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Outlander | Caitriona Balfe Boston Apartment Tour | STARZ

I’m so excited right now, because we’re on
a brand new Season 3 set for Outlander,
– We are. and you’re going to give me
a little tour? Yeah. ♪ This is their living room where all
the living happens. Wonderful,
as you would think. – Oh, what is this?
– Brianna… Brianna is kind of messy. So we have some of Brianna’s
weird creepy toys – Humpty-Dumpty.
– Humpty-Dumpty. How would you describe
Claire’s decorating style? You know in Season 1, one of the things
that Claire always said, was that she
never had a home that she could put
a vase into. So now I think
that she has her home, she is a knick knack
collector. – But this is one
of my favorite things.
– Okay. When Claire comes back
from the hospital, you know, she comes in,
makes herself a nice cocktail. – A nice stiff drink.
– Yeah, stiff drink, unwinds
after a tough day, you know in surgery
and all of that. It’s a stressful job.
You need an outlet. ‘Cause it’s very stressful. I mean, she’s a surgeon
in the 60s, as a woman, it’s pretty amazing. She’s crushing it. We should move
into the study. – So this is the dining room,
or study.
– Okay. When you know, when Frank
is around it’s his study. I was gonna say
there’s lots of books in here. It’s feeling like
a Frank room. Yeah. – Frank’s into his antiquities.
– Yes. Um, you know,
we let him have this room. – Every man should have
a man cave, so-
– Yes. I like it,
I like it a lot. So how are you feeling
about Season 3 and how cool is it
that you get to have a brand new set like this,
that’s just around Claire? It’s been I guess quite interesting
to find how does
this character live when she’s lost
the main love of her life? But, you know,
Claire is a survivor and as we know,she doesn’t
grieve for 20 years. She becomes a surgeon, and she has
a beautiful home with about 20 different shades
of blue in it. – So…
– Now I know that
you’ve been working a lot closer
with Sophie this year. What has it been like for you
to kind of tap into your maternal instincts? It’s been great,
I mean Sophie is amaz- she’s an amazing actress. It’s- I always forget
that she’s so young. Because she’s just
a really smart, so self-possessed girl. and we had such
short space of time to try and accomplished that
at the end of Season 2. So to be able to have
that time this season and really get to know
each other has been really great. They get to know each other
as adults as well. Which is really nice. – I love that.
– Yeah. How are you feeling about
finally reuniting with Sam and sharing those
Claire and Jamie scenes 20 years later? Well I think it’s gonna
be great, you know, I think,
we’ve all been very excited about that part of the story
this season. It’s a unique challenge
as an actor to play a character who lives for 20 years, and then to reconnect
with the person that they knew and try to do that as
different people in many ways, or people with very
different experiences. So, yeah that’s gonna be
interesting. But it’s great, you know, Sam and I, we’ve worked so
closely together for 3 years that it’s been
really strange not having him
around every day. Although it’s meant that
we’ve both had some time off. So I think both of us have
enjoyed that part of it. Talk to me
about Claire’s wardrobe, because we’re going to get to
see so many decades. Yeah, there’s 40s,
there’s 50s, 60s. It was great
fun with Terry. We sort of had a day,
where she had these rails and rails
of clothes. It was like being in the best
vintage shop, ever. – I mean, the 40s stuff, I love.
– Yeah. and 60s is just
super glamorous. You know some of the outfits
I get to wear are just amazing. As we keep saying, that one
might have to fall off the back of the truck, and that one might have to fall
off the back of the trucks. Well, Caitriona thank you so
much for giving me a tour – of your beautiful home.
– Oh, thanks for coming by. I’m so excited for- I’m going to have to make you a
cocktail once they go away. Ah, that would
be amazing, yeah. – That’d be great, you guys gotta
go, get out of here
– All right, bye. Bye-Bye. ♪ ♪♪


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Sophie is such a bad casting choice compared to all the rest that i am TRYING not to let it ruin things. The problem is, Brianna is such a MAJOR character going forward that unless they recast quickly, she's going to spoil the future events with her lameness.

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Does someone know where she got that skirt from?

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