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Park West Court Apartments

Knowing that these ladies and these guys
some of them don’t have family and just be able to come in day by day helping them do something and helping
them achieve some of their goals it’s actually I don’t know how to express it
without getting emotional ParkWest Court Apartments is a
residential care facility we have a collaborative interdisciplinary team
approach here where we specialize in person-centered plans for all of our
individuals that live here our team here consists of nurses we have
direct support professionals we have a therapy team here we have Physicians we
have recreational therapy we have a large group of professionals that joined
together in routine it’s very important there’s a whole bunch of different
aspects that go into taking care of our individuals even if it comes down to
dietary medications BSP’s I think it’s great for us to have a good rapport with
the doctors they are phenomenal with our individuals some of our doctors that
come in here and see our individuals on a regular basis once they go out and
obviously we take our individuals also the community go to doctors appointments
also everybody kind of has to work together or it’s not going to flow
properly taken care of all of our individuals making sure they have that
continuity ok if i can put a smile on their face or
make their life a little happier that’s where I get my joy when I see
them than that and that pleases me a lot for the recreation there’s daily
recreation for everybody they have outings the do some pretty big vacations
and I’ve actually have to go on some of them Las Vegas, Niagara Falls we have somebody
who left today for California i took an individual who had never seen the ocean
before and the first time you see it cried I cried it was really emotional so
but he never forgot that he can ask you to go
back after that not only do we specialize in medical services but ParkWest is always buzzing with activity or individuals are always going out and
doing something we went to Cedar Point recently we love to go out in the
community to movies restaurants sporting events it’s a wonderful place to call home

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