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Periodic Trends in Properties of Elements – Periodic table – Chemistry Class 11

Do subscribe to Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest engineering HSC and IIT JEE main and advanced videos now we are going to do what is periodic trends in the properties of elements so before understanding there let us let me tell you that there are periodic tests that are based on when we go according to the group of any who according to the periods this kind of change that we observe is the properties of the elements will be known as a periodic times in the properties of elements but what are the properties of the elements let us talk about that also so now we are going to talk about the properties of the element that it changes according to the group or according to the period that is being followed through so first so for talking about the first thing that we are going to talk about then what are the properties and those properties are talking about the first one the first property is atomic size so atomic size is the property which is nothing but it is defined as the distance between the nucleus and the outermost valence shell containing an electron so that is known as the atomic number atomic size so this atomic size or this property of an element also changes accordingly also changes according to depend when we come to a particular group or when we go through a particular period there is from left to right so this is the first property that has enough product n so document for the next one the next is nothing but ionic size similar to that of the atomic size it is nothing but the difference with the distance between the nucleus and the outermost electron or the outermost valence shell of and I that contains an electron but in case of the both that they have the differences because atom is for atomic size is for an atom by ionic size is for and I am and that can be cut and also that can be NN also so mundos the next one the next properties analyzation and something again this is the property that has a trend when it comes to the periodic table so this also changes with when we go through left to right or when we go through up to down before observing a particular kind of an elements in that group or in that period so what is ionization enthalpy it is nothing but the energy required to remove the electron from the outermost or be dolphin Adam so this is known as ionization that pain we are going to do it deep analysis or deep theory about each and every property but let me tell you that what is actually the puritans in properties of elements so talking about the third one the third one we have open that we have it is known as electron game enthalpy so electron Nina the P is nothing that the energy that please when an electron is been accepted by an atom or by an ion so the amount of energy that has been released is nothing known as a tone gain enthalpy as the name suggests that the while accepting or by gaining an electron there will be an impact machine so that is known as electron Givens helping and talking about the last one that is electronegativity so what is actually a productivity electronegativity is nothing but the tendency of an atom to acquire or to accept an electron from another atom so that is known as or accept an electron which is premise to it so this is known as the electronic three talking about electronegativity fluorine is the one which is having a most on highest electronegativity in the whole periodic table so therefore this is electron I agree and this all are the basically the trends we can see the trend in this kind of properties of the element in the periodic table but talking about the last row that we have that is it is nothing but the valency even valency is the one property which changes maybe when we are talking about a group or maybe I’m talking the trend in periods so this are the properties that we are going to talk about so thank you friends for watching this video I hope you have understood that these are the properties that will change according to the group or according to the period when we are looking toward the hole series of the elements present in a particular period or present in particular coop so thank your friends for watching this you know I hope you have liked this video and you share this with your friends and it’s don’t forget to subscribe we get us in thank you so much


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