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Outfit Shopping Challenge!!!

Hey guys its Karina! Its Ronald! And we are SIS VS BRO! And today we are doing $100 Outfit Shopping Challenge We already do this video a couple months ago Here is a link to the video if you have not watched it yet BUT this time. We’re gonna buy outfit for each other! Each other!! mmm. Yeah! And I bet Im gonna get the best outfit for Karina! No I will! Nah! No Not happening! Yes happening! And you guys are gonna decide who bought the better outfit in the comment section down below! But you know what else is down there? The subscribe button! So, better click it And the like button 🙂 So we are in the mall and here we are at H&M and we’re gonna go in and see if there’s anything cool for Ronald Let’s go! There’s nothing pretty in the boys section, so maybe I should get him a dress Look at it, looks so pretty! What do you guys think? This will look great on him Now we need to go to justice to get a bay from So guys we are back. We do triage outfits. We are losing overs Funnels [brosky] Santeria you think if you got justice, then I obviously I can see from the back What shit? Yes Again, let’s let’s show [off] these beauties so first of all I got a mini Alright second item I got was Mickey Mouse Sandals move [Saddam] is so sad [for] me Because it looks cute Okay, so the desk I remember for you oh Wow, they’re beautiful. I’m fred my move on my glasses. [oh] wow I’m in love with the movie We want and this is perfect. I love them. Oh We don’t mind what you? Mini-meals sure oh yeah It’s sideways. I’m just joking you didn’t dare it is I guess. I’m trying to cool this Mickey mouse in a mini, Master Michael Yeah, and then enjoy your face Looks beautiful here it is beautiful [ring] this very one Fun man – I been friends a little basil. You don’t wax in the face if you look over here He has a [lot] Finally you get this in okay, [cool] It’s a mini male, and oh my god [El] [reloj] hat and windows the saloon. Don’t you? Remember how my God run over that was amazing on me. Thank you for buying it. It’s amazing [all] you got took me out all right next item The Minnie mouse Backpack oh my God it would come true when you go to school. Yes, you gonna do ya do ya I got some [bacon] Em for Ya better [station] [pen] I got use my head [Mmm] perfect blue Right now I got ripped off stop Spider-Man, Sandra forget it, but it’s perfectly by the man better meds, but I Got something you’ll never suggest to me. I got your big sweat [-] [oh] and this is for your head – Yeah, exactly, they’re pink the clean very unit is a smokin blue w sound like [50] times awareness video watch them – This is gonna be you I have for the rest of this video bring on [the] menu item okay, [and] now I got you that who you I got two shirts you could choose from each and every one of them there’s a Because they come together blooming and jamming All right now you to choose one of them or we’re both. I’m gonna learn both wisely Thank you all right now come the children the children Matter if it was [spending] [ten] minion. I doesn’t mean I’m going to look like a piece of poo from someone but Most don’t fancy. I’m ready for a party and that’s another [spirit], okay [I] stuff so no, I don’t I have for you. It’s amazing. [it’s] perfect for back to school You’re gonna look so hot in [the] class is I? Think that’s Backpack. Oh my God It’s amazing and all right try it on again me – now. It’s time to try it on let’s go We gotta see what do you think one run over eight dollars over the budget and I paid exactly? $100 do I better win come on. I spent eight more dollars I just made because Ronald looks amazing just look at him Yeah, so guys make sure you comment down below and we hope this video is my life But I am will you all next time

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