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Parkside Student Residence Tour

Sup guys welcome to an episode of Parkside’s Crib, today I’m gonna take you around, let’s go So we’ve got Peter over here who’s managing security 24/7 Hey! Welcome to Parkside! Let’s go through So, welcome to the cafeteria, over here We have an unlimited dine in meal plan through the academic year Here, you got a whole Bunch of foods to get cereals, fruits salads, vegetables, we’ve got pizzas Let’s take a look around So over here’s my favorite part We’ve got three hot meals through the day Caters to all vegetarians, non vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free There’s a whole variety in range and here we’ve got a menu So there’s a lot for you to eat over here Let’s check out some more stuff Over here, We’ve got our coffee and tea section A whole variety of juices, pops Anything you want you’ve got it Over here Let’s check out the best part of the day When you’re at school and you don’t want to spend money at school on lunch you’ve Got a lunch to go option. Grab a sandwich Grab a yogurt Grab salads Grab fruits You got it You don’t have to spend any extra money How about that Let’s check out the room now We’re gonna take a look at one of the Model suites and what could be your home, let’s go! Home sweet home So this is one of my 2-bedroom 1-bath privates I’ve had a lot of friends that come over here I’ve normally signed in five guests A day and one overnight guest The best part about this entire unit is You get the mattress, bed frame this Couch, coffee table Closet and drawers underneath so there’s just a lot to it. The best part is Wi-Fi, electricity, water all included Unlimited Netflix and gaming that’s what I’m talking about So I mean if you don’t want to be wait-listed and you want a Nice home this is the place this is the spot Let’s check out some of the amenities So now if it’s 2 in the morning, we’re going to check on one Of our community kitchens where you can whip up something quick and fast Second favorite part of the building The kitchen I love coming here at 2 in the morning and whipping up something to eat Because it’s 24/7. You can store things Wherever you want so I tend keep My Iced Tea in the fridge You can eat, relax, chill And there’s something Different on each floor of the building So this one has a kitchen A higher floor Has meditation lounge, study lounge, TV lounge Poker room, a woman’s only gym How cool is that Best part is during the summer and fall We’ve got a patio and BBQ Grill It’s been raining today but on a nice warm sunny day You can come chill on the patio And relax Everything’s included in what you pay for That’s the best part So now I’m going to go to the second floor and check out some of our 24/7 Amenities. The gym, study lounge, everything possible That’s where you can find me half the time Welcome to the second floor all our amenities over here 24/7 We’ve got all our offices here mom’s favorite place is the laundry room So I’m going to show that to you first We’re going to make a quick pit stop Mail room! Mail comes here if it’s anything larger from anywhere It comes downstairs to the service desk We store it for five days But my mom’s favorite room is this room right here So we’ve got two laundry units one on this floor and one on the ninth floor It’s about $4.00CAD a load $2.25 CAD for washing $1.75 CAD for drying We’ll give you a coinmatic card Where you can just reload money and just bring your Own laundry detergent. As I said 24/7 security, so your stuff is Going to be safe Welcome to our gym the gym is open 24/7 this is where I Spent all my days at Parkside We’ve got basic cardio machines We’ve got basic free weights We’ve got a basic calisthenic bar also Let’s see if I can do a pull-up right now I’ve got my workout I’m done for the day If your knowledge on fitness is limited we do have fitness on-demand videos where you Can do yoga, P90x, high intensity, spin cycling classes or if you’re a trainer You can train your friends I mean it’s pretty awesome for what you get over here Let’s check out the study box. So in our building, we have a lot of study spaces We have our quiet study space over there Check out our award winning ‘Glassbox’ Take a look So this is our glass box Where we host a lot of events, you can come here Anytime day or night Chill with friends Watch a movie with your earphones on study or do group projects The kind of events we host Are like movie nights, casino night, party night So there is a lot we do in this building Where we create a sense of community A feeling of oneness So you will never feel isolated over here You can always make a friend So, I’m a huge soccer fan and one part about the building and The CA team is they did a FIFA World Cup bracket Yes! And we’re also pride proud So we set up our pillars with pride colors and is of All information if you’re wondering about pride It’s history With the events that are coming up It’s pretty awesome So to my left, we have the resident life office and that’s basically HQ for the CA’s A ‘CA’ is someone who is a student and a resident that lives in the building And there’s a CA on every floor to look after you in case you have any needs, need any help with anything or just questions about the building or if you want to plan an event If you have a have a leasing question You come bug me So now September’s around the corner and if you have a leasing question you can Definitely reach out to me and you can find me in this office This is where our leasing team is and we’re gonna be Super Busy Super packed The best part about applying to Parkside is We don’t waitlist any students So if you want to create a home If you want this to be your home Make it your home Act fast Call us at +1 416-977-8000


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Awesome!!! I'm going to there in the middle of 2019.

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how is the lighting in the bedrooms?

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