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Q&A – What is this weed in my lawn?

This plant is
growing in my lawn. What is it and how do I kill it? Good picture there. Folks, that would be
Virginia button weed. It is a difficult,
difficult weed to control. As you can see, it
grows pretty low. Prostrate to the ground. Produces by seed, root fragment, and it’s a perennial, so it’s
a low growing perennial weed. It’s gonna come back
year after year. The thing about Virginia
button weed is this. It is an indicator of
wet or moist soils. Again, indicator of
too wet or moist soils. It forms a mat on the
ground pretty much, and then those leaves are
gonna go from green to yellow, and it’s a virus
that causes it to go from the green color leaves
to the yellow color leaves. Again, hard to control. Since you do have it,
I always like to talk about cultural practices. Stephan, you know that. About aerating, fertilizing
according to your soil test and things like that. But since you already have
it there and you want to know how to kill it, post emerge
broad leaf weed killer is what you have
to use for that. Anything that contains 2-4-D,
dicamba, and MCPP. All of those are broad
leaf weed killers. You will find those in
products like Trimec or Weed-B-Gon Max. Read and follow
the label on that. There’s gonna be
multiple applications. Multiple applications. Again, this is a very
difficult weed to control. It is Virginia button weed, and it has a beautiful
white flower. It’s actually
shaped like a star. But when it gets the flower part–
– Into your yard. Absolutely. – Seeds. – Then it spreads. – Then it spreads. So be careful.

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Can you help my buddy Terry out? He needs it bad bad, as Poo Poo Broussard would say.

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