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President Trump Holds a News Conference

The President: A beautiful
day in the Rose Garden. Appreciate everybody
being here. Today, I’d like to provide
an update to the American people on several decisive
new actions we’re taking in our very vigilant
effort to combat and ultimately defeat
the coronavirus. We’ve been working
very hard on this. We’ve made
tremendous progress. When you compare what
we’ve done to other areas of the world, it’s
pretty incredible. A lot of that had to do
with the early designation and the closing
of the borders. And, as you know, Europe
was just designated as the hotspot right now, and we
closed that border a while ago. So that was lucky or through
talent or through luck. Call it whatever you want. But through a very
collective action and shared sacrifice and
national determination, we will overcome the
threat of the virus. I also announced Wednesday
night, following the advice of our medical
professionals who are doing a tremendous job — and
we appreciate it very much — that we’re suspending
the entry of foreign nationals who have been to Europe
in the last 14 days from entering
the United States. Citizens, permanent
residents, and our families and even the
families returning from Europe, will be subject
to extra screening as well self-isolation for
a period of 14 days. As the World Health
Organization confirmed today, many of the things
that — what we said were 100 percent correct,
including our designation, before them, of Europe. Like our earlier, very
aggressive actions with China, this measure will
save countless lives. I appreciate a number
of the folks behind me. A number of the people
behind me said that that saved a lot of lives,
that early designation. But it is only the
beginning of what we’re really doing, and now
we’re in a different phase. We had some very old and
obsolete rules that we had to live with. It worked under certain
circumstances but not under mass circumstances. They were there for a long
time; they were in place for a long time. And we’re breaking
them down now. And they’re very usable
for certain instances, but not for this. To unleash the full power
of the federal government in this effort, today I
am officially declaring a national emergency. Two very big words. The action I am taking
will open up access to up to $50 billion of very
importantly — very important and a large
amount of money for states and territories and
localities in our shared fight against
this disease. In furtherance of the
order, I’m urging every state to set up emergency
operation centers effective immediately. You’re going to be hearing
from some of the largest companies and greatest
retailers and medical companies in the world. They’re standing right
behind me and aside of me. I’m also asking every
hospital in this country to activate its emergency
preparedness plan so that they can meet the needs
of Americans everywhere. The hospitals
are very engaged. New York and various other
places are also various engaged. I just spoke with Governor
Cuomo; we had a very good conversation. And we’re working very
strongly with many states, including New York. The emergency orders I am
issuing today will also confer broad new authority
to the Secretary of Health and Human Services. The Secretary of HHS will
be able to immediately waive provisions of
applicable laws and regulations to give
doctors, hospital — all hospitals and healthcare
providers maximum flexibility to respond
to the virus and care for patients. This includes the
following critical authorities: The ability
to waive laws to enable telehealth, a fairly
new and incredible thing that’s happened in the —
in the not-so-distant past. I tell you, what they’ve
done with telehealth is incredible. It gives remote doctors’
visits and hospital check-ins. The power to waive
certain federal license requirements so that
doctors from other states can provide services in
states with the greatest need. Number two, the ability
to waive requirements that critical-access hospitals
limit the number of beds to 25 and the length
of stay to 96 hours. The ability to waive
the requirements of a three-day hospital stay
prior to admission to a nursing home. Big thing. The authority to waive
rules that hinder hospitals’ ability
to bring additional physicians on board or
obtain needed office space. They can do as they want. They can do what
they have to do. They know what
they have to do. Now they don’t have any
problem getting it done. The authority to waive
rules that severely restrict where hospitals
can care for patients within the hospital
itself, ensuring that the emergency capacity can
be quickly established. We’ll remove or eliminate
every obstacle necessary to deliver our people the
care that they need and that they’re entitled to. No resource will be spared. Nothing whatsoever. Ten days ago, I brought
together the CEOs of commercial labs at the
White House and directed them to immediately begin
working on a solution to dramatically increase the
availability of tests. Other countries have
called us and worked with us, and they’re doing
similar things or will be doing similar things. As a result of that
action, today we’re announcing a new
partnership with private sector to vastly increase
and accelerate our capacity to test
for the coronavirus. We want to make sure that
those who need a test can get a test very safely,
quickly, and conveniently. But we don’t want people
to take a test if — if we feel that they
shouldn’t be doing it. And we don’t want everyone
running out and taking. Only if you have
certain symptoms. Using federal emergency
authorities, the FDA approved a new
test for the virus. We did this within hours
after receiving the application from Roche
— a process that would normally take weeks. We therefore expect
up to a half a million additional tests will be
available early next week. We’ll be announcing
locations probably on Sunday night. I want to thank Roche, a
great company, for their incredible work. I’d also like to
thank Thermo Fisher. The FDA’s goal is to
hopefully authorize their application within 24
hours — it’ll go very quickly; it’s going very
quickly — which will bring, additionally, 1.4
million tests on board next week and 5
million within a month. I doubt we’ll need
anywhere near that. At the same time, we’ve
been in discussions with pharmacies and retailers
to make drive-thru tests available in the critical
locations identified by public health professionals. The goal is for
individuals to be able to drive up and be swabbed
without having to leave your car. I want to thank Google. Google is helping to
develop a website. It’s going to be very
quickly done, unlike websites of the past, to
determine whether a test is warranted and to
facilitate testing at a nearby convenient location. We have many, many locations
behind us, by the way. We cover the — this
country in large part. So the world, by the way
— we’re not going to be talking about the
world right now. But we cover very, very
strongly our country. Stores in virtually
every location. Google has 1,700 engineers
working on this right now. They’ve made
tremendous progress. Our overriding goal is
to stop the spread of the virus and to help all
Americans who have been impacted by this. Again, we don’t want
everybody taking this test; it’s totally
unnecessary. And this will pass. This will pass through,
and we’re going to be even stronger for it. We’ve learned a lot. A tremendous amount
has been learned. I want to thank Deborah
Birx, and I want to ask her maybe to come up and
say a few words as to what’s happening. Dr. Birx is a highly
respected person. I’ve gotten to know her
very well over the last six days. And what we’ve done is
rebuild something that was very old, very old-fashioned,
somewhat obsolete. Certainly obsolete when
it comes to the kind of numbers that we’re
talking about. Dr. Birx, please. Thank you, Deborah. Dr. Deborah Birx: Thank
you, Mr. President. It’s a pleasure to be
here with all of you. I think you know at
the beginning of this epidemic, HHS, through
CDC, proactively developed an assay built on the existing
flu surveillance system. That surveillance system
was then converted to diagnostic system. But last Tuesday, seeing
the spread of the virus around the globe, The
President realized that our current approach to
testing was inadequate to need — to meet the needs
of the American public. He asked for an entire overhaul
of the testing approach. He immediately called
the private sector laboratories to the White
House, as noted, and charged them
with developing a high-throughput quality
platform that can meet the needs of the
American public. We are grateful to LabCorp
and Quest for taking up the charge immediately
after the meeting and within 72 hours bringing
additional testing access, particularly to the
outbreak areas of Washington State and California,
and now across the country. We are also very grateful
to the universities and large hospital systems
that took up the charge to develop their own quality
tests made available by new FDA guidance. This has resulted in
expanded testing across New York, California,
Washington, Colorado, and you see sometimes those
drive-thru options that have been made
available through these high-throughput options. Following the meeting last
week, major commercial laboratory equipment and
diagnostic companies took immediate action to adopt
and develop new testing systems. Last night, the initial
company, Roche, received FDA approval, moving from
request to development to approval in record time. This innovative approach
centered fully on unleashing the power
of the private sector, focusing on providing
convenient testing to hundreds of thousands of
Americans within short turnaround times. In less than two weeks
together, we have developed a solution that
we believe will meet the future needs — testing
needs of Americans. I understand how
difficult this has been. I was part of the HIV/AIDS
response in the ’80s. We knew, from first
finding cases in 1981, it took us to almost
1985 to have a test. It took us another 11 years
to have effective therapy. It is because of the
lessons learned from that that we were able to
mobilize and bring those individuals that were key
to the HIV response to this response. I understand that a lot
of this behind-the-scenes action over the last
couple of weeks was invisible to the press
and the American people. But this intense effort
has not only resulted in innovative solutions,
but an automated high-throughput system,
bringing the availability of these quality
coronaviral testing to the American people at
unprecedented speed. Finally, I want you to
know: In South Korea, they did have large number of
tests available over the last several weeks. Their positivity rate is
between 3 and 4 percent. With LabCorp and Quest
expanded testing, their positivity rate is
between 1 and 2 percent. So we want to also
announce this new approach to testing, which will
start in the screening website up here,
facilitated by Google, where clients and patients
and people that have interest can go, fill out
a screening questionnaire — move down for symptoms
or risk factors, yes. They would move down this
and be told where the drive-thru options would
be for them to receive this test. The labs will then move
to the high-throughput automated machines to be
able to provide results in 24 to 36 hours. That is the intent
of this approach. We have seen it work just
in our own United States, and we want to bring this
across the continent. Thank you very much. The President: Thank
you very much, Deborah. Great. I’d like to maybe have Tony
— do you want to come up? You’ve become a — I think
everybody out here knows you pretty well. But Tony has been doing
a tremendous job working long, long hours. And you’ve seen a lot
happen, but this has been — it’s been a great
experience, and working with you has been terrific. Tony, please. Dr. Tony Fauci: Thank you
very much, Mr. President. This is an example of —
another example of what I’ve been referring to in
my discussions with many of you in the audience
as a proactive, leaning-forward,
aggressive, trying to stay ahead of the curve. And what you’re seeing now
with this order is that we’re going to be able to
remove the constraints so that people at the state
and the local level — the individual physician all
the way up through the federal government — will
have as many constraints as possible removed for
them to do everything they possibly can so that we
can implement the things that we’ve been talking
about — the containment, the mitigation — so that,
as I’ve said many times, that curve that I referred
to that goes up, we don’t want to have that curve. We want to suppress it
down to that small mound. And I think what we’ve
done today is something that is going to be a
very important element in having us be successful
in doing that. We still have a
long way to go. There will be many more
cases, but we’ll take care of that. And ultimately, as The
President said, this will end. But what’s going on here
today is going to help it to end sooner than
it would have. Thank you. The President: Thank
you very much, Tony. If I could, some of
these folks we know; they’re celebrities in
their own right. They’re the biggest
business people, the greatest retailers
anywhere in the world. And one of them is Doug
McMillon from Walmart. And I’d like to have Doug,
if you would, say a few words, wherever you may be. Doug, please. Dr. Doug McMillon: When
we got the call yesterday from the White House, we
were eager to do our part to help serve the country. And given what we’re
facing, that’s certainly important to do. We should all
be doing that. So we’ve been asked to
make portions of our parking lot available in
select locations in the beginning, and scaling
over time as supply increases, so that
people can experience the drive-thru experience that
The President described. We’ll stay involved and do
everything we can from a supply-chain point of
view to be of assistance. Thank you, sir. The President: Thank
you very much, Doug. Appreciate it very much. I’ll just stay
right over here. And, Richard, if you
could come up, please. Richard, please. Walgreens. Thank you. Richard Ashworth: Thank
you, Mr. President. And similar to Doug and
Walmart, we’re happy to stand in here and help in
communities all across America. Because a lot of times,
when we have natural disasters, our stores are
a beacon in the community, and this situation
is no different. So we look forward to
partnering with the CDC, the administration, HHS,
and the task force, and specifically to the Vice
President, who’s doing such a fantastic job. We’re ready to
engage and help. Thank you. The President:
Thank you very much. Great job. Thank you very much. Brian Cornell, Target. Thank you, Brian. Thank you. Please. Brian Cornell: Well,
Mr. President, thank you for inviting us here
today, along with our colleagues from Walmart
and Walgreens and our partners at CVS. Normally, you’d view us
as competitors, but today we’re focused on a common
competitor, and that’s defeating the spread
of the coronavirus. And we look forward
to working with the administration to do our
fair share to alleviate this growing threat. So, thank you for
including us today. In the near term, we’re
all committed to making sure we’re keeping our
stores open to serve the American consumer who is
rapidly stocking up on household essentials, key
food and beverage items that they need during this
time; making sure we run safe stores; and creating
an environment that’s safe for our team members,
making sure that they feel supported during this
very critical time. So thank you for
including us. The President:
Thank you very much. Great job. Is Tom here? Tom Polen. Tom? Tom Polen. Please. Tom Polen: Thank
you, Mr. President. As CEO of Becton
Dickinson, we’re one of the leading providers of
medical devices as well as collection products for
testing of coronavirus. We’re ramping up our
manufacturing capacity to ensure that the right
collection devices and testing equipment are
ready to address this issue. Thank you, Mr. President. The President: Thank
you very much, Tom. Great job you’ve done. Stephen Rusckowski,
Quest Diagnostics. Please. Great job. Thank you very much. Stephen Rusckowski:
Thank you very much. Thank you, Mr. President. So, as mentioned, we
were called, with the leadership of the Vice
President, last week to come together
as an industry. And we took advantage of
that opportunity to work with the FDA, to work with
the Center for Disease Control. And we are up and running
with tests in a number of our facilities. As The President
mentioned, we now have capabilities from Roche
diagnostics that we will bring into our
facilities this weekend. And I know myself and also
my colleague at LabCorp will be doing the same, so
the capacity available to the American public to
support this action with consumers will be
considerably increased in the next few weeks. Thank you, Mr. President. The President:
Thank you very much. I appreciate it. And Matt Sause,
please, of Roche. Matt? Thank you, Matt. Matt Sause: Thank
you, Mr. President. So, from Roche, we want
to thank the FDA for their rapid approval of
our coronavirus test. We really appreciate the
partnership with the CDC and the FDA to get that to
market as fast as possible because it’s critical for
us to make that available to help patients in
need, and working with laboratories to get it
up and going in the near future, which will bring
hundreds of thousands of tests available to
patients in need in the United States. So, thank you. The President:
And you can do it. You can do it. A great company. David Pierre of
Signify — Signify Health.
00:19:19,358 –>00:19:19,091
Please. Thanks, David. David Pierre: Thank
you, Mr. President. We are the largest house
call provider in the U.S., and we go to the homes of
the most vulnerable elderly. And through our network
and our logistics engine, we stand ready to help and
provide our clinicians to be where they’re needed,
whether they’re in retail clinics or in the home. And we’re here to assist. Thank you very much. The President:
Thank you very much. And we’ll be changing
a lot of the rules, regulations for future,
should this happen in the future, which we
hope it never does. But it will, I guess
— somewhere out there. There are some bad ones
over the years, and I guess that’ll continue to
an extent, but we hope it never happens. But we’re going to be
changing a lot of the old rules and specifications
and regulations. Adam Schechter, who has
really been of tremendous help. LabCorp. Please. Adam? Adam Schechter: Thank
you, Mr. President. At LabCorp, we’re working
every second of every day to increase the number
of tests that we can run. We’re working with
academic medical centers, with our colleagues at
Quest, with other hospital and other laboratories
to ensure that we do everything we can to increase
the testing as we move forward. And I can tell you we
understand how important the testing is, and we
are committed to doing everything possible. The President:
Thank you very much. Great job. Thank you. Thomas Moriarty, CVS. We all know CVS. Thank you. Thomas Moriarty:
Thank you, sir. The President:
Thank you, Thomas. Thomas Moriarty: Thank
you, Mr. President. We have been focused,
since the start, of making sure our patients and the
customers we serve have the information they need
and the safety they need as well. We are committed
to working with the administration and local
public health officials to make this work as well. And thank you,
sir, for the honor. The President:
Thank you very much. Thank you, Thomas. Thanks. Great job. And Bruce Greenstein,
LHC Group. Tremendously
talented people. Thank you very much. Bruce Greenstein: Mr.
President, thank you for the honor
of being here. And the home health
industry has been treating patients and seniors in
the safety and comfort of their own home for decades. We’re very proud to be
part of the equation for testing in their own home. For Americans that can’t
get to a test site or live in rural areas far
away from a retail establishment, we’re here
to help and to partner with our hospitals and
physicians, as well as the people we have here today
that will be doing testing around the country. Thank you. The President:
Thank you very much. Fantastic. [Mr. Greenstein gives The President an elbow bump] Bruce Greenstein: Oh,
we’ll practice that. The President:
Okay, I like that. That’s good. We’re also announcing
the following emergency executive actions today: To help our students
and their families, I’ve waived interest on all
student loans held by federal government
agencies, and that will be until further notice. That’s a big thing for a
lot of students that are left in the
middle right now. Many of those schools
have been closed. Based on the price of oil,
I’ve also instructed the Secretary of Energy to
purchase, at a very good price, large quantities of
crude oil for storage in the U.S. Strategic Reserve. We’re going to fill it
right up to the top, saving the American
taxpayer billions and billions of dollars,
helping our oil industry and making us even further
toward that wonderful goal — which we’ve achieved,
which nobody thought was possible — of
energy independence. It puts us in a position
that’s very strong, and we’re buying it at
the right price. And that’s something that
would have not even been possible a week ago. The price of oil went
down quite a bit, so we’re going to fill it up. This is a good
time to fill it up. I’d like to ask Mike Pence to
say a few words, please. V.P. The Vice President:
Thank you, Mr. President. It is — this day should
be an inspiration to every American, because thanks
to your leadership from early on, not only
are we bringing a whole-of-government
approach to confronting the coronavirus,
we’re bringing an all-of-America approach. Mr. President, from early
on, you took decisive action. You suspended all
travel from China. You created travel advisories
— South Korea and Italy. We screened all travelers
from all airports in both of those countries. And on the unanimous
recommendation of your health experts, you, at
midnight tonight, will effectively suspend
all travel from Europe. And Americans that are
returning will be screened and asked to
voluntarily participate in a 14-day quarantine. Throughout this process,
Mr. President, you’ve put the health of America
first, but you brought the best of America
to address it. And it’s not just at
the federal level. As you said, Mr.
President, we’ve been working with states
across the country. We issued broad guidelines
from CDC for every American. But this week, at your
direction, we tailored specific recommendations
from CDC for New York, Washington State, California,
Massachusetts, and Florida. And we’ve been in continuous
contact, as you said, with governors
around the country. And, Mr. President, you
have forged a seamless partnership with every
state and every territory in this country to put the
health of our nation first. But today, I trust that
people around the country that are looking on at
this extraordinary public and private partnership
to address the issue of testing with
particular inspiration. After you tapped me to
lead the White House Corona Task Force, Mr.
President, you said this is all hands on deck,
and you directed us to immediately reach out
to the American business sector commercial labs
to meet what we knew then would be the need for
testing across the spectrum. And today, with this
historic public-private partnership, we have laid the
foundation to meet that need. And for Americans looking
on, by this Sunday evening, we’ll be able to give
specific guidance on a — on when the website
will be available. You can go to the website,
as The President said. You’ll type in your
symptoms and be given direction whether or
not a test is indicated. And then, at the same
website, you’ll be directed to one of these
incredible companies that are going to give a little
bit of their parking lot so that people can come
by and do a drive-by test. Mr. President, I want
to join you in thanking Walmart and CVS and
Target and Walgreen. These are companies
that are synonymous with communities large and small,
where people come together. And now they’re going to
come together to meet the needs of the American public. These commercial laboratories
— LabCorp and Quest and Roche — have just done an incredible job stepping forward and are going to literally make hundreds and thousands of tests available and being
processed with results to patients in the
very near future. But it’s all a result
of you tasking us with bringing together not just
government resources — which all state labs
can now test across the country; CDC is testing
— but you said, Mr. President, that we
wanted to bring all the resources of the country
together, and that’s what this partnership
really means. You know, the truth is
that we have coronavirus cases now in 46
American states. And while the risk of
serious illness of the coronavirus remains low,
we want to encourage every American to practice
common sense, practice good hygiene, go to the
CDC’s website to see what the guidance is for your
community or for the American people broadly. And as The President has
said, it’s especially important now that we look
after senior citizens with chronic underlying
health conditions. Last week, The President
directed the Center for Medicaid and Medicare
Services to raise the standards at our
nursing homes, increase inspections at
our nursing homes. And today, we’re offering
very specific guidance, which Seema Verma
will articulate, about visitations at nursing homes. It’s important to remember
that they were there for us when we were growing
up, Mr. President. They helped us
with our homework. They tucked us
in at night. They cheered us on as
we pursued educations, cheered us on
in our careers. And now it’s time for us
to be there with them and to recognize that seniors
with chronic health conditions are the most
vulnerable, and Americans can make a difference. So wash your hands, use
common sense, look after the most vulnerable. And, Mr. President, I know
I join you in saying that every American should be
proud of this incredible public-private partnership
that’s going to speeding access of testing to
millions of Americans in the weeks ahead. And together, as you’ve
said many times, together we’ll get through this. Together, we’ll put the
health of America first. The President:
Thank you, Mike. Thank you very much. Seema. Where is Seema? I’d like you to maybe
take that a step further, please, on nursing homes. Thanks. Seema Verma: Thank you. Well, thank you to
The President for the declaration. It allows my agency, CMS
— that runs Medicare and Medicaid and has oversight
of all of the nation’s healthcare facilities —
to suspend regulations that can get in the way of
treating patients during this time. These temporary national
blanket waivers are reserved for the rarest
of circumstances, and they represent a massive
mobilization of our country’s resources to
combat this terrible virus. And the flexibilities we
are offering will be a God-send to the providers,
clinicians, and facilities on the frontlines
of this fight. And later, CMS is going
to be issuing guidance directing nursing homes to
temporarily restrict all visitors and non-essential
personnel, with a few exceptions such as
end-of-life situations. We fully appreciate that
this measure represents a severe trial for residents
of nursing homes and those who love them. But we are doing what
we must to protect our vulnerable elderly. Thank you. The President: Thank
you very much, Seema. As I said in my address
to the nation the other night, all Americans
have a role to play in defeating this virus. Our most effective weapon
right now is to limit the damage to our people and
our country, and slow the spread of the virus itself. The choice we make, the
precautions we put into place are critical to
overcoming the virus, reducing its spread, and
shortening the duration of the pandemic —
which is what it is. The CDC has published
guidelines on the Coronavirus.gov to enable
— it’s Coronavirus.gov, and it’s very heavily used
right now, I will say — to enable every American
to respond to this epidemic and to protect
themselves, their families, and their
communities, while the risks to young and healthy
Americans remains very low. We’ve learned a lot about
this over the last two weeks. Anyone can be a carrier
for the virus and risk transmission to older
Americans and those with underlying health
conditions and those who are most at risk. They have not
done very well. Older Americans who are —
especially, if they have a health problem, they
have not done well. We must take all
precautions and be responsible for the
actions that we take and that we see other
people take. We want to prevent the
spread and transmission of the disease. It’s incredible what’s —
sports — what’s happening with the sporting world,
where so many of the great sports that we’ve gotten
so used to at this time of the year, they’re not
going to be meeting. And they’ve done a
great service actually. But that would be another
way that it could be — problems could be caused. But this is why I outlined
on Wednesday night my administration’s — the
fact that we’ve issued a requirement suspending
all medically unnecessary visits to various places,
but in particular, nursing homes. We should all be working
off the same playbook when it comes to
protecting Americans. We have to. We need to be consistent
in adopting measures to limit the spread
of the virus. The virus is the same,
whether it’s spreading in cities, towns, or
rural communities. The tools and tactics for
attacking it are similar no matter where you go. No matter where you go. You have some hotspots
throughout the world right now that people would have
never thought possible, and they’re being very
seriously affected. Key among these efforts
are breaking chains of transmission between people. These measures have been
adopted by many companies, universities, and schools. And we want to protect the
safety and the health of their employees
and their students. I encourage everyone to
follow the guidelines we’ve issued by CDC and
these commonsense measures. A lot of it is common sense. For the areas where the
virus is spreading, the CDC is advising
communities to postpone large gatherings, postpone
assemblies, social functions, and sporting
events; stagger recess and lunch for schools that
aren’t canceled; limit in-person meetings;
increase scheduled cleanings; and cancel
work-sponsored travel — among numerous other
steps that can be taken. Americans are the
strongest and most resilient people on Earth,
and in the coming weeks, we will all have to make
changes and sacrifices, but these short-term
sacrifices will produce long-term gain. And again, I’ve said we’re
learning a lot for the future and future problems
like this, or worse. Or worse. It could get worse. The next eight
weeks are critical. We can learn — and we will turn
a corner on this virus. Some of the doctors say it
will wash through, it will flow through. Interesting terms
and very accurate. I think you’re going to
find in a number of weeks it’s going to be a
very accurate term. In times of hardship, the
true character of America always shines through. We live in the company of
the greatest heroes and the most inspiring citizens
anywhere in the world. We want to take
care of our people. We want to draw on the
strength of our history, draw on the strength of
our people, and we will get through this
all together. We will just
get through it. So much progress has
already been made. And, frankly, the numbers
— because of steps that have been taken — are
at a level that a lot of people are surprised,
especially when you compare them with other places
with far smaller populations. The spirit and the will of
our nation is unbreakable. We will defeat this threat. When America is tested,
America rises to the occasion. And to those families and
citizens who are worried and concerned for
themselves and their loved ones, I want you to
know that your federal government will unleash
every authority, resource, and tool at its disposal
to safeguard the lives and health of our people. So we’re with you
every step of the way. No nation is more prepared
or more equipped to face down this crisis. As you know, we are rated
number one in the world. We’re also helping other
nations — many other nations; we’re helping them a lot. And they’re doing
okay, in some cases. In some cases, they’re
not doing well at all. But we’re working with a
lot of groups of people and a lot of other nations. With faith and heart
and hope and love and determination, we will succeed. We will prevail. We will be very,
very successful. And we’ll learn
for the future. Thank you all very much. If you have any questions,
we can take some. Go ahead, John. Please. And if you’d like to ask
some of the folks up here, it would be fine. Please. The Press: Sure. Mr. President, where are
you with the House bill? Yesterday, we talked to
you in the Oval Office; you were opposed to it. What has happened
since then? And what’s the
holdup on that? The President: Well, we
just don’t think they’re giving enough. We don’t think the
Democrats are giving enough. We’re negotiating. We thought we had
something, but all of a sudden they didn’t agree
to certain things that they agreed to. So we could have
something, but we don’t think they’re
giving enough. They’re not doing what’s
right for the country. The Press: And if I
could ask Dr. Fauci — The President:
Go ahead, please. The Press: Thank
you, Mr. President. You just mentioned waiving
interest for student loans. The President: Yeah. The Press: You talked
about buying oil from the — from the SPR, or
adding to the SPR. What other specific
targeted measures is your administration
thinking about taking? The Treasury Secretary,
Steve Mnuchin, said today that you’re just in the
“second inning” of things that you might
be undergoing. The President: Yeah,
well, that’s true. And we are looking at many
different things, as you know. You know some of them —
they’ve been written about very widely. But we’re going to be
releasing a paper in about two hours stating quite
a few other steps. Very important ones. The Press: Mr. President — The President:
Please, go ahead. The Press: Like what,
sir, if you wouldn’t mind? The President:
Please, go ahead. The Press: Thank you
so much, Mr. President. I want to — I want to
know if you are in contact with the Brazilian
President, Bolsonaro, after a member of his
delegation who was with you Saturday was
tested positive. And also I want to ask
another question, if you’ll let me. Senator Lindsey Graham and
also Senator Scott — Rick Scott — are
self-isolating. Are you planning to take
any kind of precautionary measure to protect you and
also your staff who was there with him? The President: No, we have
no symptoms whatsoever. And we have — we had a
great meeting with The President of Brazil, Bolsonaro. Great guy. Very — a very tremendous
— he’s done — he’s doing a fantastic job for Brazil. And, as you know, he
tested negative — meaning, nothing
wrong — this morning. And we got that word, too. Because we did have dinner
with him; we were sitting next to each other for
a long period of time. The Press: But are you in
contact with him over the coronavirus crisis? The President:
No, we — we have. We’re talking about it,
country to country, but we did discuss if
he had a problem. It was reported that
he may have it, and he doesn’t, fortunately. The Press: Thank you
so much, Mr. President. Dr. Fauci said earlier
this week that the lag in testing was, in
fact, “a failing.” Do you take
responsibility for that? And when can you guarantee
that every single American who needs a test will
be able to have a test? What’s the date of that? The President: Yeah, no, I
don’t take responsibility at all, because we
were given a set of circumstances and we were
given rules, regulations, and specifications
from a different time. It wasn’t meant for this
kind of an event with the kind of numbers that
we’re talking about. And what we’ve done is
redesigned it very quickly with the help of the
people behind me. And we’re now in very,
very strong shape. I think we’ll be
announcing, as I said, Sunday night, and this
will start very quickly. And we — we’ll have
the ability to do in the millions over a very,
very quick period of time. So, no. And what we have done —
and we are going to be leaving a very indelible
print for the future, in case something like
this happens again. But it was a — and that’s
not the fault of anybody. And, frankly, the old
system worked very well for smaller numbers —
much smaller numbers — but not for these
kind of numbers. Tony, maybe you’d
like to say something? The Press: By Sunday
night, will you have — The President:
Tony, please. The Press: Yes, please. By Sunday night, will
every American be able to get a test? Dr. Tony Fauci: So, just
to reiterate what I said to many of you multiple
times: It’s [inaudible] of a system. This system was not
designed — for what it was designed for,
it worked very well. The CDC designed
a good system. If you want to get the
kind of blanket testing and availability that
anybody can get it or you could even do surveillance
to find out what the penetrance is, you have to
embrace the private sector. And this is exactly what
you’re seeing, because you can’t do it without it. So when I said that, I
meant the system was not designed for what we need. Now, looking forward, the
system will take care of it. The Press: And Mr. President,
with respect, you’ve been — The President: And
interestingly, if you go back — please — if you
go back to the swine flu, it was nothing like this. They didn’t do
testing like this. And actually, they lost
approximately 14,000 people. And they didn’t
do the testing. They started thinking
about testing when it was far too late. What we’ve done — and
one of the reasons I think people are respecting what
we’ve done: We’ve done it very early. We’ve gotten
it very early. And we’ve also kept
a lot of people out. The Press: Mr. President — The President:
Yes please, go ahead. Please. The Press: Mr. President,
the last administration said that they had tested
a million people at this point. You’ve been — The President: Well,
ask them how they — The Press: — President
for three years. The President: — did
with the swine flu. It was a disaster. The Press: But with
respect, you’ve been The President:
Next, please. President for three years — Next, please. The Press: — and
Wuhan was suffering — The President: They had
a very big failure with swine flu. A very big failure. The Press: Thank
you, Mr. President. I want to ask you about
the European travel ban that goes into effect at — The President: Yeah. The Press: — midnight
tonight and the exemption that you’ve
offered to the U.K. There are 17 countries
that are in the so-called “Schengen zone” that have
fewer coronavirus cases than the U.K. And just in the past
24 hours, the U.K. has added 208 coronavirus
cases to their total. Why do they, Mr. President,
deserve an exemption? And would you consider
adding them to this travel ban list? The President: Well, that
was recommended to me by a group of professionals,
and we are looking at it based on the new numbers
that are coming out. And we may have to include
them in the list of countries that we will,
you could say, ban — or whatever it is — during
this period of time. But, yeah, their numbers
have gone up fairly precipitously over the
last 24 hours, so we may be adding that, and we may be
adding a couple of others. And we may, frankly, start
thinking about taking some off. Go ahead. The Press: Thank
you, Mr. President. I’m a correspondent with
Hong Kong Phoenix TV. You have been mentioned
— you have mentioned that the number in China has
been decreasing and China has made tremendous progress
in the past two weeks. The President: It’s true. The Press: I’m wondering
how much confidence does this give you to control the
virus in the United States. And do you see the data
China has been sharing with the United States
has been helpful? The President: I think
it has been helpful. We’ve been working
very much with China. I’ve spoken, as you
know, with President Xi. They went through hell,
and their numbers are starting to
look very good. They’re really
looking very good. We’re very happy
about that. We are sharing data, yes. In fact, we’re sharing
quite a bit of data, including the fact that
some of our pharmaceutical companies are working over
there right now with large groups of people. Yeah, go ahead. Please. The Press: Thank
you, Mr. President. You spoke with Canadian Prime
Minister Trudeau yesterday. The President: Yes, I did. The Press: Did you discuss
the potential closing of the border between Canada
and the U.S.? And, by extension, are
you considering ways to salvage the $2 billion daily
trade between the two countries? The President: So we
didn’t discuss the border. We’ve had a very
good relationship. Just about finished with
the USMCA, as you know. He called — actually, he
called me to tell me that. I think that was the primary
reason for the call. At the time, his wife
had not been diagnosed. And she’s a lovely lady
— wonderful lady, great lady. And since then, I’ve heard
— read that the result was that she has it. And I was a
little surprised. I think he was
surprised also. We did discuss
it prior to. She’s going to be fine,
but he thought that she would not, most
likely, have the virus. Unfortunately, she does. But we didn’t discuss
the border yesterday, no. Go ahead, please. If you have any questions
for these great geniuses up here, you should —
even a business question related to what
we’re talking about. The Press: Mr. President, Ross
Palombo from ABC News Miami. As a relatively new
Floridian, what is your message today to the
cruise line industry and the travel industry that
Florida depends upon? And since Senator Rick
Scott and Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Giménez have the
same exposure as you and they are self-isolating,
what’s your message to them? That they shouldn’t be? The President: Well, I
don’t know that I had exposure, but I don’t
have any of the symptoms. And we do have a White
House doctor and, I should say, many White House
doctors, frankly. And I asked them that same
question, and they said, “You don’t have any
symptoms whatsoever.” And we don’t want people
without symptoms to go and do the test. The test is not
insignificant. As far as the cruise line
business, we’re with them all the way. It’s a great business. It’s a great U.S.
business, frankly. And I know how important
they are to the country. That includes airlines. But the cruise line business,
obviously, was hit very hard. We had a tremendous
success out in Oakland where we moved it. Vice President Pence did
a fantastic job with that. We worked with U.K. We worked with Canada. They took their people back. And Canada has
approximately 600 people; U.K., likewise, took a
large number of people back to the United Kingdom. And we have people quarantined. It was a big operation,
and it worked out really — you don’t hear
about it anymore. It worked out really well. Mike, you may even want to
say something about that because that was
really done properly. The Vice President: Well,
thank you, Mr. President. And that program with the
Grand Princess, the ship, is continuing to be
administered in the highest standards, orderly
way, as The President directed. And Americans that needed
treatment have received them. I spoke to the governor
of Iowa today, and some of those who now have been
cleared are able, in proper supervision, to be
returning to Iowa, where they’re making arrangements
for them to do that. Others in Texas,
others in Georgia. Again, it’s another example
of the extraordinary cooperation of Governor Abbott, Governor Gavin Newsom, Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia. But to add to that, The
President directed me last Saturday to travel
down to Miami. We met with all the leaders of
the cruise line industry. Several cruise lines have
announced a 60-day pause in operations. Our Department of Homeland
Security has praised them for doing that because
of the unique health challenges particularly
presented to seniors with underlying conditions. We have a proposal from
the cruise line industry, but they’re currently
considering what other steps that they might
take, perhaps even similar to what those other
lines have taken. We’re anticipating some
response on that in the next 24 hours. But as The President
said, the American people cherish our cruise line
industry, the men and women who work on the
ships, the men and women who work on the shore, all
the economies that are so benefitted by a vibrant
cruise line industry. And what The President
has directed us to do is, whether there is a pause
in the moment, as some cruise lines are doing,
and as we all continue to discuss, we want to work
with the cruise line industry to ensure that
when we come through this, that cruise lines and the
medical services that are available, and for the
passengers and all of the crew, that cruise lines
are safer than ever before and can prosper for
many years to come. The President:
Go ahead, please. The Press: This
question is for Drs. Fauci and Birk [sic] — Birx. Dr. Fauci, based on what
you currently know, what is the trajectory for when
this outbreak will peak? How long will the American
people have to remain on this emergency footing? And for Dr. Birx, as the
administration tries to get its arms around this
test kit shortage issue, the next glaring need
could be respirators and related hospital equipment. So what is the administration
doing right now to ramp up production of respirators and
that kind of equipment should this outbreak persist? Dr. Tony Fauci: So, when
you have an outbreak like this, particularly if
you’re trying to interfere with it, it’s really
impossible to predict the time element of when it’s
going to peak and when it’s naturally
going to go down. So if you look at the
situation where countries really did not get to the
point of trying to contain and mitigate very well,
you see a peak over several weeks and then
down again over other several weeks. What we’re trying to do
with the efforts that we’re doing is to
blunt that peak. And I mentioned it many
times, and I think it’s important and appropriate
for me to mention it again because it answers your
question: When you talk about preventing
infections from without in — which is the kind of
travel restrictions we’re talking about — then how
do you handle what you already have in your country? You continue some sort of
containment, but you also do mitigation and you try
to proportion it to the areas where there are
the most infections. The success of that and
how much you make this turn into this is going to
give you the amount of time. If we’re successful,
it’ll be less. If we’re not successful,
it’s going to be more. But these kind of things
generally run out in a few months. Hopefully, we’ll make it
several weeks — eight, nine, whatever weeks. But I can’t give you a
number because it depends on how successful we are. Dr. Deborah Birx:
Great, thank you. It’s a great question,
and Dr. Fauci and I have worked together a very
long time and continue. It’s a privilege to
work with him every day. So I think you can learn
very — and I appreciate there were some graphics
done by some of the reporting over the
last several days. If you align the data from
China with the data with South Korea, you can start
to see almost a complete overlay of that data. And so that’s what we’re
tracking very closely, as well as Italy. But you have an
excellent question. I just want to make one
note: In South Korea, I want to repeat, only 4
percent of the tests were positive. That means 96 percent of
the people had a different respiratory disease
because we’re in the middle of flu season, cold
season, and all of the other respiratory diseases
that we get every day. In LabCorp and Quest’s
early data, they’re running about 1 to
2 percent positive. That means that we have a
lot more other respiratory disease out there
besides the coronavirus. And that’s why the
screening is critical. But even with the
screening, we’re going to low — run what we think
are very low rates. Needless to say,
though, we’re taking it extraordinarily seriously
to plan for what could come. Not what Dr. Fauci talked
about, blunting the curve, that makes it much less
high need at that peak of the curve that we’re
all planning for. So we’re in full inventory
of all of our assets by The President unlocking
and this emergency order, and the Secretary of HHS’s
ability — it unlocks all of those stockpiles,
those needs: what the V.A. has, what the DOD has,
what the National Guard has, and what
every hospital has. And the hospital emergency
preparedness plan allows them to defer elective
issues to keep those hospital beds open for
those who might need it. So we’re in full planning
mode for each of those things. The President: And I might
add that we’re in the process — and, in some
cases, have already done it — ordered a large number of
respirators, just in case. We hope we don’t need
them, but we’ve ordered a large number. Yeah. Go ahead, please. The Press: Thank you
very much, Mr. President. In your speech to the
nation, you mentioned the situation in China and
South Korea have improved, and you’re thinking about
remove the restrictions, also the warning — The President: Right. The Press: — in
place right now. When can we expect
that announcement? And how do you see the
overall progress that Asian countries made? The President: Well, some
are making progress; some are not, as you know. But some are
making progress. And as they make progress,
as they get down to the number that we all think
is right — that they know is right, we know is right
— we’ll be opening it up. And some are really
moving along rapidly. We hope to be able to open
things up as quickly as possible. Go ahead, please. Go ahead. The Press: Thank
you, Mr. President. I’d like to ask Secretary
Azar and Dr. Fauzi [sic] just how — The President: That
was [inaudible][laughs] The Press: Dr. Fauci, okay. The President: Right. Better. The Press: All right. The President: Better. Not 100 percent,
but 90 percent. The Press: Right. The President: Go ahead. The Press: This affects
the elderly, primarily. And in that sense, it’s
an unusual disease. Is any specific research
being done as to why it affects our senior
citizens more than others? Dr. Tony Fauci: So, I
don’t mean to diminish your question, but we
already know why it would affect senior citizens
more, because when you talk about anything that
requires a robust immune system — as you get
older, your immune system is not as potent as it
is when you were young. And that’s the reason why,
when you talk about even influenza, which we have
extraordinary experience with over decades and
decades, the people who are very vulnerable are
the elderly and those with underlying conditions. The same thing holds true
for a variety of other disease. Why cancer is more prevalent
in some — in mostly in older individuals — because the immune system that screens for it is less robust. So it really is something
that is kind of well-known over a lot of studies. The President: Okay. OAN, please. OAN. The Press: Mr. President,
the Chinese officials are expressing some tones of
discontent with how — where the source of this
virus has come from, and they’re spinning
some odd narratives. What are your response to
the Chinese officials who are doing that? And have they signaled
any kind of resistance to upcoming trade talks in
response to how we’re handling this virus? The President: No, we
have our deal with China. They’re going to be buying
$250 billion worth of goods and $50 billion
from our farmers. And that’s a great deal
for our country; it’s about time somebody did that. And, frankly, phase two,
we’ll start negotiating. I did read one article,
but I don’t think that article was representative
— certainly not of my conversations with
President Xi — and they know where it came from. We all know where
it came from. The Press: Thank
you, Mr. President. Yamiche Alcindor
from PBS NewsHour. The President: Yes. The Press: My first
question is: You said that you don’t take responsibility,
but you did disband the White House pandemic office, and the officials that were working
in that office left this administration abruptly. So what responsibility
do you take to that? And the officials that
worked in that office said that you — that the White
House lost valuable time because that office
was disbanded. What do you make of that? The President: Well, I
just think it’s a nasty question because what
we’ve done is — and Tony has said numerous times
that we’ve saved thousands of lives because of
the quick closing. And when you say
“me,” I didn’t do it. We have a group of
people I could — The Press: It’s
your administration. The President: I could
ask perhaps — my administration — but I
could perhaps ask Tony about that because I don’t
know anything about it. I mean, you say we did that. I don’t know anything about it. The Press: You don’t
know about the —
00:55:09,506 –>00:55:09,072
The President: We’re
spending — I don’t know. The Press: — about
the reorganization that happened at the National
Security Council? The President: It’s
the administration. Perhaps they do that. You know, people
let people go. You used to be with a
different newspaper than you are now. You know, things
like that happen. The Press: But this was
a — this was an – — The President: Okay. Please go ahead. The Press: This was
an organization at the National Security Council. The President: We’re
doing a great job. Let me tell you, these
professionals behind me and the — these great,
incredible doctors and business people —
the best in the world. And I can say that. Whether it’s retailers or
labs, or anything you want to say, these are the
best of the world. We’re doing a great job. We have 40
people right now. Forty. Compare that with other
countries that have many, many times that amount. And one of the reasons we
have 40 and others have — and, again, that number is going
up, just so you understand. And a number of cases,
which are very small, relatively speaking
— it’s going up. But we’ve done a great job
because we acted quickly. We acted early. And there’s nothing we
could have done that was better than closing our borders
to highly infected areas. Please, go ahead. The Press: Thank
you, Mr. President. Vanessa Jaklitsch for NTN24 for
Latin America countries — The President: Yes, sure. The Press: — and also for
Spain, La Razón and Antena 3. I would like to ask you
two very brief questions. One: For how long
we’re going to have the emergency — I mean, the
national emergency, and — The President: I hope not
long, but it’s there now and it gives tremendous powers
for things that we need. Tremendous power, actually. And the Stafford Act and
various other things that we’re involved with and
have studied and memorized in so many different ways
and forms, it gives the kind of power that we need
to get rid of this virus. And we’re going to
do it very quickly. And I hope we won’t need
it very long, but whatever it takes. The Press: So, for now, we
still don’t know for how long? And I — something very
important I wanted to ask you is like, how do you
think — do you really think it’s essential
coordinating with other countries, and learning
from the lessons that — they already suffer the same
situation — countries — The President: Yeah. The Press: — of course,
like China and South Korea, but now recently — The President: Sure. The Press: — Italy and
Spain, and how — The President: Well,
Italy is having a — The Press: — is that
coordination done? Thank you so much,
Mr. President. The President: Italy is
having a very — yeah — we’re in touch with Italy
and, you know, it’s a country that we love. We have tremendous —
millions and millions of people, originally —
origins from Italy. And we’re working
with them. They’re in a very —
they’re in, probably, relatively speaking, the
toughest position of all. We’re in touch
with everybody. We’re in touch with —
when I say “everybody,” we’re in touch with many
of the countries that you know about, that
you’re writing about. And they’re calling
us asking for advice. They’re asking for the
advice of the people behind me. Italy has got a tough
situation, but they’re really — they have really
clamped down and I think they’re going to see
some very good results. It’s tough. What they did — they
really took their medicine, but they’re
going to see some much better results. Yeah, Jeff. The Press: Thank you, sir. With regard to domestic
travel: Should Americans feel safe or should
Americans at all be traveling to states such
as Washington State, New York, and other hotspots
within this country? And a follow-up on Brazil:
You’re asking people who come back from America —
from Europe — Americans who are coming back from
Europe to self-quarantine for a couple weeks. You were in a picture
with somebody who now has coronavirus from
Brazil, at Mar-a-Lago. How is that different? The President: Well, I’ll
tell you, first of all, I’m not coming back
from someplace. The Press: But
you were exposed. The President: We — and
there was somebody that they say has it. I have no idea who he is,
but I take pictures and it lasts for, literally, seconds. I don’t know the gentleman
that we’re talking about. I have no idea who he is. I haven’t seen the picture. I said, “There’s a picture
of somebody,” but I take sometimes hundreds
of pictures a day. And that night I was
taking hundreds of pictures. So I just don’t know. Now I did sit with The
President for probably two hours, but he has
tested negative. So that’s good. The Press: It’s
just a matter of — The President:
Please, go ahead. The Press: And the
domestic travel, sir? The President:
Go ahead, please. The Press: The travel? The first part of the
question was domestic travel. The President: I would
say, if you stay home, it’s not bad. It’s not bad. Now, there are certain
parts of the country that are — essentially, have
no — have zero problem. Washington has been very
tough — in particular, a nursing home. And, but Washington — the
State of Washington has been very tough. It’s been a big percentage
of — when you talk about the 40 deaths, that’s been
has been a big percentage of the deaths, as
you know very well. And they all came from a very
certain area, unfortunately. Please, go ahead. The Press: Mr. President — The President: Go ahead. Okay. The Press: Thank you
very much, Mr. President. The President: Yes. The Press: Cordelia
Lynch, Sky News. You talked this
week about the U.K. doing a good job in
tackling coronavirus. In light of the rising
cases, are you changing your mind about that? You also just spoke about
possible travel restrictions. Have you discussed when
they might be put in place? The President: Well, in
light of the results, as we discussed before —
in light of the results, we’re going to
be looking at it. And I know the task force
is looking at it very strongly — the Vice
President, everybody. It was looking good, but
they’ve — the results have been building up
pretty rapidly. So we’ll be taking
another look at that. Yes, absolutely. Go ahead, please. The Press: Mr.
President, thank you. I want to first follow
up on Jeff’s question, because the person you
were standing next to, whether you know who he
is or not, tested positive for coronavirus. Dr. Fauci said this
morning, “If you stand next to somebody who
tested positive, you should self-isolate
and get a test.” You say your White House
doctor is telling you something different. Who should
Americans listen to? And my second
question is — The President: I think
they have to listen to their doctors, and I think
they shouldn’t be jumping to get the test unless
it’s necessary. But I think they have to
listen to their doctors. And I mean, I don’t know the
— I haven’t seen the picture. Somebody said there’s
a picture with somebody taking a picture with me,
but I haven’t seen it. But I can tell you — The Press: Well, doctors
have said you might have it even if you
don’t have symptoms. The President: Well — The Press: Are you being
selfish by not getting tested and potentially
exposing — The President: Well, I
didn’t say I wasn’t going to be tested. The Press: Are
you going to be? The President:
Most likely, yeah. Most likely. The Press: When do you
think that will happen? The President: Not for
that reason, but because I think I will do it any way. Fairly soon. The Press: Will you let
us know the results? The President: We’re
working on that. We’re working out a schedule. The Press: My second
question, Mr. President — The President: You
go ahead, please. The Press: That
was a follow-up. The President: Go ahead. The Press:
[inaudible] [off-mic] The President: Yeah. The Press: I know there’s been
a lot of talk about testing. I just want to make
sure we’re clear though, because we’ve been hearing
from doctors who say, as of today, they still can’t
get patients tested who need a test. So, as of today, can everyone
who a doctor wants to have tested get tested? And if not, when? When will doctors — The President: Well, that’s
been true for a while. But I’ll let Mike — why
don’t you answer that, Mike, please? The Vice President: Well,
as The President said and Dr. Fauci has articulated,
the nature of our current system — where the CDC
has samples sent and tests are performed or state
labs perform tests or, in some cases, university
and hospital labs perform tests — is generally
adequate for an infectious disease or for people
getting diagnostic work done. But given the sheer scale
of this, The President tasked us with
bringing together this extraordinary public
and private partnership. Today, by some estimates,
when you add all the labs together — and, today,
The President made it possible for every state
in the country and their state labs to authorize
labs across their state to do coronavirus testing. We — we’re estimating
somewhere between 15- and 20,000 tests a day are
able to be performed. But very soon, with the
program that was announced today, Americans will be
able to visit one of the sites closest to them, as
described on the website, if they’re symptomatic
— if the questionnaire indicates it — to be
able to have a test there. And these incredible
companies will process the test and they’ll receive
that information. But, for now, the best
advice that we can give for people is to speak
to their doctor, as The President just said. And if the doctor
indicates that physician — if it’s not a
university hospital or otherwise authorized lab —
can contact the state lab. And, again, every state
lab in the country can perform tests today. But what The President
charged us with, when I was tasked to take
over the White House Coronavirus Task Force,
was: Open up tests all across the country. And The President said, a
few days ago, that we made it clear that any American
that wanted to get a test would be able, clinically,
to get a test. Because I literally heard
from the Governor of Washington State, who said
the doctors in Washington State were saying that
if you were only mildly symptomatic, they
would not order a test. And fortunately, The President
directed CDC to clarify that. Now anyone in consultation
with their physician, regardless of their
symptoms can request a test and their doctors
will contact those agencies, those
labs in their state. But very soon, Americans
will be able to go to these drive-in sites and
be able to obtain and participate in a test. Dr. Birx, is there
more to amplify that? Dr. Deborah Birx: No, I
think that’s perfectly said. I think, just to review
one more time about the testing: With LabCorp and
Quest — I think many of you have been to a
doctor’s office and seen the little boxes outside
— what they do is they deliver both the specimen
collection piece — because, remember, it’s
a nasal swab; it’s not a tube of blood. So they’ve delivered that
to doctors’ offices and hospitals, and then they
will arrange to pick that up. The important piece in
this all is they’ve gone from a machine that may
have a lower throughput, to the potential to have
automated extraction. I know you don’t want all
of these details, but it’s really key for the
laboratory people. It’s an automated extraction
of the RNA that then runs in an automated way on the
machine, with no one touching it, and the result comes
out at the other end. So, sample to
machine to results. That cuts out a lot of the
manual pieces that were happening that were
delaying the test results. The Press: And so, with
that, what’s the timeline — like from when you’re
tested to when you get results? Like, next week, what
should people expect? Dr. Deborah Birx: Well,
with the prior testing, it was taking several days
because the test is slower. We believe with this test,
because of its throughput, that the testing can be
from start — remember, it has to transport — to the
laboratory that will run it. And then we’re hoping that
all can be finished within 24 hours, which is very
similar to other tests that you receive today. These are not
point-of-care tests. We are working on
point-of-care tests, but we have to realize point-of-care
tests take six months or more to develop. So we’re not
waiting for those. We’re still diagnosing
this on nucleic acid, so as an antibody. This is actually the
antigen — the actual virus in your nose
that we’re amplifying. The President: I think you
have to remember, though: We’re working very closely
with states, and you have a smaller form and
more targeted form of government going in and
doing it — like, in New York, where the
relationship is very good; like Gavin Newsom,
where he made some very complimentary — because
that’s California — he made some really
complimentary comments the other day about how
we’re working together. We worked on the ship
together, but we worked on a lot of other things together,
having to do with this. And we’re — well, really,
the relationship that we have — I can’t think
of a bad relationship. We’re helping them. We’re funding them, in
some cases, depending on what it is you’re
talking about. And we’re all working
together very closely. So we’ve done, really, I
think a tremendous job of teamwork with the
different states. All right. One or two more. And if you have questions
for these folks — does anybody have a question
for the folks up here? Who has a question up here? You have? Okay, go ahead. If you have a
question, go ahead. The Press: Thank you. I have one for you as well. The President: Okay. I thought — The Press: [laughs] The President: I
knew that you would. The Press: [laughs] No,
but I do have one for them, because I haven’t
heard this yet. The President: I was
waiting for that. Go ahead. The Press: Because I
haven’t heard this yet. The President: Ask
them first, please. The Press: Yes, I will. Okay. With regards to the CEOs,
can you please tell us when you expect to see
items like hand sanitizer that have been going out
of stock very quickly back on the shelves? There have been a lot
of reports about that. And, for you, Mr.
President, could you talk about a potential bailout
for the cruise industry? You had suggested
that could happen. Is that something
you’re still looking at? And how much would that be? The President: Well, I
didn’t suggest that it could happen, but I can
tell you it’s an industry that was very badly
impacted by what’s going on with the virus. And it’s a great industry. It’s a very important industry
and we will be helping them. And we will be helping the
airline industry, if we have to — assuming we have to. So far, people
haven’t been asking. But if they should be
asking, we’ll — we want to make sure our
airlines are very strong. And then, one day — and
one day, all of a sudden, it wasn’t looking so good. Interestingly, we were
just talking — I was talking to Doug, and the
numbers they’re doing from the retailing standpoint
— I guess, because of this, your business
is like the opposite. All of you have done —
you’ve been selling a lot of stuff. Do you want to answer the
question, as to the hand sanitizers? Dr. Doug McMillon: Sure. Yeah, specifically the
areas where we’re seeing pressure in the supply
chain are surface cleaners, cleaning supplies,
paper goods, in particular. Hand sanitizer is going to
be very difficult to have 100 percent in stock
on for some time. We’re still replenishing
it and shipping it, but as soon as it hits the
stores, it’s going. The same thing is true
for the categories I just mentioned. So all of the retailers
will be working hand-in-hand with the
suppliers to bring that to the market as
fast as we can. The Press: What is
your advice though for Americans who are
seeking those items? What is your advice? They’re selling out online. They’re selling
out in the stores. What — Dr. Doug McMillon: I think
this team has given you other examples of what
people can do to fight back against this virus,
and you should look at the entire list. The President: Please. Please. I mean, obviously, it
sounds very simplistic, but wash your hands as
often as you possibly can. And I know you’re not
always in a position to be able to wash your hands, but
wash them as much as you can. If you don’t have the alcohol
wipes, try and get them. If you can’t get them,
just try as best as possible to do it. I mean you got to
do the best you can. The President:
Alex, please. Secretary Alex Azar: Well,
just general preparedness. You know, you want
to wash your hands. You want to keep
distance from people. And if you’re around someone
sick, keep away from them. Just basic, basic
public health. No, these guys are selling
a lot of toilet paper. I don’t know, there seems
— Tony, do you need to give some guidance that
toilet paper is not an effective protection against
getting the coronavirus? [laughs] They’re
selling out. But the — soap and water. Hot water, soap,
20 seconds. That’s how you do it. The President: Okay. One more. Go ahead. Go ahead. No. Over here. Behind you. Behind you. The Press: Thank you
very much, Mr. President. You have a great
team, of course. The President:
That’s true. Thank you. The Press: My question is
to Mr. President: Are you happy from the
Chinese response? What correctly really
told you — what really happened those days? And second, Prime Minister
Modi, or India, have closed borders until April 15th. If you have spoken with
the Prime Minister of India, and if they
have needed any help? And finally, sir, any message
for the small businesses? Because they are losing some
businesses because of this. Thank you, sir. The President: Well, on
small businesses, the Small Business Administration
is now stacked with money to help them, and we’re going to make the money readily available if they need it —
small businesses. We had a great
time in India. It was an incredible two
days, and he’s a great friend of mine. And he’s a friend of his
people, because he was greeted incredibly
warmly, as was I. And that stadium — that
was an incredible event. And I loved being with him,
so just say hello to him. But we talked
about everything. We talked about far
more than just borders. And as far as President Xi —
likewise, he’s a friend of mine. I believe that we are
dealing in good faith. And we just worked to, as
you know, and as I just said — we just worked
an incredible deal. A big deal. One of the biggest deals
ever made of any kind. Big even by the standards
of some of the people here — the deal with China. But I think that they want
to get to the bottom of things also. We’re working — our
drug companies, our pharmaceutical companies
are working very closely with China and with India,
as you know, and with — all over the world. And they’re all over the world. These are magnificent
companies that are very, very knowledgeable. And it’s — we’re very
lucky to have them, because I think you’re
going to come up with — whether it’s therapeutic
or whether it’s just help — helping getting better. And then ultimately, a
vaccine, which takes a little bit longer because
of the test periods and a couple of other reasons. You’re going to have it
very quickly because of the great knowledge. And they’ll have
it very quickly. They’ve made a tremendous
amount of progress. Thank you all very much. We appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you very much.


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The MSM FAKE NEWS MEDIA forgets that most thinking people are on to them and work to find reliable sources of valid information. The self deluded Trump haters will continue to hate and stay "mal-informed".

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코로나19 번식율이 강한 신종 바이러스 인간생명의 활동을타고 호홉기능 활동을 마비시켜가며 급격하게 번식 수많은 바이러스가 탄생 생명을 위협하는 수준으로 사람체내의 영양분을 먹어치우고 배설까지 독성염증은 더욱더 강한가스를 생산 번저 갈수있는 활동범위와 생식여부가 매우강한 폐렴 바이러스로 보입니다.

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Trump was built to lead & run the United States as good as Putin is to Russia! Absolute for real & Respect!, say what ya want about personal shit. We all got personal shit but what Putin has done for Russia! & is what Trump is doing for America, he will get more & more recognition as him as the POTUS as his time in office goes on. The POTUS, not the Man. I'm Australian & personally I like the man, I think he is a Boss! Yeah he is chauvinistic, sexist, hedonistic but so are most red blooded Men! We Fight, We Fuck, We Protect, We look after! Faulty AF! Walking contradictions but mean well & loyal like a mongrel dogs.. I would not want to be any other way!

Ro L

Mar 3, 2020, 8:53 am Reply

If I may make suggestions; bleach helps. If you follow instructions & wipe refrigerator, remote controls, counters, desks, phones, keyboards, text machines, doorknobs, bathrooms, car wheels etc. If you want, Ziploc bags can hold wet papertowels, napkins, washcloths…
IF you're sick and need to, wear gloves. A scarf can be worn over the mouth. (?)
Just suggestions.

MD Samsuf

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damien Smith

Mar 3, 2020, 9:12 am Reply

This news comes on 3.13. 3/13 can be written 13/3. 13/3 looks like 133. Whitehouse sums to 133. Trump is the 133rd richest man. There are too many 133s. The Coronavirus is Bill Gates's plan to depopulate. Check out Zachary Hubbard's channel and Russianvids's channel for more info! Also, president sums to 47 in gematria. The masonic compass is set at 47 degrees. So, Joe Biden, who sometimes plays the role of Trump, or other politicians need to tell the American people the damn truth.

Ruth Breuer

Mar 3, 2020, 9:23 am Reply

"When you have a question – whatever it is – you can ask me … and be sure I will not answer a single one." The only thing you, Mr. Trump, do tremendously well is talking about strictly nothing. I've never heard such a nonsense before.

Francis Osuna

Mar 3, 2020, 9:26 am Reply

In 1989, Jiang Zemin, a former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader, said in the Annual meeting: CCP will control the world via. three (3) ways = Cyber, Space, and Sea.
Zemin also said: For the U.S., CCP will place a U.S. citizen who is completely loyal to them as the U.S. President, making the U.S. their colony.
If the U.S. became their colony, the rest of the world comes easy. For Europe, CCP will take over from both north and south at the same time. For Japan, CCP will colonize her by 2023-2033. For this goal in mind, CCP has been bribing almost all key leaders around the world but especially the leaders in the third world like Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia, etc. Today, CCP has military bases in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Latin America like Argentina and now working on Mexico.
CCP calls the continent of Africa, Bolivia, Venezuela, and the State of California in the U.S. their colonies. The leaders are heavily bribed, sex-trapped, and/or debt-trapped.

CCP takes advantage of the voting system in a Democratic country by using their soldiers/spies.
CCP has already been taking advantage of world organizations like the UN, IMF, and WHO, etc.
Most of the bribed African et al leaders vote exactly how CCP wants them to vote.
e.g. Margaret Chan Fung Fu-chun, OBE, JP, FRCP, a Chinese Canadian physician, who served as the head of WHO for 10 years was placed by CCP to change the organization from within. Originally, WHO was planning to place Mr Shigeru Omi as the head but CCP kicked him out, using the votes from African nations.
Chan is pro-CCP and changed the rules and regulation at WHO to suit CCP's needs.
One such thing she did was "to ban naming the original location of where a virus started spreading"; she reasoned that this is "discriminatory" …a typical of Communists.
Chan, however, never applied her new rule to Ebola, Lassa or Marburg, etc. (these are all locations where the virus started spreading).
Her new rule was aimed to protect China for SARS-CoV, original MERS and SARS-CoV2/COVID-19 are all from China.
CCP military bio-labs in Guangdong and Wuhan are the sources of SARS et al.
e.g. Tedros Adhanom, the current head of WHO, is an Ethiopian Communist Party member; he is a puppet of CCP. (ck it all out)


Mar 3, 2020, 9:29 am Reply

Not that it is a major concern of, just an FYI… Trying to get the word out, but I'm "blocked" at every corner. My Twitter account was suspended by the Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan. Here is the "horrible" threatening post. Notice the Governor takes offence that I point out that he should choke on the money he gets for selling out the Citizens of Maryland…specifically me. Ergo, the Governor validates he takes money for selling out Citizens because he MUST have this money to choke on…right? Go ahead and TRY and make my statement false. Also I am not suicidal in case some of his lackey Mason buddies wanna cut me from ear to ear or whatever. FYI Governor Larry Hogan. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Hke5HKovo4cxH3xR7

Noah Chisha

Mar 3, 2020, 9:30 am Reply



Mar 3, 2020, 9:39 am Reply

If Walgreen's, CVS, and Target want to help then they need to make their website stores have adequate supplies of what we need like cleaning essentials and TP! I went onto Walgreen's and there was NOT ONE package of TP or wipes available!

Mark Gazel

Mar 3, 2020, 9:47 am Reply

Hi Mr President Donald Trump try putting those who are Infected Corona Virus in the Suana or Steam Bath because the Virus will dies when the Heat is On.

Build a big Steam and Suana.

To the World also try nothing to Loose.
God Bless You All.

Fiona Henry

Mar 3, 2020, 9:50 am Reply

how come this media or action isnt done for the other viruses that sweep the country every year.. like influenza measles and the like all spread at the touch or sneeze thousands die from it. yet you dont get this sort of mad hysteria about that. this feels like media madness trying to take out trump . can bet the world this virus was released intentionally and the demoncraps are behind it all.

AChickenOna Beach

Mar 3, 2020, 9:51 am Reply

Pretty incredible indeed incredible bad

Summer Rain

Mar 3, 2020, 10:00 am Reply

We love you, President Trump, and thank you tremendously for closing borders in January even while the evil Demonrats were trying to fake impeach you with a failed coup d'etat. You spoke about the coronavirus during your State of the Union address & Nancy Pelosi did not care as she tore up your excellent SOTU address. Shame on Pelosi & Schiff & Schumer & Omar & AOC & Waters & all those Dems & RINOS who have tried to hurt our great President & We The People during this challenging time. God bless President Trump & VP Pence & their families & God bless America & the world. ❤💙🙏🌺


Mar 3, 2020, 10:03 am Reply

8,500,000 dead in China. Keep on drinking the bat soup!!


Mar 3, 2020, 10:14 am Reply

You did great – but you need to arrest Schiff and thugs.

Scott Norris

Mar 3, 2020, 10:15 am Reply

SCHOOOOL IS OUT FOR SUMMER. Opps, I meant Caronavirus.

Scott Norris

Mar 3, 2020, 10:25 am Reply

From 3 years of false impeachment trial to National Emergency. Stay strong Mr. President. Stay Strong. Get rest when necessary. You have a right to a day off, just as the rest of us do. Nobody, can function properly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Fiona Henry

Mar 3, 2020, 10:31 am Reply

media always trying to trap the president with their snake like questions. they are so gross

kadaral hofelten

Mar 3, 2020, 10:33 am Reply

All International flights across the world should be suspended for at least 30 days,

Neoma Henry

Mar 3, 2020, 10:58 am Reply

All i know is right keep the Dr with you not one single American could handle any sickening part of the left standing up to pretend they're would do any thing for the public. That this year we know the left does not like the American people they just like making sure they get that money and that you do not.

keyman keys

Mar 3, 2020, 11:01 am Reply

Don't eat at buffets where everyone handles the same utensils .


Mar 3, 2020, 11:07 am Reply

Where are they now presents: The 'I Didn't Do It' boy

Griffith Harland

Mar 3, 2020, 11:15 am Reply

"To all those None Smokers? Which will Kill you First 'Second Hand Smoke or Second Hand Air-Conditioning? Smoke in the Fresh Air and deny both."

Al T

Mar 3, 2020, 11:15 am Reply

It's all President Trump's fault, but I digress.   Why didn't he have emergency preparedness plan implemented after that Spanish Flu pandemic Jan 1918 thru 1920 that infected approx.. 27% of the world population (500 mil (1.8 billion total pop) death toll of 17-50 mil, maybe even up to 100 mil.  It knocked approx. 12 years life span off those folks back in that day.   Golly ggg George (WMD, must of fogged the brain), let's not forget how 2004 for SARS, AVIAN: 2008, SWINE: 2009/2010, MERS: 2012, EBOLA: 2014, ZIKA: 2016 (all slipped by cause Obama was to busy destroying the republic (drop mic), he and his coconspirators master minding a coup against Pres Trump while spying on him), EBOLA part deux: 2018 and CORONA: 2020 – notice a pattern, all election years.   Oh, 1981 when AIDS and it's causes was first recognized by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there ya go Pres Trump wasn't thinking on his feet again.  Sounds like we need to grow the government even more Pres Trump, we need more of the best and brightest.   I've left a few out over the years since1918; hey,  jumping under a school desk in case a scary mushroom cloud back in the 70's was a good plan.  100 years late though and here we are, but I digress again.  I'm sure the present day best and brightest will tell us how many years it's gonna knock off our lifespan.  (Disclaimer:  This post isn't intended to harm or offend anyone, it's for educational purposes only; as well as, protected under the 1st Amendment)

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