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hey what’s up guys so it is currently
the next morning and it is 9:30 right now and the priest is supposed to come
here at 10 a.m. so he should be here pretty soon but I was thinking about
this and like it feels really weird if I was like have a camera up here talking
you guys as the priest is here like I feel like he would find this suspicious
and odd because maybe he doesn’t know that like I record my daily life so what
I’m gonna try and do is like prop up a camera somewhere maybe have my Mac
computer record from photobooth as well I just don’t want to see him sketchy
when he comes here and I’ll most likely end up blaring his face – just because
of privacy reasons yeah yeah oh my friend are you doing there is something
going on in this room yeah just perfect it’s everything in general because you
are messing with something business enough yeah yeah we’re fully aware so
hopefully this helps the situation out yeah bro like really stressing out about
it you were saying your language time was not before and it really to you to
gently cool yeah they don’t know like like nothing in the apartment moved not
the ridge of the leaderboard moved every single time every time and we would play
it here laying on the floor right here would move every single time we’re
getting answers response and everything like apparently I don’t know how true
this is what we contacted our grandmothers report multiple times and
it would tell us things that like she didn’t know about her grandmother and
then she called her dad afterwards and like the answers and stuff that she was
saying we’re actually true so I mean I don’t know how believable that is but
the fact that like we played it here multiple multiple times nothing ever bad
happens and then we went to the cemetery the one night once again like everything
since that point has and what we’re do do a cemetery to do
the floor or you know anyone again right we just do it normally how we
started week two board with some sit on the floor we’ve done a circle and then I
would say like a dirty spirit don’t like the contact up and yeah and then right
away we got a demon called Zozo and then how did you know even find them self
yeah we have to it wasn’t said who it was and then like we’ve done research on
the Ouija board stuff before and it says did you get him it’s like really bad and
then he kept moving it over to life what did it say it person said I said died
and I said how do you expect that to happen at tell yourself that spell this
out all the way and then after that it said I was like how do you expect that
to happen and it said car crash and then she started crying and then that’s when
we left we heard like a loud bang around the gate where we were and at first I
didn’t think it was anything so I kept talking and then we heard the bang again
and then we just looked in ran back to my car and left what’s done there it was
like eight miles in here we need to be hung up all the wood cemetery outside
because we couldn’t get in okay was it Evergreen Cemetery with me I might have
been a caught up so Evergreen Cemetery to afford ignored everything else this
is just their own here right now the 20 I’m going to drive it’s nine miles
yeah I mean yeah yeah look around this area huh
and so I’m third on to feeding back here and you can get a read of the board yeah
we left it there we threw it out in the trash – yeah yeah of you know testing
out the midget more – before you clean yes
like before when we play the leader board
we would like either get this to somebody or like tear it up and throw it
away but you know anything like it could be like yeah I’ve heard about that but
like I played with it so many times that I didn’t think anything was ever going
to happen so that was my mistake because I actually think something was going to
happen because we did play with it I would say like at least a hundred times
like it like it’s not something within the past year I played with it like
multiple multiple times yeah so and because the Ouija board is
there before now research in and actual happening really pointing to something
we are essentially any country comes the fourth problem for this demo No so like
when I first played the Ouija board I thought all that was safe like I didn’t
think the Ouija board feature is actually going to move so it was fake
when I first played it I was absolutely terrified like I was right it was doing
yeah we don’t know anything to anything really
yeah like it really works and in here so what about those weird happening so my
cabinet flew open here and a bunch of stuff fell out those things there yeah
like even like a boss says this stuff on the bottom cabinet on flying out and
then I was recording something and my girlfriend was recording and then this
tissue box actually like I didn’t notice that first so like a bunch of people
pointed out this came up here himself while you were here yeah while we were
here on people yeah and then there was an incident last night where the power
went out in our room and no one else like in this apartment other power go
out so like my friend Chris has laid on his power didn’t go out there was late
going out here they didn’t go out I was just over in the shower and the pardon
yeah which is really weird so it happened one time we got freaked out
about act and that’s like he was messing with the electricity or something he
said no and then we were in the ring and then it happened again
and that’s after you like yeah this is yes this is that like when I was trying
to go to sleep at like 2:30 a.m. yeah what we’re going good at this this is
not really what I should well you know like the devil processing the person
it’s not these doubts but they’re like airport go for that was
answer yes including specifically in your via the water here is just to use
day you don’t have any silent symbol of what’s old like a cross right I mean he
has one on his wrist and it’s even better for you yeah yeah how does that
yeah I don’t think though like we’re coming well I have as on it’s not a it
means that usually he’ll across right there that a rosary
yeah but it’s broken so I would suggest that to put back some works I can also
maybe just like fallen maybe across there the symbol of what is what we hear
is the presence of God we are present of the devil would be answer would be
neutralized when the experience and see the symbol is runic
breath God is present there so I do suggest for you to pop that okay home
for sure okay now in the event after our prayer
here would amount to nothing it doesn’t mean that time effective but it might be
even more Ricola more serious pray America there
is truth it is what we believe the Catholic Church to be an exorcist with
what does move it right yes exactly not all priests can do because you are
have you are against a very powerful item one thing we’re doing that didn’t
exist in scriptures is the whole Bible Delta that that is real
now we can’t even address the devil by his name and do the prayer because if
you are not ready at the priest if you are not prepared to do it insisting it’s
for supposing that the devil is where there is they taking possession of the
person or in the house then for us I mean for the Christian
doing that prayer if he is not ready he can be open network knows movies right
the printer some prison would be to set themselves right yeah because that’s
that’s real because priests are you being as well and they are also their
fault and if they are not prepared to convert ever it can overwhelm that’s why
in all that they offices in the nights that all world the real sources is
unidentified twisting it’s only the precious tons of food a day
and some we have our role and ordinary comparative duty is to evaluate the
possession you know getting effective these are the manifestations and
everything and we bear no to that oh that’s a real session that’s why we
called our exhibition well hopefully it doesn’t have to get to that something
that I thought was to happen okay so let’s put our stance and the presence of
God in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit they peace be
with this house and all who live here and let us read from the Gospel of Mark
what we’re going to do is to ask Jesus as well to liberate to free this base in
Spain out of the devil’s section because if what we do here is just like well you
heard about it and if Chris can help us out but you yourselves are not convinced
that that would happen and there’s no trust it is long this lack of faith and
so if that is the case and the predator you to be doing here along to Mecca
you are the ones of their testimony to that to the presence of the whole year
we ask this make this prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord amen those include this whole market I got
glass you want other our spirit others Thank You guru yes as liar alright guys so we just have the priest
come by as you guys saw he was here for about 40 minutes I’m not obviously going
to use all the footage I’m going to chop it up for you guys but hopefully this
does help our situation because even late last night like stuff was still
happening with the lights I don’t know it’s just been weird overall so
hopefully that holy water and everything else that was done in this apartment all
the pears and everything said do help out the situation so you guys know that
Lindsey ran into the wall the other day and that little scooter well this is
what is currently looking like it’s all black and blue I’ll scrape the ant wires
and we got eight in here now hey bro I only came back because you like we got
the priest performed a little ritual in here yeah so hopefully that helped take
off yeah hopefully no more getting dragged all around I probably will
happen off not he came in here was I don’t know do exactly I just came in
here he said a bunch of prayers splashed holy water everywhere that’s crazy dude
I know literally this kid called me it was it like 4 a.m. just freaking out
like I couldn’t even understand when we say he’s like who’s was in bed oh my
gosh I got like could barely understand he was hyperventilating like so yeah I
just hope everything’s over was finally I appreciate it
vo is becoming like Gio now he loves belly rubs watch as I get closer to him
here he starts to move in but you getting ready for it and get ready for
off he turned over he’s gonna get a belly rub yeah you like that boy wow I
never thought he would actually like this because every time we try and like
Robin’s belly he just like tries to but you know she yeah I’ll try with Lizzie
is that right Lizzie yeah I get he says yeah you can do it what am I watching is this real yeah is this real
dude it’s a friggin chicken playing the piano
there’s no way Lizzie’s currently trying to cut it with CEO use like just both
woke up Lizzie passed out for a little bit I was trying to but then I figured
I’d try and get some work done while I had some free time to be honest nothing
weird has happened today ever since that preach I don’t know if
it’s just like I don’t want to jinx it I don’t want to jinx it I was off sleeping
last night so I barely got any sleep cause I was just scared so I needed to
pass after 20 minutes yeah so I mean as of right now these past couple hours
things have seemed to have gone good I think we might be hitting skyzone
tonight so jump around on some trampolines hopefully I don’t mess my
leg up again like I did the last time and my entire foot turned blue that was
crazy but I think I’m about to hit the gym right now as well try and get a
quick little workout in you’re gonna come girl yeah what are you working I
have no idea yet see are you gonna come is everyone looking at bird what what
he’s so cute yo it’s the cutest thing when he wakes up it’s just so adorable
that tired face that he has Lizzie explain me what just happened I’m
freaked out right now okay so the O’s ball was right here and I put it right
here but I stopped it with my foot because he was eating I didn’t want to
get distracted because my kick it has gait and it went all like started again
and went all the way over there yeah so Lizzie stopped it and then the ball just
started to roll on its own and came all the way right here and was going back
and forth on its own I swear like that guys I swear to God like I did not do
that I want to see is it all hell how is this happening cuz look I am going to
say even Jake hit it it wouldn’t have turned in with that way and it just
doesn’t make sense yeah like it came all the way over here
and we’re sewing like up and down yeah it was and I was like this and I rolled
it and then I stopped it like that alright so I don’t know what to make of
that maybe it was just a coincidence or maybe there is still the paranormal
stuff going on here I’m going to try my best to ignore that it’s much easier for
me to like show you guys stuff like if we did perhaps catch something on camera
than just me explaining it to you because obviously if me just explaining
something to you guys like anybody could have just made something up which I
totally understand so if you guys don’t believe me when I actually say something
totally understandable but when I actually catch something on camera like
for example the cow moving the other day how do I make that up you know what I
mean so I don’t know there’s this past couple days all this weird stuff going
on I mean we had a priest this morning I don’t know I don’t know you’ll keep your
bowl over there just what I don’t like about this whole situation is me and
Lizzy are just paranoid about every little thing that happened it can be
something normal and we’ll probably get like frightened about it like if I just
hear a loud bang out of nowhere it’ll frighten me and make me think of
something that’s correlated with this whole thing going on right now so I
don’t know that ball situation maybe it was just rolling like maybe was just
like normally rolling how it would but I don’t know it was weird it was really
weird I know you stopped it then it continued rolling on its own I don’t
know I don’t know let’s go to the day let’s go to the gym let’s get out of
here I was wondering when a little spring is that goes right there and then
I look over it’s in SEOs bed Co just picks up random things and hide them in
his bed like he has people socks in his bed he brings these socks in over there
these are soft feet just like geo is he just takes everything and you know it’s
weird I first thought I was like okay maybe maybe it’s a gust of wind maybe
our air conditioning is on and it blew and it was blowing it but I was freezing
I told you yeah air conditioning was off because Lindsay told me to turn it off
specifically because she was it’s like it gets freezing in our bedroom and in
any of the rooms but it doesn’t get cold like in the actual living room area
which is weird that’s why I’m always blasting that way like hopefully does
yeah because Lindy was trying to sleep in there so I turned it all and then I
went to go check like right after and it was all too so I don’t know it’s just
really weird and there was no other gust of wind that
kind of made it move no one type and ready for the gym always dancing let’s
get it done getting we’re getting now Lizzy I feel like we go throw Heather up
like I told you guys yesterday that I absolutely destroyed shoulders when I
came here and to be honest I feel it today like I was trying to do chest
today and I could barely do I still push through and I got a good workout in
funny still did better than you thought you were going to do I know I didn’t
feel like I was going to do that good but I was pushing really hard we’re
going to go get some games bowls right now Ivan had one in a while I call them
the order than a mission it all fake phone orders good I will just go there
try it around the corner so long holiday aloft uh you know had that happen
all I heard Silva ah you never had to happen I don’t think oh my god that’s
like one of the worst feeling when your jaw locked up you explain everything
gets like really tight did you do this perfectly yes because a song it says my
junkie log is rocky and it’s so quick to put on a song that has something to do
with the subject that we just talked about like I can talk about oh we just
went to the bathroom and I’ll put on a song it’s like took it in a toilet okay
for real no oh they changed this place up it’s good I had no idea that is
really interesting charcoal lemonade even Alfredo but look at the noodles
they’re likelier like d3d that is what I’m talking about
Oh Oh logic can follow why some guy just looked at my camera he point out he’s
like what is that for I was like I’m shooting for and man it’s like dad can I
do it I got under here guys just knock down the car hey
you don’t see that that often out here cops riding worthless what you want
everything you say you’ll see like a little riving a big aligned with the
revit yeah if you fall over the place yeah so this video okay we’ll see you
has actually been really good lately video SEO has been amazing these past
like six days I’d say yeah hasn’t been bad once like he’s pooping in the right
area we’re supposed to he’s not like eating his poop anymore then oh really
good now I’ll be final okay are you serious right now Chris thinks that the
demon or entity or whatever is in our department took the car keys or that I’m
gonna tell you something right now I was out earlier so I spent some time
out and I was like you know what they’re probably waiting to use the car let me
come home and drop the keys off before I go out put them right there and they’re
not that yeah we haven’t you know are you sure you didn’t just like put it in
the drawer we usually keep cubing strip I’m not going on because I put them
right here it’s just like we we just blame everything on the demon now
happens we blame it all yeah because we’re just paranoid at this point no but
I’m being serious no well you wanna know it’s funny you guys probably remember
this but I lost my fob before and we legit made a Ouija board and asked the
Ouija board where my fob was and after about like 20 minutes of playing the
thing we finally found the fob the arrow pointed this way
yeah funny next night and the fob was literally down there so so it was
wearing just direction yeah and it was down there with a fidget spinner in one hand is
that your brass knuckles would you hear that sound
oh you defended it blocking it he’s got it never I’ll fine you see I
load up on table what happened so I put the keys over there like I explained
apparently they were over here but we just look here apparently was here we
okay I’ll get a hands down hands down we just looked there yeah I’m leaving bro
like that now I need these two left for the arbitral I don’t know if that’s a
sign or not I don’t know what it is but I put them over there and I know we just
we got guys I swear we all just look for like the past 30 minutes where I put
them right on that day even I thought I still have the car like until I walked
in earlier faster my friend I didn’t even know you didn’t have the card it
even came back already then okay I have goose bumps I’ll juice bomb I’m the only
one this apartment right now and that door over there just creaked creaked
open by itself um I’m really paranoid right now I’m really really paranoid
right now I’m just sitting here staring at this frickin to work and I’m really
really nervous do you guys see that Chris’s door was
closed a hundred percent closed and it just
creeps open on its own here’s the thing when you’re with other people not nearly
as scary when something like this actually happens but when you’re alone
you’re fucking frightened I feel like I’m in one of those movies right now
where it’s like don’t go near the fucking door and like open it but the
people do it anyway all right that is creepy that is really
creepy I’m keeping my camera on right now just in case anything happens and
but diets documented I’m like crapping myself right now
besides I’m funny Chris Chris please tell me you closed your door
did you close your door okay well listen your door open by fucking
self but not entirely like it creaked open and then I went in fully opened it
that’s why it’s fully opened right now I like I have video I have videos that
being creaked open they’re just stuck his whole head inside of my shoe he’s
been trying to buy our shoes recently I feel like I gotta move on he’s inviting
all bloody shoes Nick comes over and he just started going in Brody you Aiden
now you’re just working up 24/7 he just tried to do a dip on this I think the
demon possessed Nick oh you know there’s letters were just blown open I’m that
dudes oh so you can talk them up bro once appeal yell boo my board way too
many times I don’t like that I’m those oh it’s uh what’s your name
don’t talk about that Bob yeah you’re gonna get really possessed now we’re
making some food right now we got some burgers in the makin mmm I’m already
possessed you put this Mike Oh cookies all righty then moving on bro he’s doing
dis ruptor the Olympics rough tecna’s re this is the most exercise of everything
Nick get I don’t know why he’s doing all this you definitely took that guy this
is the best breath dancing anything was the most
entertaining footage of God all day hit man I just having the gym and like
total days I’m feeling really bad this is what Chris is doing to me earlier here’s to go dodge it like you work
tonight yo you got your straight on yeah would you live at Jersey Oh your honor
because they’re really really nice to me oh yeah why yeah let’s go wrap up there
all your weapon you’re not blocking like you workers you gotta go straight on I
don’t know cuz you were giving me some nice edge
Nick’s looking the other way next time hit me – nothin to say if I have a sum
of the face I want to check if it was like a dozen so we’re doing this thing
every single Friday on the 210 official count on Instagram called fan art
Fridays and this was what went up today but Nick sent over submission for fan
art Fridays I’m going to show with you right now he tried to draw Lizzy on
snapchat he said my fan art Friday submission no bro not a chance
we’re very haunted a yeah probably like two minutes for some reason these
burgers taste like McDonald’s cheeseburger so I drew an M logo with
the mustard alright guys that is going to wrap up today’s vlog I hope you guys
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