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Our Toronto Apartment Tour

Hello, please come in. Welcome to my home. This is my apartment, so I’ve been living here for three years now and it’s
time for me to actually show you the apartment. So you guys have probably
heard about bunz already in my previous videos but I’m working with them again
today and bunz has just been just a lifesaver for this place. It’s allowed to
be opportunities to furnish my home with the most beautiful things. To the really
nice bunz person, just wanted to let you know that your plant is doing well and
look it’s growing a new baby. So let’s come along to this beautiful
open-concept home. Actually let’s go back to the entryway. So our old place where
Stefan and I used to live, we lived in a house that was split into three
different units and it was messed. So our front door was the sliding glass door at
the back yard so it was not, I don’t think that place was legal but the rent
was cheap. But we didn’t have an entryway closet. So now we have, we put these IKEA hooks in for the doges, for our coats. Here is the very exciting laundry closet
and then this, I have to tell you about this because I feel like this is super
cool so this was an IKEA sink. Girl! This is Reidy. Don’t do that right now girl.
This is where I keep my socks because because it’s close to the shoes. It makes
sense to me because I don’t wear socks any other time and I only wear them as
I’m about to leave the house. This was the perfect width, it was the perfect
depth. We just cut a piece of pine and then we finished it and put it on top
then we go into the kitchen. Counter space is precious. We don’t have much
counter space. We can only fit a microwave in and if I were to put a dish
rack here it would just take up whatever little real-estate that we had. So then
we, this was really scary because you have to buy a specific ceramic tip drill
to drill into tile. We used up this space that would have otherwise not been used and I couldn’t find a dish rack this narrow anyways. So we drilled a hole
into the plastic over here so that any excess water could drip into the sink.
Stef got me this light for Christmas, oh and we have a new friend, hello hi she’s
woken up from her beauty sleep. Our guest feature Star’s here for the week. Okay
but back to our stuff. We cook a lot at home so this kitchen is well loved and
well used. So if you guys saw in my latest video we did a balcony makeover
recently. For two or three years and I didn’t use the balcony at all because it
was just an empty space. It was dirty, we never went outside and finally we get to
go outside which I’m very happy to show. Our DIY cinderblock garden, this poor guy,
but everything else has been really happy this little baby’s been growing we
really like our outdoor space and we come out here a lot just to chill and enjoy
the breeze. Now my favorite parts are my plants I’d like to introduce you to my
very first, this is my very first plant house plant and this is Opalma. Opalma used to be one big plant and then I separated it and so this one’s Barack and Michelle
is in the bedroom. I bunzed for him and Fiddy. Fiddy over here is also very happy
he was just sticks when I got him. He was like nearly dying but I got him from an
art studio. I remember having to drive the van down Queen Street down this like
teeny-tiny alley, park next to the art studio illegally, and like drag two
big-ass plants into the van, but it was so worth it because I got them for like
a sixty dollar LCBO gift card. So planters are also a great thing to get
from bunz. People tend to get rid of planters I mean they can cost a lot
brand new from the store but they’re so much cheaper, when you, cheaper in value
when you trade them off bunz. This is not my butt but it’s a cast of a butt. So
this guy posted this on Facebook saying that he had two butts to get rid of and
you know he just put it out there, which is why I love bunz so much because you
never know what you can find. And I just so happened to be the very first person
to message him because it went, that post went viral. People were, people started to
outbid me He honored the bunz honorary code and
was like I’m still gonna give it to you because you were the first one to
message me. So like the guy came in clutch. This piece is actually, this is
the first furniture item that Stefan and I have ever bought together. This is a
handmade piece he stained the glass himself and sold it to us for 40 bucks. We have our little man from Japan. He was a
out-of-the-box you don’t know what you’ll get so we got a sleepy sleepy old
man. If you guys ever played neko atsume my friend got this for me and kids love this. But then I also realized that this is not kid-friendly, I
think my apartment is just very not kid-friendly I’ve realized. And this is
where we keep our board game because yeah space space-saving is very
important which is why we opted out of a dining table. So this was the compromise
to meet in the middle. This is raised so that you can use it as
a table but most of the time we still keep it down but it is great that we can
put stuff in it as well. So it’s a functional coffee table. Oh. Okay it’s
good and then this is the nook where we get to look outside, and look at traffic,
and enjoy the view, read a book if I could read. I mean read a book if I, if I still read I haven’t read a book in so long. This zz plant and
this planter was came in that same bundle of trades with the person that
was moving. This, oh my goodness, okay when I first got this little pilea plant when
I first got this, it was a baby and then it exploded. And then we go over to this
side of the living room we have Stefan’s desk. Can you tell it’s Stefan’s desk
because yes he has a full driving system which actually it would really help
because this can help me learn how to drive stick without worrying about
crashing the car. So this is our couch. We usually actually
have it flipped open if you want to see. I personally love to lie down on my
couch. I’m a complete like, I’ll take over the whole space. We have floor cushions
for seating from society 6. Our shelf is where we showcase really like everything
about us all of our stuff as a couple. We just got this from Vegas when we went to
the Penn & Teller magic show and they signed a vintage deck of cards.
And they notice actually that it was the vintage hotel. A hotel that’s closed down
and we also got a set of dice. This is Stefan’s car like it’s actually his car.
He has this is his dream car. His entire life revolves around this car. And this
this is when he went to Japan he collected these from the anime initial D.
I don’t know if any of you guys recognize this. And then our washroom,
just a washroom. And then this is my office. We also recently made over the office, and you’ll see that video soon. It’s
really nice to be able to have a space to myself to work, and, yes that’s the
plaque. I haven’t opened it yet. This is this is the play button I haven’t open
it. It’s, it was here like a month ago. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know
what to do with it. It’s just there. And if you see we put in a backdrop system. It
was actually not hard to install. We’re very lucky to have the luxury of drilling
into the walls and not getting in trouble. We have no problem drilling into
the wall and putting in the backdrops but for some reason we cannot seem to
commit to putting in art. I don’t know you can explain the hypocrisy. Anyways
along we go to the bedroom. There’s another hallway so this leads to the
bedroom here, I’ll have you squeeze in. You can come in if you want. This is the
closet. I mean from the closet clean up video it was much better, and then it
just went south and then we have the master bathroom. A shower, and a bathtub, and yeah that’s that’s the bathroom. This
is our bedroom. The Sorry Girls and I worked on
renovating this bedroom. It kind of revolved around this bed because this
bed has drawers in the back here. I got this, oh you should definitely not see
this. So I have drawers here, and here which we had some nightstands that I had bunzed in the past and it didn’t allow for the drawers to open, so then I approached
The Sorry Girls and we wanted to work on DIY floating nightstands as well as a
headboard so we ended up renovating the entire bedroom. And then you see Michelle. This is Michelle Obama, she’s a little slimmer but she’s doing okay she’s still
sprouting new shoots that were waiting on. I could not find a place for this
mirror for so long and my mom, okay have you ever heard this where my mom was
like you cannot put a mirror facing your bed because it’s bad luck? And I’m like
okay but where else can I put the mirror. And then I found a way to point it
diagonally, away from the bed but my mom still thinks that it’s bad luck. We made
these curtains ourselves. My mom made these curtains. She, okay, she tried
to teach me to make the curtains and then she ended up taking over and making them herself because she said I sewed too slow. But she made all the curtains,
Stefan installed all the tracking system. And then this. Okay everybody
ever since that bedroom video, everybody’s been asking about this bed
table you know what I traded this for? I traded it for a ten dollar armchair. We
bought an old velvet armchair from Habitat for Humanity a long time ago. When we first moved in and then when we were moving out the lady needed an
armchair and she traded us this. And this is the shelving that frustrated Stefan
so much because the walls aren’t straight. A lot of this place is like DIYed, secondhand, and bunzed. We’ve saved so much in that way and it
feels really good to be able to you know rehome something where somebody else
would have thrown out. It feels really good to be part of the bunz community to
be able to trade for things and interact with new people. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video, and I will see you guys next time bye! So
bunz has its own currency system where you can actually use BTZ to exchange
for services and local things around your city so if you want to join, I have
a referral code down in the description and you can get some BTZ I will get
some BTZ if you were referred by me and you can find me and trade with me on the


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