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hey guys it’s Elena
and Clara from cupcakes surprise toys welcome back to our channel and if you’re
new we’re gonna give you five seconds to subscribe. and be part of the # cupcake squad five four three two one good job guys
now you’re part of the squad so today we’re gonna be doing a highly requested
challenge it’s called the shopping challenge so here’s the shopping
challenge what we each have 100 euro budget and we’re gonna have to buy each
other three outfits I’m gonna be shopping for Clara and I’m gonna shop for Elena.
and remember guys you’re the judges please tell us in the comment
section who’s the better shopper-team Elena or Team clara? I’m kind of nervous because Clara
doesn’t normally pick outfits and I’m not nervous at all because Elena’s a great shopper thank you so much well now let’s hit the shops Elena loves Llama Look how sparkly this is. oh maybe they’ll have some nice stuff in the boys section
look at these shorts they’re so funny I think Elena would love these Batman
slippers a shiny dinosaur top would really suit Elena Look Elena loves the incredibles so
this will be perfect Clara would love this because it’s
fluffy Mickey Minnie shoes awesome Surf’s Up Snoopy Clara would love this
bag pretty good shopping yeah okay try to
get you okay you want to see what I got you ? want to see more of these videos don’t
forget to subscribe it’s free here’s some more fun videos

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