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Project News with Jason Salter | Off The Plan Apartments

Hi Jason Salter from Laing+Simmons
Projects part of their site acquisition division don’t panic everyone please
don’t panic part of what we do at Laing+ Simmons is to make sure that all the
people that invest in our product that are buying apartments off the plan that
we’re selling sites for to developers who are going to develop are really good
builders builders with proven track-record builders that are proud of
their product ten, twenty, thirty years ago of the product that they built and
are very very pleased to be able to provide us with the references of the
strata managers who are managing the property to get references from the
buyers who’ve bought those properties and have bought multiple times from that
developer so we are getting called in to a number of new appraisals still in that
western suburbs area of Sydney but buyers out there who are buying product
don’t panic just make sure that you resource who
the Builder is what developments they’ve done in the past and Laing+Simmons make it a policy of ours to make sure that the buyers that buy today are the ones that are going to buy from us in the future because they’re so happy anyway thanks
very much for your time speak to you soon

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