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Q&A – Removing Bald Cypress Knees

Can a bald cypress tree knees be removed “Without
harming the tree?” That was an interesting question. And again we have Joellen here, who knows a little
bit about trees. So we are just so fortunate and lucky. So Joellen what do you think about
that? – Ya sure, I don’t see any reason why you
can’t cut those. If they’re in the way or if they’re a nuissance and they’re bothering
you, sure. I mean there’s plenty of roots everywhere else. – Those roots are pneumatophores, is what
they are, and they’re aerial roots that specialize in gaseous exchange. Especially in wet soil. – Yes that’s pretty much why. They’re looking
for air. Cuz they’re underground, the rest of the roots are underground. Ya. – Walt anything to add to that? – No, that’s pretty much it. Of course I guess
technically anytime you cut something you open it up to something, disease. – Which could be a concern. As long as the
tree is not weak I think you’ll be fine. You know open wounds could serve as an entry point
for pathogens, or insect pests, but I did talk to Dr. Murker you know recently about, you
know, bald cypress and the knees, and he was like if you ever needed to remove those, he
said the best time to do that would be in the winter. So it would be January February because
you wouldn’t have to deal with insect pests. And some of those spores. So, and here’s the
thing, You know in my own neighborhod I’ve seen people hit it with lawn mowers, and the
trees still tend to be pretty healthy for the most part. So you just have to be careful
because you can just about tear up a blade with those trees. – Tough stuff. – Tough stuff, I thought that was an interesting
question. You know cuz, we always do see the knees, you know so. – They eventually show up. – They eventually show up don’t they? – And also if you plant one of those trees
know that that’s something that you will get down the road. Now we always talk about planting
the proper tree in the proper place and all that. So kinda know what you’re getting into. – You have to know the characteristic of the

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