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People Finding Secret Hidden Rooms In Their Homes !

Imagine finding a secret room in your house. Well a lot of people do and we’re gonna look at those people Let’s go exploring when we first moved in. I like the curtains by the way It’s better than all the way and I looked out the window and and she’s been scooting me as you can see it’s a normal yard with a screen and Roof, and they have a going on. What is that roof right there? Why is there a brief? Like there’s all the way. Yeah. I’m actually kind of curious. I love this as it came over here, okay But I popped a hole in the wall, okay But I don’t understand why would somebody make a room and then cover it up by a wall What are they trying to hide there better be treasure in this video or I’m gonna I’m gonna be mad Okay Little Secret room he made a single room for his son best dad ever That is so cool I’ve always wanted like a secret room like a secret hideout or like a tree house and I never got either Okay, maybe one day I should build one and be cool. Okay. Let’s see. What’s in here Best dad ever. Wow, this is amazing. I’ve never been so jealous in my life I’m happy for the kid, but I also want one of these That may be so excited to see the rest of them so this guy’s giving us a tour of his new apartment until he finds Something he didn’t expect here’s the apartments I moved into last week. Okay, nice apartment Do it all pretty nice rent was pretty cheap So I moved into that even viewing the place we moved in without even viewing the place. That is some risky business So you put a lot of faith in that I guess he said the rent was cheap He’s like I don’t even care like it. Was that cheap. I couldn’t just move into somewhere. What if there was Or what if there was? Ghosts or what if there’s a secret dungeon 3d old building really high ceilings Okay, like a 19th century monastery in the middle of England. So you come on through here guys. It’s mirrors everywhere Hello, because mirrors make a place look bigger I like Marissa Mayer is like let a lot of life into place to like it makes it place a bigger like I’m a I’m A fan of having mirrors Edward and then also you got to check out your alpha and you’re like who dressed me today? Like what am I wearing or you can be like outfit complete closet space? All the usual stuff. Okay. Got a pretty steep staircase leading up to the bedroom The bedroom is on a mezzanine. It was pretty small. I was pretty disappointed with the bedroom, honestly I’m okay with staircases, but leading to a bedroom being half asleep and stairs. Do not mix like, you know many times I’m going to tumble down that low stairs No, I need to be fully awake before I tackle stairs pretty small can’t even stand up book. Kick It’s like a loft. I kind of like it. It feels like I’m really weird mirrors on a roof, but I guess there’s groan I don’t like doesn’t need a bunk bed in his life. It’s pretty interesting. Watch out, you know fall out of bed And kill yourself then what is that? Stephanie handle it looks like a handle dude. So I figured you know bit of underfloor storage Let’s lift it up Users beware guys, I’m pretty deep – I had enough torch on top – camera see he’s thinking he’s thinking you I want to see this. I’m expecting treasure Okay honest, it looks a little creepy What I did this alone No, call me a scaredy-cat all you want I am Just owns an old brickwork, this is so cool And kind of discussing this room on the bright side underneath my apartment Is this safe like what if this Colossus? See CFC, okay Sure. I don’t know that means looks like this window has been pretty tough Well, they just spew we don’t somebody used to live down here Break seats. Hey, you know what? I think he should do guys I think he should like remodel it, you know, like make it all clean Like put nice walls up and like have like a secret hideaway and then he gets so much more living space Like his square footage is doubled. Hello. Oh, it’s just a doorknob. I thought it was a creepy doll A lot of space out here. This is literally bigger than his apartment, dude You got to make this all your apartment got a do it I got a next one guys that one lived in our home for 28 years what 8 years recently we discovered We love our home, but recently we discovered a little bit of a problem. What what’s the problem? We don’t like problems Here it has been you know, we do with problems I’m joking. Whoa. Am I in our back porch? That’s a Ford put flagstone, dude Killing me. It started up here but a month ago. I was a hole just starting to appear out of nowhere and we Worked it took the flagstone off And this is what we have found Okay this hole Okay, okay. Okay, okay That’s scary that’s dangerous you could fall down there that’s cavern What that’s 16 feet deep. What could you even do with that? Like nothing. This is where I keep on my exploit guys I’m joking by though. I mean I say these things please don’t take them seriously I would never store my ex-boyfriends in a in a dish I always try to be saying a good recipe Oh, we figure it was a well from 6070 years ago well, we’re not sure that’s the craziest thing we’ve ever seen that probably was a well that does the only thing that makes sense like Why would you need anything? This deep wells scare me because scary movies we uncovered it And it’s gonna be filled with what probably blink dark. I really can be fastened like this I can’t you make something cool out of it. I think it’s such a waste not to It’s also dangerous not to always not assume. What’s in your backyard. All right, he’s like really annoyed I didn’t like more like intrigued me hmm Oh Leon 7 News secret passages hidden wires secret passageways hidden buyers Matches this Denver Hall booby trap perhaps by a local mobster. These people’s house has been booby-trapped Doing a very simple home remodeling project damn first. We couldn’t trust people now. We can’t even trust our own houses. What is white when Alan takes us inside a Denver crime families secret hideaway Oh, Like you literally moved into somebody secret hideaway. These people are living in a movie Okay, like this can’t be real life, but it is on the outside It may look like any other historic home in this North Denver neighborhood This is the basement. But inside Wow, the secrets of the gangster’s paradise Here goes nothing are flying revealed. There was a Full wall here when Matt Feeny bought his 1891 Victorian on Osage Street It needed some TLC. So he started to knock out the walls and the walls Started to talk. So house. We’re knocking it out Hitting it right here. We’re smelling matches as if they’ve you know being constantly lit Feeny says buried in plaster He discovered a row of matches. That’s so dangerous. They over set off the traps it was got back sack by their own house and it led to These canvas packets taped up against the wall matches fuses Newspapers Feeny feels his new residence was rigged. So you think this house was booby-trapped I do I think that might have just been a way for them to Quickly make a distraction. He hasn’t found any evidence of foul play only photos and letters and a bottle of poison That’s cool. If only these walls could really talk once this man found a bottle of poison Man, oh man. Oh man this got real real quick. That’s a big hole in the ground. He’s walking so close to it Dude, be careful My car parts on their front front driveway. I went to reverse out as I did Crumbling Front tire imagine this whole car just like fell through like Schramm Karen on reverse now and all of a sudden the car jolted forward And I’ve got some real resistance. So I really put my foot down reversed out Yeah, then go out the car and checked and this hole had just opened up in the front garden Well, isn’t that terrifying some of the slaps out of the way in investigate? We actually found that Hey guys, it’s ready to go down the ladder cuz I am so yeah, the actual shelter itself is 10 feet down so It was completely filled up with mud to about here But we’ve we’ve managed to dig it down 5 5 feet so far you can see five of the wrongs this dude is Ready for the zombie apocalypse like ready like no one else is like I need a shelter You could never be too prepared for life. So this is the actual shelter itself Um, obviously the main room where the ladder comes down But then this is the actual part I guess where they used to go when the bombs were dropping so When the sirens went off they’d run down the ladder into the safe room down there You can see the height of it. There is 10 feet down So that’s how low I need to get this room, but let’s get in there. I’m not even joking He need to stop that up with food like hand food Obviously because that lasts forever any stock put up with canned food and then if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse We know where to go. Okay. I hope here’s enough room for odd. Ozzie Landers. Anyways, guys. I hope you enjoyed this video I love you guys so much Stay awesome, Stacey and don’t forget to be nice other


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