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Pio’s $225K Chain from Floyd Mayweather & DJ Khaled’s Fav Shop, Pristine Jewelers | Excess w/ Pio

(upbeat piano music) – Hi, it’s your boy Pio. We’re here with Excess and BET where we check out really cool shit. Today, we in Pristine Jewelers. I’m ’bout to upgrade my bling. Come see. Sup my brother? How’re you?
– What’s going on? My name is Avi, I’m one of the
owners of Pristine Jewelers. Pristine Jewelers have been
around for the last four years. Let me see this. Man, you gotta take this
off, this for babies. You’re a grown man, you
gotta have something bigger. You gotta have something iced– – Okay you got a big one for me? – Yeah I got something bigger for you. – Okay, let’s get it. – We deal with people like
Meek Mill, Fat Joe, Cardi B. We did her engagement ring
that Offset from Migos bought. Then we did, also, the legendary
Nas Queensbridge piece. – Oh shit.
– Can you handle this? This weights more than you do. – Let me see, let me see, let me see. – [Avi] You sure?
– Yeah, let me see. – [Avi] This is all VS diamonds. Yellow, white, and rose tri-color. (Pio laughs) – Shit. – You okay? – I’m okay, I’m okay. Oh my god. – Hold on, you gotta
take this one off first. This is Pristine diamonds right here. This is Pristine jewelry,
can’t have this play play. Where’s the garbage? – What you mean?
– Throw it in the garbage. I got a really nice watch for
you, let me see your wrist. Okay. – I don’t got nothing. – Wow, you got a baby’s wrist. – I’m not baby wrist. – [Avi] How about these? – I need this, that one. – This, can you pay for this?
– Yeah, that one. – Man, I told you, you see,
you don’t listen to me. Look how big it is,
look, look how big it is. – Put it right here. – Put it right there?
– Yeah. – How about we put a couple? – How much is for this? – This is 150,000. The watch has over 3,000 stones. One person sets each diamonds
one by one by one by one. Can you afford 150,000? – Yeah.
– Are you sure? – I got a lot of money, what you mean? I got a lot of money, I’m rich. – This was sold to DJ Khaled. – Biggest jeweler in the game, Pristine, is where I buy all my jewelry. – And this was sold to DJ Khaled. – You know I don’t know
how to say jewelry right so y’all can make fun
of that all you want. – And actually, this
was sold to DJ Khaled. DJ Khaled also bought
the same one for Jay Z. – Feels great man, you know we came to buy some more gifts for the team. – He bought a watch for Drake. – More watches for the
team, I got a big team. – And he bought a watch for Asahd. – For the little guy? – For the little one, yeah, he
got more bling bling than you and he’s only a year and a half years old. – That’s good, that’s fine. How long do you think
for something like this? – To make this? I can do a piece in 24
hours but in order for it to come out right with
quality the Pristine way, a week’s time is the best way of doing it for it to come out right. – Okay. – If you want a cheapy choppy job, we do it for you in 24 hours. You want a cheapy choppy job? – No, no, I want expensive, no cheapy. – You want an expensive job?
– Yeah. – Then you wait one week. – Okay.
– Okay. – Never cheapy. – Never choppy. – No never choppy. – I like that. – What’s the most expensive
piece you’ve made? – What the most expensive
piece I ever made? – Yeah. – We did a royal crown for one of the princesses from Saudi Arabia. They got diamonds going all the way around and then the tiara, it’s called the tiara, becomes a necklace with diamonds. The crown cost $7.5 million dollars it took about a year and a half to make. – Pristine Jewelers, Avi right here. All this stuff right here,
I bought for my nephew. – We do a lot of Floyd Mayweather’s stuff. I actually got one of his rings that he has to pick up
here if you wanna see it. This is a 65 karat yellow
and this is a 30 karat round. It’s about finding the perfect stone and Floyd Mayweather is
one of those kind of guys where he wants the best and the best of the best so these two are his rings. The rings actually took
me about a month to make but it took me about a
year to find each stone. – Let me see. Not here, not here. It’s here, what’s up? So I have one question for you. How much is it for this, for the two? How much is it? – You sure?
– Yeah, just one question. – Can I see the black card? – Don’t worry about it. Tell me, how much is this? – This one is $3.5 million
and this is $2.5 million. (upbeat music)

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