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R64: Mario goes shopping

And thats why little billy you can never play in the streets. You could get yourself killed or… The Fuck *swagness* Oh Yeah Let’sa Go [5 MINUTES EARLIER] WHAT IS IT Dat halo tho… How about NO WHAT? Of Course [mario is an airplane] Hmm Oh Yeah Let’s Go DOH fail. [ded] RRRRR Haha ima gonna get you Wha? Wha? OOHOOHOOO OOHOOHOO HAHAHAHAHA Le Boom [mario is an airplane 2] DOH LA LA LA HM HM HM Nooooooooo UNBAANGE!!!! RAAAAAAAAAA [Angry Bull Monster Yell] YOING EHEHEHEHEHE OOHOOHOO Lucky! [mario is an airplane 3??] Hey Stinky YAAAAAASSS? gibberish NANTS INGONYAMA Mmm. I dont look a half bad [pissed off] Sparkly Shoes! swag [mario is an airplane 4?] WOAH Hmm Mario… snickers he hoo hoo I Like Turtles Oh Yeah! What does he have FORE! WAAHOOO [TK: pissed off once more] [TK: run mario RUN] Bad boys whatcha gonn Oof! Mama f***er Hmm AW Hell No! [an airplane sound…does this count as mario…ah forget it…s**t aint funny the 5th time] Oh YEE mamamia [mario speaks gibberish] Oh S**t. SUCCESS! OW [TK: back to little billy] [Crazy Talking] Suprise Motherf***er [TK: he still mad tho] Mario? I got it! Thank You Mario I Dont give a f*** [mario slowly turns his head] We have do something special for you Oh Yeah! [asdfmovie] BUY ME MOAR JEWELRY [TK] Oh snipe [Again 5 minutes later… Ahhhhh! Mario! You SON of a B***h! Princceess! Bye Bye! f***er Thank you so much for watching this Retarted64 video. Captions by TKTryNt. Plz subscribe to SMG4 for moar videos of his retardness. CLICK HIS SUBSCRIBE BUTTON!!!!!

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