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Remote Year Mansion Apartment // Lima Peru

Hey guys I have you here and in this
video you’re going to see a tour of my apartment in Lima Peru it is nicknamed
up McManus ends up let’s go check it out what up guys my name is AbbY and welcome
to my crib come on hey guys I’m here in Lima Peru for
remote remote here’s a program where I live in a different country every month
for the next 11 months right now we’re in Peru ah Oh Joe we’re here so we first walk in
and we have a little foyer it immediately goes into the living room
lots of space for hosting our one movie night lots of windows big open spaces a little balcony balcony with a view
so never live this close to the ocean before a book from our sponsor guys
we’re sponsored by Lima weather today where you can get burnt skin and frizzy
hair right here in Lima so make sure to come to Peru and check it out back to
the show one more thing I want to tell you guys about FEMA is that there is
mostly no a/c so that’s consistent only across South America so our apartment
does not have a seat so in return we keep all of our windows and doors of it
and you can see there’s no screen on that and so what happens is Elvis
cityhood comes into our apartment and then the mix of the really bad admitted
here I kind of to create this layer of like soot all across the floor so you
might mop one day and you’re walking the next day and you have like black stood
on your feet so that’s Lima living that’s the elevator formal dining room little hallway that goes into the
kitchen this cool crazy door goes to the stairs which leads to the rooftop which
leads to the laundry I know what you’re thinking what’s in the fridge
check it out we have eggs we have beer medicine veggies I mean we are crazy up
in here big kitchen once it’s water lots of eggs are made in this place in Peru
you can’t drink the tap water so you would have to drink filtered water this
is the most environmentally friendly way to consume water here we have to buy the
two liters at first and then we start by mentalist so we switch the box another
little table for sitting nice another sitting room definitely
have a lot of places for hosting another balcony Alex’s room which has our second
fullback our second bedroom Tania’s room and our third bedroom is my
room here’s one bathroom of our three and last but not least is our fourth
bedroom this is dares bedroom and this is our
third full back we have one last bathroom it is the half back another fun
fact about Peru is that you cannot flush the toilet paper so there’s trash cans
in every room that you have to put your toilet paper after you get done doing
what you need to do we have the rooftop which is really cool more city views and more ocean views
that’s the ocean and that’s the ocean what you see the laundry alright thanks for checking out my crave
and now it’s time for you to leave get out of here if you liked this video
please hit subscribe so you can see all my other remote your videos and then you
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Abby’s Road

Apr 4, 2019, 2:35 pm Reply

Think you could live in the Mansion?

30 And A Wake Up

Apr 4, 2019, 11:07 pm Reply

Awesome tour!

Petra Olsen

Apr 4, 2019, 9:10 pm Reply

Hi Abbey. Subbed after watching u taste the snacks with 30 and a wake up. Be safe

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