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Properties of Real Numbers by Shmoop

Properties of Real Numbers, a la Shmoop.
Malgebra the mathemagician… …don’t make fun, she comes from a long line
of Malgebras… …has some magical math tricks to show you. Malgebra has a card trick that will demonstrate
the commutative properties of addition and multiplication. Just like a pair of Jacks is a pair no matter
what order you have the cards in… …commutative properties means you can move
around the numbers in an addition or multiplication equation and it still works. For example, four plus five is the same as
five plus four. The same with five times four or four times
five. Associative property says that you can move
whole groups around and it still works. Using parentheses, you can change the groups… For example, if you have 3x minus 4x plus
6, with parentheses around 3x and 4x… …the parentheses can also be around 4x and
6 without changing its meaning. With multiplication, if you have 3 times 2x,
with 2x in parentheses… …you can put 3 times 2 in parentheses with
x waiting outside. …But remember that with both Commutative
and Associative Properties, it doesn’t work with subtraction or division. Those have to
stay put. For her final trick, Malgebra will demonstrate
the magical powers of additive and multiplicative identity. Now we just need her sister Grammatica to
help us pronounce “mul…ti…pli…ca…tive.” Additive identity means you can add zero to
any number and get the same number… its identity. For example, 3 plus 0 equals 3. 907 plus 0
equals 907. Finally, multiplicative identity means you
can multiply “1” by any number and get its identity. 3 times 1 equals 3. 907 times 1 equals 907.
And it’s as easy as that. A magician never reveals her secrets, but a mathemagician does. You might not be able to make any money doing
these tricks, or find a supermodel partner… … but they might make math class a little


Efrah Abdullahi

Nov 11, 2015, 6:15 am Reply

I like this properties for easy way!!!

John Gabriel

Aug 8, 2017, 12:39 am Reply

What a crap video. Do you have idiots working at Schmoop? Is this really the best you can do? Tsk, tsk.

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