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Phuket Life Travel Guide #6 How to rent house in PHUKET.

Hi I am a Toto dad who going to live in Phuket. Now I am going to rent a house. I came to Phuket one week early I already look around about a month last January. I’m going to rent a house because my child international school open 26th My wife and son decided to come a week later i have a duty to rent a house within a week. I don’t know if I can sign a house in a week. Here is detached housing complex Near central phuket and King Power This place is called CHAOFAH2 Luckily no rain and no sunshine I’m on a motor bike. Zaopa is a detached house complex. I love it, but it’s already occupied Clean house with good garden and flowers This house is my favorite style also There are already living someone too I like the house that have a spacious yard I’ve been running for about more than three hours No results Good houses are full I look around All of house here by motorcycle. Alley to alley there is no vacant house which one i want to. Even if it is an empty house there are only sales no rent I’ve called some rented houses A bad house is too expensive. 15,000b/month Now i Realize There’s no place to rent in ChaoFAH Older than Zaopa, but I’m going to Suan Luang I am now alone without a real estate agent. I am riding a motorcycle. I have a duty to contract a house in a week. Please support all of you If you fail the rental agreement, I will buy you a condo. Live a month and learn about rent slowly I would like to rent it within one week if possible. Zaopa 2 is a new building than Suan Luang. It feels well organized There is no suitable house. Narrow, unfavorable houses are expensive Turn left while looking at King Power Suan Luang is visible. Phuket is on the left side of the road, so be careful. There are many mistakes that go to the other side. You must always concentrate KEEP LEFT Arrive Suan Luang When I came here in January Zaopa was written in English so it was easy to find Suan Luang is hard to find because it is written in Thai NAVIGATION Exact Name PHUKET Villa SuanLuang A little bit old. This is the house I saw six months ago. It’s a big house. It seems that people live now. The price wasn’t too expensive for the size 23,000B A very large house I’m not renting now. I could have rented this house if possible. This house is also available for rent 6 months ago 15,000B I loved the price range and liked it perfectly I don’t know much about feng shui, but it feels good House where garden parking lot and neighboring spaces use well I couldn’t sign a contract six months ago. Very sad On the first day, I found a favorite house. I’ll call the phone number later. The first impression of this house is not very good Unlike the view, the yard is spacious. maybe i can succeed on the first day, not a week … Price is matters. This place is the entrance .. When I look at the entrance, I feel a bit frustrated Surprisingly, the garden is very spacious I’ll climb up the wall The garden is very large If they don’t know who am i, misunderstanding me for a thief I think I should go down quickly The house is big too. I’ll call the agency and asking terms and price I’ll see you on the other side I shouldn’t ride on the wall ^^ Big coconut tree also one bonus I’ll go over the wall once more Oh look just when you see the entrance. The house that feels very good when viewed from inside Three rooms I think there are air conditioners in every room 3 outdoor units Probably four air conditioners including in the living room Let’s take a look outside. There is usually a satellite antenna I have to watch satellite TV too. I love this house. I have a feeling After all the price problem It’s frustrating when I look outside because of the wall Best house from inside A sense of stability by covering the garden with a wall I like it. Let’s call House In Phuket

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