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Rear Window (6/10) Movie CLIP – Sneaking into the Apartment (1954) HD

[ Woman ]
This is the Doyle residence. Hello, this is L.B.Jefferies.
l’m a friend of Mr. Doyle. Who’s this?
This is a baby-sitter. Oh, uh, when
do you expect them in? They went to dinner and
maybe a nightclub. lf he calls in, have him get
in touch with L.B.Jemeries? l might have quite
a surprise for him. Well, do we have
your number, Mr.Jefferies? He has it. Good night.
Good night. ## [Jem] Ah, Stella was wrong
about Miss Lonelyhearts. ## ## ## [ Softly ] Lisa, what are you–
Don’t– ## Don’t– ## [ Softly ] Lisa, what are you doing?
Don’t go– Li– [ Softly ] Come on, come on!
Get out of there! She said ring Thorwald’s phone
the second you see him come back. [ Stella ]
Give her another minute.

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