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Small Apartments, New Decorating and Furniture Ideas

Hi Guys! Here, in this short video you’ll find beautiful, affordable and smart ideas and tips to decorate and design a small contemporary apartment. It is well-known that most of today’s new apartments have been built on the utility and economical principle, which makes interior design challenging. They are usually small and to create the […]

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Park a Toyota Camper To Avoid Paying Rent in NYC | Carspotting

– So, how do you feel about the East Village changing? (funky music) – Hello and welcome to Carspotting. This week we’re right in the middle of Manhattan, right by Cooper Union. We’re right next to this really big weird building. And you always find interesting cars parked next to this thing for some reason. […]

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Park the car, rent a bike, and see Yosemite Valley at a more leisurely pace

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Independent House Plot Sale Chennai Near Padappai before Oragadam Tambaram Vandalur

Independent House & Plot for sale Chennai Padappai Near 10 laks Contact 09884883555

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Agricultural land for sale in Gummidipoondi

Agricultural land for sale in Gummidipoondi Located in Arampakkam Village Good Road access…. You are now looking That? High Grade Javari Mango Trees Gives That Best annul Income

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Luxury Beachfront Home for sale in Dominican Republic

dominican republic property for sale homes for sale in the dominican republic dominican republic real estate for sale beachfront

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Staging Your Home For Sale

I try to tell people when I first walk in the door “Guess what? You’re not going to like me any more than you do right now because I am going to take your home and turn it into a house for sale and that might not feel comfortable.” This is your home right now […]

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Free LIVE Real Estate Exam Prep Webinar: Property Ownership

Hi this is Joe from PrepAgent and today we’re gonna go over some property ownership questions. You can see me here in my apartment and it’s at night. We’re ready to do this if you have any questions write in the chat and also I’m going to be using questions from our website. if you […]

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Introduction to Intellectual Property: Crash Course IP 1

Hi, I’m Stan Muller. This is Crash Course and today we begin our miniseries on Intellectual Property. Hey, isn’t the entire concept of Intellectual Property illegitimate? I mean, how can we justify locking up the world of science and arts so corporations, publishing houses and other gatekeepers can control what we know and what we […]

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Off Their Trolley: Duo Build World’s Fastest Shopping Cart

CALVIN VANSANT: The most fun thing to do is just drive this thing down the street. COMM: Struggle to fit your grocery shopping into the car? Calvin Vansant and his son-in-law, Brent, might just have what you’re looking for. The Pennsylvanian duo started building the world’s fastest shopping trolley back in 2010. CALVIN VANSANT: We […]

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