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Paris, France – Video tour of a furnished apartment on Rue Cujas (Luxembourg – Latin Quarter)

New York Habitat Video Visit – Furnished Apartment rue Cujas – Luxembourg – Paris, France Welcome to another New York Habitat furnished apartment video tour. This beautiful 1 bedroom apartment is located on rue Cujas. The apartment is in a great location situated between the neighborhood Luxembourg and the Latin Quarter. You can stroll through the massive Luxembourg garden or get lost in a sea of students and trendy boutiques in the Latin Quarter. This furnished apartment is located on the 3rd floor 4th floor in the US of an elevator building. Upon entering the apartment, to the right, is a hallway that leads to the living room and kitchen area. The windows in the living room not only provide a great view of La Sorbonne university but also bring in natural light. The seating area, which includes a sofa bed, chairs, a coffee table and a TV, is the perfect place to relax and watch a DVD. In the living room, you will also find a desk with a computer and Wifi at your disposal. The gas fireplace brings a warm atmosphere to the already bright and beautifully decorated apartment. You can also enjoy meals at the dining table which is situated between the living room and kitchen. The kitchen area has a large countertop and everything necessary to prepare meals during your stay in Paris. The kitchen is also equipped with a fridge, a coffee maker, a stove top, an oven/microwave combo unit and even a dishwasher! Returning to the entryway, there is a walk-in closet where you will find a washer and dryer as well as a place to hang your belongings. The bedroom, equipped with a double size bed, has a view of a small courtyard. In the bedroom you have access to a phone and a TV with many channels to choose from. You will also find a dresser to organize your belongings as well as closet where you can store your suitcase and other personal effects. Just next to the bedroom is a door leading to the bathroom. The bathroom is equipped with a sink and mirror, a bathtub and some storage space. This furnished apartment is well equipped and ideal to have as a home base while in Paris. Now let’s go out and visit the beautiful neighborhood! Coming out of the building, you can’t miss La Sorbonne University. Founded in the 13th century, students at La Sorbonne used Latin as their common language to communicate. This is where the Latin Quarter gets its name. Not far, you will also find the famous Panthéon with its “Tomb of Great Men”. Commissioned by King Louis XV in 1755, the author Victor Hugo was laid to rest here, among many other famous figures. Le musée du Moyen Age Therme and the Hôtel de Clunny date back to the end of the 15th century and are a testament of the seigneurial life of the middle ages. In discovering the history and architecture, you will get a firsthand look at the roots of Paris. Beginning its transformation in 1612, the Luxembourg garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in Paris. You can go for a jog around this 23-acre Parisian paradise or you can relax in the sun near the fountain and take in the architectural beauty of the French senate building. With all its plant life, flower beds and sculptures, the Luxembourg garden is a favorite meeting place for Parisians, students and tourists alike to sit, relax or stroll around. For your next trip to Paris be sure to visit our website at nyhabitat.com where you will find a great selection of furnished apartments not only on rue Cujas but all over the city. Renting a furnished apartment is a great way to visit Paris. Well this ends our video tour of this fantastic neighborhood with its shopping, newspaper stands and easy access to the subway. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you soon in the City of Light!



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Looks so nice. 🙂

New York Habitat

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@cocoapeach Thank you for your comment!
Indeed, this apartment is nice, and is very conveniently located to explore Paris!

Karen Riley

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Gives you a really good idea of what to expect. Thanks!

New York Habitat

Dec 12, 2011, 3:29 pm Reply

@orileyful Thanks a lot for your nice comment! Are you going to Paris anytime soon?

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