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Part 1 Property Profits Redesign of a flat to make rental income

Okay so this is the flat we’re
renovating as you can see, we’ve chipped the plaster off the wall, the reason for that
is there was a little bit of a damp issue several things were happening
first of all there was a leaky pipe outside and there was a
drain pipe and it was full of debris, and of course the debris meant the water did not run away, and because the water didn’t run away it went into the walls instead. So what
you’re looking at now, is what was water cupboard. The grey pipe at the top is the extractor fan, as I move over to here you’ll see, I’ve taken the wall away and that was previously a bathroom with a toilet a sink and a bath. They’ve been
removed because we need to redo the bathroom from scratch ago we designed
bathroom because we need to maximize space what we’ve done those we’ve kept
the timber for the moment just that just in case we need it. No point in paying
for new timber and that’s perfectly good as you move across to the corner here
see the other parts of the room and the reason we want to make the bathroom bigger
is because where that wardrobe is, we want to be able to fit a double bed so by taking it backwards removing this structure up here, hopefully we should
have some more room. At least that’s the plan at the moment so we round the rest
of the flat, you can see we move out of the bedroom into the main living room,
and in the main living room with these fantastic bay windows, which need a good
cleaning we also have a wall, that needs replastering. Its needs replastering
because as you can see there’s that brown green blacky stuff is mould and
that needs replastering because the outside of that property had dodgy drain
pipes when the lesson here is that if your property owner landlord or even
just a tenant keep your drain pipes clear so the water can runway okay we’re
going to keep the older that’s their bath cut the full of rubbish. We need to
keep fireplace, might do something with that. This is the kitchen strip down to
the basic units let’s extractor fan that stabbing cleared a new kitchen will
going here which will comprise of a wall unit and extractor fan, an another wall unit, and as we bring that around we shall hopefully fix more more units. The sink will stay where is so there will be a new sink, probably, and down the bottom there, there should be a cooker. So thats the flat. Bit of a state when we bought it. Gradually doing it up and in due course, we intend to rent the flat. That’s the
entrance hall, bit of a hotel effect there. Double doors, and that’s the economy
seven heater. For the moment we’ve kept the oven, to see if we can clean it, and if not, we’ll just get a new one. A light fitting.
So I hope that gives you some idea on what the flat looked like yeah just one more
thing to show you. That’s the old water tank now we kept that period simply because we
think it sort of scrap metal Bay every pound helps and I’m not showing you
anything the kitchen sink essentially the moment you can’t live in this flat
he has the electric has but water as the toilets so I guess you could could live
in here if you didn’t mind roughing it but certainly, its not rentable at the moment. I think if I was short of money if I was living on my own I would
certainly make a living here but not something I intend to do at the moment show you
never view of the room and there you go this is a the flat we’re renovating.
Thank you for your time

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