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Redink The Fairbanks | Bedrooms Bathroom Powder

Okay, so opposite the theatre
room, Children’s Wing. Minor bedroom. Good size. Built in robe. Now this is the third minor bedroom, so this is a 3×2 this design. So total area actually 250 square metres, but everywhere I go it’s huge. Built in robe again. So now bathroom, come through. Oh wow, very nice. Okay, so space is a premium here, so we gotta be clever. So, nice size shower. There’s a tile dwarf wall. Nice measure of vanity there. Stone. Love the tap here coming
out from the wall. That’s nice. Of course bath and, here we
go, little tricks like this. Look at that, look at that
recess there for shelving. Back out through here, toilet. Okay, so what they’ve done
there, they’ve pushed this wall in to allow for the
shelving on the other side and pushed a little bit
this in, enough for a basin. So Powder Room. Love it. Very clever. It’s actually a good size. Works well, look at that. Very nice, and cupboards still. Very glamorous. Lovely.

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