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Property Millionaire Habits | Habits Of Successful People

– [Shaf] Ever wondered
how rich people get rich? And, just as importantly,
how they stay rich? Well, clearly every
millionaire is an individual but there are habits that
are common to most of them. I’ve looked at some of them
before in my “Ask Shaf” and “Seven Hacks” vlogs
but there are a few that might just surprise
you so let’s check them out in today’s “Ask Shaf.” (lively music) Millionaires all set their own goals. Pretty obvious, right? Sure, it’s obvious when
the millionaire is 45 and they’ve already run a
host of successful businesses. Not so obvious when the same person was 18 and their parents were putting pressure on them to do law or medicine, but they wanted to skip
university altogether and set up their own business. Any successful person is
driven by their own dreams, and not by the dreams
of those around them. It can be hard to forge your own path but they’ll stand their ground and they don’t follow the herd. And once they’re on their own path, they will constantly reassess
and evaluate their goals, changing them if they have to. Most millionaires that I know have more than one source of income. Look at me, for example. I have a tech businesses, a venture capital property
portfolio and asset management. Life’s never dull as I combined all this with being a Dragon on the
BBC’s online “Dragons’ Den” and I still write a weekly
column for The Scottish Sun. Another habit common to
millionaires is their positivity. They are generally glass half full people. I know I certainly am. That means they surround
themselves with upbeat people, and they’re often friends
with other successful people. Think about it. If you’re surrounded by negativity, it’s very hard not to
get dragged down by it. But if you’re caught
in a wave of positivity from those around you,
that will rub off on you and you’ll be inspired to achieve more than you’ve ever thought possible. A quick word on millionaires’ health. They look after themselves. It’s impossible to be
firing on all cylinders and to have a clear
mind for decision-making and risk-taking if you are run down. You can function on a bad diet with no exercise while
smoking and drinking for a wee while but it will
always catch up with you. It’s not a sustainable
lifestyle in the long run. I eat well, and go to the gym every day. I’d say a good sleep with
getting up around 6 a.m. has been beneficial too. Yip, I have a 6 a.m. or earlier start even in the depths of winter when it’s still pitch black outside! You might think that successful
people would be selfish but I’ve found the opposite. Millionaries often give up their time to do charity work or
volunteer for the community. They sponsor kids’ sports teams, organise fundraisers and
help raise the profile of the charity they are backing. I’ve flung myself into supporting homeless
charity Social Bite, I’ve been their top fundraiser
at Sleep In The Park for three years. Believe me, trying to get
a kip in an Edinburgh park in winter is no mean feat
but it’s nothing compared to the hardship that the homeless face and that’s why I want to do my bit. I’m also heavily involved in
the Edinburgh Dog And Cat Home. However, it’s not just charities that successful people
devote some time to. I mentor as many up-and-coming
entrepreneurs as I can, and I’ll always try to
make time for someone who’s looking for my advice. Most of my peers are the same, we remember what it was like to start up and we’re happy to offer
a wee bit of support and guidance along the way. One thing common to all millionaires is the fact that they never give up. Even when facing failure, yes, it happens to us all, they turn it around into a positive. Successful people learn
from their mistakes and work to make sure
they don’t repeat them. How many of these habits
seem familiar to you? Here’s another habit successful
people all have in common, they’ve all subscribed
to my YouTube channel! So hit the button and let
me know what you think. If there are any topics
you’d like me to cover, don’t be shy, let me know. Who knows, I might be answering
your question next week! (lively music)


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Another wonderful video.

Taka M

Mar 3, 2020, 7:51 pm Reply

Adopting certain habits can lead to transformative change – great video!

Mark Keane

Mar 3, 2020, 11:35 pm Reply

It’s important never to give up, while belief and continuous effort helps, sure as you say, that some smarts are beneficial in overcoming obstacles.

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I will succeed thank you for your inspiration

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