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RE/MAX Fit to Sell – Simple Facts to Help Sell Your Home

(intro Music) (intro music) When it come to selling your home You need to make sure it shows well even before the sign goes up Most sellers understand the concept of home staging But many aren’t completely sure how it works Here are the most common questions I have been asked When should I stage my home? First impressions are very important So make sure you prepare your home before it’s listed Your RE/MAX agent will provide you with checklists if
you would like to do it yourself. Or they can recommend a stager to help you. Most of todays buyers start their search on the internet So your home needs to have a distinct winning appeal To attract potential buyers to come view your home in person Don’t miss any opportunities to appeal to buyers How long does staging take? The staging process can take as little as a couple of days Or as long as a week or more This depends on the level of improvements required. Completing the required staging job based on time and budget Will help you get your home sold quickly, and for the best price. What does staging cost? The cost of staging is different for every home The cost of staging is different for every home It can range from $500 to $4000 or more Depending on what is required to make your home market ready Your RE/MAX agent can help you spend wisely By determining what upgrades and repairs will bring you the best Return on investment. Does staging guarantee that my home will sell? Staging creates an exceptional opportunity to sell your home, But does not guarantee it. Once you decide to sell your home it
then becomes a product on the market. On average a well staged home sells faster
than a home requiring upgrades and improvements. Making sure your home appeals to potential buyers will
help it sell for the best possible price. What are my top 3 priorities? When it comes to selling your home you
should focus on completing all repairs And any necessary upgrades De-cluttering, De-personalizing, and furniture placement goes a long way And will allow buyers to see themselves living in your home Painting walls a neutral color will allow buyers to move in before deciding What color they want to paint their new home. Neutral doesn’t have to be boring include texture, layering, lighting and then add a pop of color to the room with pictures, pillows and accessories. Speak to your RE/MAX agent to receive the Fit
to Sell checklist and buyers report card This will put you one step closer to reaching
your goal of selling your home Quickly and for the best possible price. Quickly and for the best possible price. To find out more about how Fit to Sell your property is visit remax.com

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