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Property rights in a market system | Basic Economic Concepts | AP(R) Microeconomics | Khan Academy



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JJ Jr.

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Is there a rule/law that requires someone to use the land they buy?, like if I buy lots of acres of land but I never use it can it be taken away?

Courageous Cuber

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I love your videos Sal Khan

Bruno Schardong Pires

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I recommend the book Economics and Ethics of Private Property, by Hans Hermann Hoppe, where he establishes the ultimate ethic foundation of private property.

Who Me

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This was a lesson in economics, not property rights.

shum henry

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lol you explained the thing that my teacher explains for half an hour in 5 mins

Bry 117

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I was just watching a video in this topic before this came out

Shylock Shy

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Respect for property rights is a part of why nations suceed.


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I think Sal is a great teacher! I also suspect him of being a closet libertarian… A socially tolerant fan of the free market. 🙂

Zathonna Lifoiria

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I’m here I’m back Deal with it?

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