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Rahu 4th house/Ketu 10th house Axis in Vedic Astrology

in last video we discussed about Rahu in
the third and k2 in the ninth house in this video we are going to talk about
what happens when you have Rahu in the fourth house and k2 in the 10th house so
keep watching namaste and welcome to pramanik Astrology
channel i’m your host Prasad Mahajani what happens when you have Rahu in the
fourth house and Ketu in the tenth house what is the fourth house fourth house is
the foundation the Kendra houses one four seven and ten are the ultimate
foundation of your horoscope when you have more and more planet into these
four houses it gives solid foundation to your chart
when you have more and more planets in good dignity with good lordship makes
them even more stronger but fourth house is our literal foundation
fourth house is the nether we always talk about the tenth house as the zealot
the fourth house is the nadir first fourth house is the foundation upon
which we are standing fourth house is one of the more critical houses fourth
house is one of the houses which are water element houses and more so they
are about your emotions fourth house is the core of moksha trakone houses as
well as the water element houses what happens when you have Rahu in the fourth
house we all know what is Rahu Rahu is the scariest thing we have to follow in
this lifetime we have k2 and Rahu Rahu is the thing which we have to pursue in
this lifetime wherever we have Rahu place thing we have to follow that house
and wherever we have k2 placed in is the is the house or the signification of the
house is the characteristic which we have already accomplished and we are we
have mastered it so we are comfortable with it and we try to cling to it but
that fails us and compels us to go to the Rahu house in this lifetime
so this video will be in our three parts in the first part we will talk about
Rahu in the fourth house and in the later part we will talk about the key to
in the 10th house Rahu in the 4th of what is Rahu Rahu is that illusion Rahu
is a forward-looking planet but wherever we have Rahu placed in we lack the
confidence we are scared of that house wherever we have Rahu placing we are
scared of that house and now we have Rahu placed into the 4th house of the
horoscope 4th house is the house of your emotions so the challenge with the Rahu
in the 4th house is to be true to yourself to really understand what you
feel about certain things and this feeling is the key to unlock the chart
with the Rahu in the 4th house we often see the people are not true to their
feelings and that leads to the confusion and chaos into the other person’s life
when we have Rahu in the fourth house it shows that this person loves his
motherland these people that person with the Rahu in the fourth house tend to
live near their place of birth they love being into their home land so they’re
not fond of travelling much okay though 4000 I was expecting the 12th house but
that is a different story but as a foundation Rahu in the fourth house
loves to be into their home they are patriotic they have obsession about
their place of birth they have the futuristic approach towards their place
of birth 4th house is also the house of your mother the person with the Rahu in
the 4th house is often getting help from his maternal
relatives relatives of his mother are helping him to grow into the tenth house
area into the work okay so whenever we have Rahu in the fourth house these
people tend to share a strong relationship with their mother
but if Rahu is afflicted and if it is not in a good condition
it also shows that their mother is disciplined or more so their mother is
not there to give them the nourishment the the mother of this person with Rahu
in the fourth house can be absent in his life they have a strong warning but at
times if afflicted can also show that these people tend to have a difficult
relationship with their mother fourth house is the house of emotions and now
you have the shaky foundation of our ahoo into the house of emotions
this makes person emotionally burnt vulnerable they don’t know what they
feel and that frustrates him that scares him okay
when a person have run in the fourth house stay tuned that endows they are
ready to do anything if you ask them to do something they will be happy to do it
but if you ask them to sit down and feel what they feel it will scare them they
don’t want to feel anything they don’t want to get into the Rahu house they
don’t want to get into the scary house of Rahu the fourth house they want to be
into the tenth house which is comfortable which is about the work
which is about doing something and they they don’t want to work on the
4th house so that emotion is the key for these people so you will all you will
often see these people changing the professions because they don’t feel like
doing things that they start something wrong with emotions but they don’t feel
it anymore the consistency of the feeling is lacking because the
foundation the fourth house in a house that is lacking for their emotions and
whatever actions they are taking the 10th house things they are doing does
not have the emotion so they have to be careful about what they feel because
what they feel is going to impact the 10th house as we discussed they will
change careers often because they will start something and they don’t feel like
doing it and this is quite obvious in the Rahu in the fourth house case now
let’s talk about k2 in the 10000 or scope 10th house is one of the
architects on house Arthur Cohen houses are always opposed to the water elements
houses or the moksha houses okay so there is a pair of Dharma opposite karma
and moksha opposite artha so the fourth house is the moksha Taccone house
emotional house the tenth house is the practical house is the authentic own
house and now we have k2 here what is the significant of the k2 k2 is in fact
k2 wherever we have k2 placing people adore us for that things if you have k2
in the seventh house people will feel you are the best person to have a
relationship Wow he got so ugly in the relationship he is adorable if you have
k2 into the ninth house people will feel about the ninth house since you have the
capabilities of the ninth house or the eight thousand now Kate
into the dental so what people think is people think you are the man of action
you are always doing something and when you’re always doing something that makes
you respectable when you do something people respect you but when you feel
something you are happy and for this axis Rahu in the fourth and k2 in the
tenth these people have to harmonize between the practicality of the k2 in
the 10th house with the emotional vulnerability of the Rahu in the fourth
house these people have to strike the balance they have to harmonize these two
energies because with the k2 in the ten thousand these people are extremely
practical because tenth house is the courrier house work house the influence
of Capricorn is also there on the ten thousand now they have k2 so they are
comfortable with all the ten thousand things you want to earn money
great I’ll do something and will earn money we want to work great I respect
other everything they will have but k2 fails you when if you cling to the k2
house it fails you it makes you it fails you so that you can go to the Rahu house
if you go to the Rahu house willingly surprisingly it improves your k2 house
if you want to improve the k2 house you don’t have to work on k2 ops you have to
let go the k2 house and work on the Rahu house and when you work on the Rahu
house surprisingly your k2 house also improves in our case for thousands the
house of emotions so you don’t have to focus on what you are working what you
are doing your career your job your actions should
not be the focus your focus should be on what you
and when you feel the right way about something about doing something that
will make you happy as well as successful like if you feel you should
follow certain career path and you’re doing it that makes a huge difference
rather than ignoring the emotions and following the 10th house and even if you
get succeeded you would go beyond the initial stages of the passion or the
happiness you won’t be able to reach that level of happiness where the person
works on the Rahu house the emotional house its work career everything
improves so if you have Rao in the fourth house work under ah who ignore
the cato don’t cling to the k2 because k2 is about
here’s the thing k2 fills you with three ways k2 gives you ability k2 makes you
perfectionist about that house and that doesn’t exist and that frustrates you
and the point is Rahu scares you Rahu scares you and k2 frustrates you here so
if you want to harmonize you have to let go the k2
don’t try to be perfectionist with the k2 be easy with the k2 you have already
achieved that thing you have already mastered that house don’t work on it
again in this F Drive just be easy on it whatever comes our way just accept it
and focus on the Rahu house so focus on your emotions and look for what you feel
good about doing something and when you feel good about doing something that
will take you long way that will take you just far beyond the initial passion
it will take you to the ultimate happiness in whatever you are doing
when you have k2 in the 10th house you feel difficult to have satisfaction at
what you do you always keep thinking and something is missing in life something
is missing with the 10th house and that something is the feeling which you are
ignoring that’s something that little bit which you feel you’re missing from
your work the k2 house is the emotion behind that
work okay so if you can embrace that emotional vulnerability and become even
more stronger emotionally this will give you the strength to work and achieve and
shine so you will be on your way to greatness so yes this was Rahu in the
fourth k2 in the 10th house as much as I could hold grasp and share with you guys
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sending you tons of positive energies sending you high vibrations see you in
the next videos love and peace


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bhavani prasad

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Sai Vignesh T

Mar 3, 2020, 5:34 pm Reply

Hi you are spot on brother.Since 4th house also indicatesproperty and vehicles. I am scared of buying and riding a bike, driving a car. Also i haven't purchased a property becoz mind always think what if am not able to repay my debts. Best part is i am obsessed about doing the above things. May be i should go ahead and take a risk. Thanks again.

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I have this axis with Jupiter in Pisces in the 4th. It's still frustrating.

Rakesh Kumar

Mar 3, 2020, 8:22 pm Reply

I have Rahu in Virgo 4th house and Ketu and venus in 10th house Pisces Iam Gemini ascendant what it indicates in my carrer or general life Venu MD starts in 2024

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Mar 3, 2020, 8:38 pm Reply

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Bob D

Mar 3, 2020, 8:44 pm Reply

Excellent video, I have this axis, it is a curse lol

Pooja Tandon

Mar 3, 2020, 2:43 am Reply

Amazing explanation


Mar 3, 2020, 3:00 am Reply

It is really frustrating to have rahu in 4th house and ketu in 10th…
Its like a quicksand, the more you work things related to 10th H, the more it pulls you down. I also watch KRS and astrolada vids about 4-10 axis… it says surrender to divine will and focus in rahu house(4th) and 10th house will be OK.

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Mar 3, 2020, 3:28 am Reply

I have Rahu in 4th house in cancer sign along with moon
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Mar 3, 2020, 6:04 am Reply

๐Ÿ™ Great! I have this placement with Mars conjunct ketu in 10 th house.Patriotic , attached to mother land.loved to attached to roots,ready to help people of mother land.Feel my duty is to safe gaurd my mother land from foreign culture and invaders.my mother land is above all relation.If any one hurt my mother land ,I can go to any extent to stop that person.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™‡

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Mar 3, 2020, 11:59 am Reply

Fantastic video prasad๐Ÿ˜ƒThank you for it.
When I focus on my home it gives me immense happines and contentment but when i focus on career i feel from inside something is missing in life…my internal inclination had been towards 4th house significations only and i hate 10th house significations is it because of this axis??
I have this axis in my d9…

Yooganth Yooganth

Mar 3, 2020, 3:59 pm Reply

I am cancer acendent and i have same placement. rahu ketu disppsitors mars and venus conjunct with rahu in 4thhouse no aspect from other planets wt we can expect in ketu mahadasha which am going throgh in 2022.and venus rahu ketu are varogottama in almost all divisional charts.

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Sharmistha Chatterjee

Mar 3, 2020, 5:30 pm Reply

Great explanation…. As usual… I love your predictions… When you said that balancing between emotions/relationships and career… Yes it's true that because I cannot balance relationships and emotions… So I always remain out of home … Either working or college or doing so stuff, being busy… I feel it's better for me to stay outside… I don't like to come home … It's so true…. Right now it's very confusing…. As I am running through rahu-saturn period… But trying to strike balance in my rahu areas… Thank you for your predictions๐Ÿ˜Š

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