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Remote Year Apartment Tour Santiago Chile

Today we’re going to tour my Remote Year
apartment here in Santiago Chile For those that don’t know, my name is
Kevin and I was in the military for 20 years, then
I became a corporate lawyer. I kind of got fed up with the nine-to-five so I
quit my job to travel full-time. so if that kind of content interests you
please subscribe below. So I’ve been in Santiago Chile for about a week and I
figured it was about time to give you a tour of my apartment. This is my second
apartment with Remote Year. My first one was in Lima Peru and if you haven’t seen
that video I’ll go ahead and link it somewhere up here. But for now let’s jump
right into this. I live in a really hip neighborhood here in Santiago just south
of Bella Vista and my building has this really cool mural by a famous local
artist I live on Mosquito Street which is more
like a little alley and it has all these really cool outdoor cafes chocolate shop
pastry shop it reminds me a lot of Europe action which brings me back to my
apartment building which reminds me so much of the apartments in the Latin
Quarter in Paris and just like the apartments in Europe the hallways are a
little bit dark kind of dingy smell a little bit like cigarette smoke just a
norm hole then you would expect from a old-world
style apartment building so the elevator situation is building is very
interesting this elevator is probably like a hundred years old at least maybe
even more has this little accordion type of thing that you have to close in order
for the elevator to work and also when you get out of the elevator you have to
close it or it won’t go back down you’ll make the other residents kind of mad another thing if you open the accordion
before the elevator stops it’ll stop the elevator and I’ve done that on more than
one occasion when it’s when the elevator is kind of slowed down on my floor
see how it’s going really slow here and I’ve opened it up like to get out and it
stopped and I had like a foot more to go so I had to like jump up to get out of
the elevator so yeah it’s it’s small and and I question the safety of it but I
use it anyway because I’m too lazy to walk up the stairs I never use it going
down stairs no I always walk down stairs so this apartment is a two bedroom one
and a half bath that I share with another person that’s also on remote
here so we’ll go ahead and start here in the living room they’re these great
French doors that bring in a lot of natural light this apartment has air
conditioning units in each room which is kind of rare in Latin America but we
haven’t really needed them because it gets down to the high 40s low 50s at
night here so next we’ll head into the kitchen here and if you watch my other
videos you’ll know I don’t cook and neither does my roommate so this is a
waste of another really nice kitchen I know I keep coming back to this French
theme but this kitchen kind of reminds me of like a country French bistro type
of kitchen lastly in the kitchen we have this refrigerator and a washer/dryer
combo one of those units that does everything and right off the kitchen we
have this little half bathroom so as I mentioned earlier I have a roommate he’s
not in the apartment right now but he gave me permission to go into his room
so I won’t go too much in there I don’t want to invade his privacy but I kind of
show you what he’s got going on there because it’s pretty cool actually so the
room is pretty standard but what’s cool about it is he has this French door that
gives him access to the balcony which is really cool both of our rooms come with
a flat-screen TV and cable but neither of us really use it and lastly we’ll
move on to my bedroom started dissapoint but it’s pretty standard other than some
pretty unique artwork which i think might be like a Banksy or something I
just have a bed a nightstand and a desk and a window so pretty basic so lastly
I’ll show you our only full bath and it’s kind of a unique situation Orly
it’s a unique situation for me I’ve never had this before me and my roommate
both have doors that access the bathroom and they can only be locked from the
inside of the bathroom so that’s kind of odd but we’ve come up with a schedule
and we’re dealing with it and the bathrooms nice though I mean it’s got a
nice shower it’s just kind of an odd arrangement so lastly I’ll show you one
of the coolest things about this apartment the balcony so this is just
one of those really nice things to have the weather’s pretty good here in
Santiago so it’s pretty awesome to just come out here and sit drink coffee in
the morning work on my computer we even have a barbecue pit here so that’s the
Santiago partment the one I’ll be living in for the next month here in Santiago
I’m planning on doing a lot more videos here in Chile I’m going to Patagonia to
some hot springs to wine country so that kind of content interest you make sure
you hit that subscribe button below thanks for watching

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