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Q&A – My 8 foot dogwood trees don’t have a trunk. Why?

I planted some dogwood trees three or four
years ago. My dogwoods are about eight feet tall now,
but they don’t have a trunk or base, just long limbs. What’s wrong? And this is from Melvin in Senatobia, Mississippi,
so we appreciate that, Mr. Melvin. So, Tonya, the dogwoods are eight feet tall
now, but they don’t have trunk or base. And Mr. Melvin, it would be real good if we
could have a picture of that, so we could see that, but what are you thinking? – Well, my first thought was, are we sure
it’s dogwood, because dogwoods are not usually multi-trunked. And then my second thought was, did they get
topped somehow, when they were young, with a lawnmower, a weed-eater, something that
cut ’em off close to the ground, and made them decide to branch into these long shoots. I’m not really sure what else would make ’em
do that. Do you have any other thoughts? – First thing that comes to mind is yeah,
something must’ve happened to it. Did it get pruned back too hard, or somebody
run over it or something like that. You know, for it to shoot up like that. But that’s all I can think of. I can’t think of anything else that’d make
it grow like that. – I know, I can’t either. – Not a dogwood. – No. – No, I mean dogwoods have problems, but– – That’s not normally one of them. – That’s not normally one of them. So Mr. Bill, anything you could think of,
perhaps? – Well, grafting comes to mind. A lot of plants are grafted today, and depending
on how they grafted, it would shoot up extra shoots, I would imagine. – It’d be interesting if we had a picture,
just to kinda see that. Because that could be a possibility. Or it could’ve been hit with something, or
whacked back pretty hard or something like that. It’s that tall, with no base and no trunk. – You may wanna start over. Unfortunately, yeah. – I might yank that out, and maybe go with
something else.

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