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Pinoy Immigrant in Canada – Day 3 – Apartment Lookup and more walking

hi I said Leah well so this is our
breakfast for today we have finally a bacon and fresh milk and also beans this
is mine ok so this is Jayden hi Jayden what is your food Blithe bread egg bacon with cheese that’s Lynneth when we sit hear near the park so over there is the tidal bore area tidal bore viewing area so that’s my wife our itinerary for today
first thing is we are going to Enterprise car rental we will try to rent a car because it’s raining
hopefully they have available car booking online
so hopefully there is no hassle right now we have card right now we are looking for other apartment option because there’s no assurance on the first apartment we viewed so after which we will go around the area familiarize the area it is possible to go around the whole city of Moncton for only 1 day it’s a small city with less traffic it’s a nice city What is Sunshine eating? okay after that we are going to the mall we are going to Walmart to see if there’s some Filipinos so far the Filipinos we met were in the apartment building ate Lucy and Lito from Laoag somewhere from Luzon somewhere from Luzon hopefully we will meet a lot of Filipinos yesterday the missionaries called we will meet them on Sunday Last November we stayed in Greenleaf Hotel in Gensan their bacon per order – but here it’s unlimited we went to the mall the other day the meat products are really affordable after months or years Blithe will really gain weight kamalii Oh our third day in Moncton area and we are
looking for apartment so this time we have three apartment viewing so this is our first it’s a nice apartment we were not able to take a video inside the apartment but
hopefully we can decide later this afternoon I will choose this one
so it’s near the school and the hospital is over there we will try to walk going to the school so see how far it is. Is it their school? so we tried to walk towards the school
where they going to study okay shine faster okay so this is a nice
place to live it’s pretty quiet there’s no one walking on the street. Only us. That’s the Moncton Hospital. The school is on the other side. That’s Iya. Hi Iya. huh so from the apartment this is the Moncton Hospital. Very big. ginormous Very near the hospital. Maybe we will consider that apartment. It’s 875 including heat and water including air conditioning. No only heater yes We will only rent. We are not capable of buying. Maybe after three years or five. It’s nice. Oh It’s very near. faster faster Blithe walk faster. I think we take the longer route. We should go the other way. It’s not a school bus. It’s an employee’s bus. we’re going to the school. The apartment owner said that they have other Filipino tenants. Ok so. The kids are tired. That’s the school. Queen Elizabeth school. Less than one kilometer from the apartment. That’s our first stop with our apartment viewing. Right now we’re going to the next stop. at 104 Katherine Avenue. It’s more expensive because it’s 1000.
But we will check maybe it’s very nice. So this is the school. Queen
Elizabeth school. What happen to you Iya? okay so we decided to walk going to our second apartment since it’s only one point six
kilometers from the school we still have enough time. 30 minutes to go but the walking time is only 20 minutes so we have 10
minutes to spare downside is the kids are already tired sunshine don’t want to walk one anyways oh wait for us. We will cross the street together. Iya run. Wait Iya. We will pass by again the Moncton hospital it seems we just went around on the other side We are in the back of the hospital earlier. As you can see there’s a lot of cars. It’s bigger than MMC. No SPMC MMC in Gensan. It is bigger than the SPMC in Davao. Yes it’s bigger. okay one thing we noticed as we walked around, there’s no trash on the sidewalk. It’s very clean. It’s very clean. It’s very clean. Blithe what do you that one? Other thing I noticed is the houses have enough space apart. They have also pathway. where you can walk so have enough walkway How do you call this one? Pathway? I was talking earlier but I was not able to record it. Ok. The driver stops at the crossing even though there’s no other car or no pedestrian in the crossing they will stop I haven’t done it in the Philippines So far, we haven’t seen any Filipinos yet. I think that’s the one, one near the car. In the corner. we are almost there so we’re almost there in the apartment If we will stay here , where’s the school? Hey Iya. You can do it. Go go go. Ok we will eat. Do not murmur. I have biscuit here. Do you want? See? the car stops. even there’s no one around 2 blocks more. Ok so this is the dilemma if you don’t have a car the rain pours suddenly. We are now under the tree. We don’t have a car. What we will do? Help…. we already called the taxi the good side of this apartment is, it’s very near the park. It’s also very near the school. yeah okay so where is the taxi? so this is this is our life okay so that’s it I just came from the 3rd apartment It’s not safe for the kids because it’s a busy street. It’s also far from the school. there’s no enough parking space it’s not best for us right now I’m here in King Street in Moncton. It’s so quite. People are not used of walking here because they have cars. but the area is so nice, clean, no hassle that’s the maple tree


Nancy G

Aug 8, 2018, 5:25 pm Reply

Na visualize nako ang gilakawan sa ako daughter dinhi sa inyo video sir, naka lahi lang kay siya lang isa walay kaistorya walking around moncton

Mikel Eugenio

Aug 8, 2018, 6:18 am Reply

Awesome video… hope you subscribe back to my channel.. thanks

noel jotojot

Jan 1, 2019, 12:37 pm Reply

Hi guys I am with family of 7 and we will be landing in Moncton sometimes in first of first week of April 2019. Bisaya ko pero gi english lang nako kay dili kasabot akong asawa ug mga anak, sorry for that. I hope you can shed me info like I am looking for 4 bedroom house and how much it cost monthly. I will be searching works available in and around Moncton area or somewhere near the area. Salamat.

Dong Koy

Mar 3, 2019, 9:36 am Reply

sarap ng breakfast nyu po. lamia sa inyu foods oi. nindot kaayu inyu lugar. your place is very nice. bro alam mo na bakit andito ako. pahila pataas. nagawa ko na po lahat. pag #960 ako . keep in touch buhay canada

Ghei Canon

Apr 4, 2019, 10:26 pm Reply

Hello po Kuya Fritz, I've been watching your videos for a couple of days now. I'm so glad my bf found your channel. We are looking for a place in Moncton, we are looking forward and excited to move there soon to experience the East Coast life.

Freya Moira

Apr 4, 2019, 2:27 am Reply

kuya unsa nga consultacy n ung gi applyan? gplan unta pud ko mg migrate soon. pls reply. thank u!

bruno onurb

Jul 7, 2019, 10:40 am Reply

ano pathway or visa ang apply ninyo?

Tajedar Hussain

Aug 8, 2019, 11:49 am Reply

There many peoples like your video and get more info in order to to prepare for their landing and experience in canada
So please make video in English too,

It’s great and I always check your latest video

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