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Q&A – What Is This Plant? – Dogfennel

“I have a plant growing
in my back yard. “It grows in stalks or shoots, “and it’s very
beautiful in the wind.” I like that description! “It is dark green and
almost looks like dill “with its feathery branches. “I did not plant it, it
just grew one spring. “Do you have any
idea what it is?” And this is Miss Emma Jean
in Knoxville Tennessee, so thank you Miss Emma. Jason, what do we think that is? – After looking at the
picture, it’s Dog Fennel, which is a eupatorium, closely
related to Joe-pye Weed. And it is native, and
probably just blew in. In late summer it’s
gonna have nice yellow small flowers that can be used
for cut arrangements as well. It’s called Dog Fennel, I’m
not sure where the “dog” comes in, but the fennel
part is because it smells a little bit like fennel. – I’ve smelled it too, and
I’ve seen it out in pastures and things like that. So again, it probably just
blew in like you said, by seed and got spread. – It is a perennial so
it’ll be back next year. – So it is a perennial, okay.
– Yes, yup yup. – How tall does it get? I mean this is pretty tall. – I’ve seen it get
six, eight feet tall. Depending on your soil. – So Miss Emma Jean,
you have real good soil. – [Jason] Yeah! – Obviously, ’cause these
things are pretty large. And we thank you for
the beautiful picture. Well taken picture,
good description.


Nancy Spaulding

Mar 3, 2018, 7:32 pm Reply

I heard dog fennel is good to get rid of heroids

Frosty 8415

Oct 10, 2019, 8:34 am Reply

Wonderful to get rid of bugs. Natural repellent.

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