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Phone Scam: Apartment Manteinance

we have a phone scam here on the mojo in the morning show right now we are pulling out a classic phone scam one of my favorites and this is the phone scam where spike calls the guy up to make him think that he is the apartment maintenance guy and that he is inside of his apartment going through all of his stuff that’s now crazy it goes when he thinks I’m going through his apartment snooping through all his things take a listen to the Mojo in the morning phone scams hey Barry it’s Nick roomate from the apartment complex I’m in your apartment and I just checked out the water heater great yeah it’s just a circuit thing and you know we want to apologize for the problems but we got all fixed now it’s working fine great great question for you though yeah you you have a dresser in the back bedroom it’s the tall one it doesn’t really match the rest of the furniture is that is that for sale by any chance no it’s not for sale what did the water heater need oh just a little rewiring it’s all fixed up now is just a circuit problem but it’s all fixed now whoa what the hell are you doing in my bedroom I had to throw my shirt in the washer I got some grease on the sleeve so I just throw it in I hope you don’t mind yeah I mind I mean you’re supposed to be in there facing my water heater not in my bedroom the water heaters not even where near my bedroom yeah well I don’t live on-site and I don’t have a washer/dryer anywhere nearby so I just wanted to use yours and just cleaning my shirt I just had to take my shirt off and throw it in your dryer so I I’ll be out of here in like 15 minutes yeah well you need to get your shirt yeah I’m getting out of here now and just I’ll get the shirt and I’ll be on my way yeah okay great okay thanks thanks Barry hello hey Barry its Nick again from the apartment maintenance yeah Nick I you have some cashew chicken here in the fridge how old is that now you’re my fridge yeah I just I saw the cashew chicken here and I just wondering if you mind if I have some oh hell yeah I mind I thought you were done and you were leaving yeah I’m just waiting for my shirt it’s still in the dryer so I just wanted to try and you know you know get some lunch get some lunch what’s that now just a diet coke now you’re drinking my coke I mean well you know what’s your supervisors name I’m sorry you know I’m sorry that’s I guess it’s kinda out of line can I just finish this because if I put it back in the fridge it’s gonna go flat you know what why don’t you take the coke with you and get this out of my apartment okay I’m sorry I’m gonna get my shirt and I’ll be out of here damn right you’re sorry go all right sorry Barry Thanks Yello hi Barry I was walking out the door swear to God and I want to tell you your mother-in-law called and she said she can’t watch Jeff and Tyler until eight o’clock on Friday yeah you’re answering my phone no God Almighty can you hang on that’s the other line hang on sir my apartment supposed to fix the water heater he’s been in my bedroom eating my food drinking my coke man this guy’s nuts guys frickin nuts hey Barry get out of my apartment okay I just I just got this guy on the other line and I well don’t answer it okay hold on okay Barry I got rid of the sales guy for you this is the cutest picture you and the man who’s the hot girl you got with you there’s a picture here on the mantle is a beautiful woman with you is that like your girlfriend yeah that’s my girlfriend you know what I tell you what what’s the name of your supervisor because this is both oh no reason for the attitude I fixed your water heater I mean yeah but you’ve been through Mike the whole simple thank you would be nice or something no what do you mean it thank you I mean you’ve traipse through my whole apartment you’ve eaten my chicken you’ve taken my diet cokes get the other okay you need to leave yeah okay well can I can I just give you I’ll give you then a number if you have any problems with the water heater again you know I wouldn’t okay but first I just got to tell you one more thing while I got you in a line that’s that you’ve been the victim of a mojo in the morning phone scam you’ve been phone scam you had the water heater being worked on today and she put us up to it he’s gonna get her tonight Harry can you hold on you’re home with the phone’s gams this is mojo in the morning

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