot of immigration the leading cause

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