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For the individual that’s not sure if they
want to sell or lease their home, we help them analyze their options, and we can execute
on either strategy. We have a full-service property management
team, and we list and sell homes for top dollar. Our ideal client is the person that has between
a $200K and a $800K property. They might not be sure if they want to sell,
or rent their property out. We can run both scenarios, analyze the data,
help them make an informed decision, and then execute on either strategy. We’ve got a very effective, phenomenal property
management team. And then, folks that list their home for sale
work directly with me, and we do over 30 sales a year. What makes us unique in the property management
space, is that we’ve aligned our fee structure with what’s best for the owner. We’re only profitable when the owner is having
a smooth, long-term great relationship with the tenant. What really drives us and what we’re really
passionate about is helping people grow their net worth through real estate in a way that
makes it simple, and gives them a feeling of peace of mind and confidence. It’s a success if their only reminder that
they have a rental property is a monthly distribution and statement. When I first discussed getting a rental property
with Mark, I told him the only way I wanted to do it is if he took care of everything,
and that’s been the case. He helped me find the property that would
be good for a rental. After we purchased it, he has taken care of
everything. He’s found the renters, he’s managed the rental
property. There’s times that I forget that I even have
a rental property. They just take care of everything. I get the rent once a month, the management
fees are reasonable, and its easy. One of the great things about working with
us for property management is that we have no set up fee, and you can cancel the agreement
at anytime with 30 days’ notice. And that’s how confident we are that you’re
going to be happy with that service. Check out our website, our Yelp reviews, and
when you’re ready give us a call or shoot us an email. We’re looking forward to working with you.

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Mark Brower helps property owners when they want to sell property, buy property, and manage rental properties for his clients. He does a great job and has no set-up fee, and services can be started or stopped anytime with 30 days' notice. If you are in the Gilbert, AZ area, check out Mark Brower Properties for great service and peace of mind.

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