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Our Seville Airbnb Apartment Tour | Spain Vlog | Full Time Traveling Couple

(Joseph) Hey honey, where are we? (Melisa) We are standing in our Airbnb in Sevilla Spain. (Joseph) Did we have any issues getting here? (Melisa) We didn’t have very many issues at the first half of our trip here. But the last half we we did get lost. (Joseph) So to give you guys some background, today we took a bus that took us from Grenada to Sevilla. A three hour bus ride. Wasn’t really any issues but issues really started when we got to Sevilla. The… directions we looked up to get to our Airbnb from the Sevilla bus stop weren’t great. So first off, we took … we went … we got off of our bus That took us to the neighborhood one stop too early (Melisa) That messed us up – big time. That got us… really confused. (Joseph) Then we went in the wrong direction (Melisa) A couple times. (Joseph) Yeah, so we basically got here through the help of a lot of strangers So a lot of people just slowly helped us along the way. (Melisa) A lot of nice people here. (Joseph) Mmm-hmm and then when we got to our general neighborhood one gentleman actually walked us almost all the way to our Airbnb after we told him where we were looking to go. He was very helpful (Melisa) Cuz I don’t know … I don’t know when we would have found it. It would have been a long time (Joseph) So we found out from the gentleman that he’s actually from Sevilla, and he loves it here. And he was … he was very nice He was … he walked us right… just one street over from where we needed to be and he told us how to get the rest of the way and He just took some time out of his day – took about five minutes out of his day to help us and it was really really appreciated. (Melisa) We really appreciated it. Yes, so we found it and it was like that moment where it’s like ahhhh… I can’t sing. Ahhh (voice cracking) Oh, my god, my voice is gone. Ahhhhh… I can’t sing, (Joseph) So maybe don’t keep … maybe don’t keep trying the same thing. That’s how I know I’m not feeling well is when I can’t do a soprano voice But anyway, we found it. We walked in, and it was just like this beautiful… this sanctuary. (Joseph) I’m gonna back up and give them a bit of a view. (Melisa) So this is our favorite Airbnb so far (Joseph) It looks the prettiest definitely. So we’re on the… Melisa loves one main thing about it. How many stairs did we have to go up to get in here? (Melisa) Maybe one (laughing) But pretty much zero. It’s on the first floor. (Joseph) So Melisa likes that. (Melisa) You can see over here There’s one of the alleyways (Joseph) Well, it’s actually a street. (Melisa) Oh, it is a street. This is an actual street. Yeah, based on the American size streets, we think of it as an alleyway, but it’s a street. (Laughing) It’s a calle. (Melisa) It was really frustrating getting here just because… some of the directions on Google Maps. They are not really… accurate here so You really have to kind of figure it out on your own And we got a map, a city map, when we got into the bus station, but it doesn’t have all the streets on there So it’s again still very confusing, and I turn on my phone because I have an international plan To try to see if we could just do walking directions through that and it could not find a signal So we were just really frustrated, dehydrated. It’s hot outside So when we’ve entered here, and we saw how nice … and how it lived up to the pictures online We were really happy. (Joseph) So let’s do a little tour now what room are we in right now? (Melisa) So it’s a small apartment, but it makes great use of the space. We’re in the living room right now. Very modern. It has a TV. It has really good air conditioning It also has really good Wi-Fi as well. The last apartment we were in the Wi-Fi wasn’t very good So this one is fast, which we appreciate (Joseph) It’s very aesthetically pleasing too. You got the exposed brick wall, and that’s real exposed brick. You got the wood beams up here. Nice safe building too. It’s got a keypad plus a main entry door. It’s got a keypad plus a main entry door. Plus. It’s got the nice locks Just like all … I will say that all the apartments in Spain have very nice locks. Oh yeah, it’s got this little marble inlay type thing here. It’s hard to see with the light. Let me get it from a different angle (Melisa) It’s really pretty It’s just a nice Open bright apartment. There’s a table here. (Joseph) Show them the cool hidden fridge. The fridge is hidden in a very nice way right there. (Melisa) All we need, and the house is really nice. She left us some orange juice and some water (Joseph) mm-hmm, and she also left us two guides for both things to do in Sevilla and restaurants in Sevilla. (Melisa) So we have these two books and Which is super helpful because there’s actually … there’s a lot here. I guess the nightlife is really popular here, and there’s just restaurants everywhere and everything. So coming into the city. It can be a little overwhelming So trying to figure out where we wanna go ‘cuz we’re only here for a couple days Anyway, over here’s the kitchen So really nice, I mean, again, like I would… This stuff is our style. Really nice, simple, clean. They actually have olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. Is that? (Joseph) Vinegar. (Melisa) Which is a big plus because the other couple AIrbnbs we had didn’t have cooking oil (Joseph) Well, no, they had cooking oil, but… The first one had olive oil. The second one had like a vegetable oil, and then this one at olive oil. (Melisa) I though the first one didn’t have olive oil. (Joseph) No, it had olive oil for us. (Melisa) Well, they have salt, pepper, and they have more things (Joseph) They didn’t have salt and pepper at the first place we stayed at. (Melisa) We’re not coffee drinkers, but there’s coffee here. (Joseph) And azúcar (Melisa) Yeah, so we just really like the space a lot Over here. (Joseph) A little closet with cleaning products. (Melisa) It’s a nice clean closet and a full length mirror. And the bathroom is really nice as well.. I mean, look There’s a waterfall shower. (Joseph) Yeah, I’ve showered already Melisa’s going to in a bit. (Melisa) What is that over there? (Joseph) It’s just a window into like … a little … there’s like a little, tiny courtyard area. (Melisa) Should we see it? (Joseph) I opened it and looked. It’s just a little area between the building. little small space (Melisa) Well, I’ll keep that closed. (Joseph) You can climb out there if you want. (Melisa) It’s really nice. (Joseph) They have giant towels. (Melisa) And I will say, I one thing about this Airbnb is it’s really clean. Super clean Which we can’t say, maybe, for that last one (Joseph) Well, no, that one was clean. It was bare bones in terms of it’s stuff though, but it was actually clean, right. It actually had cleaner floors than the first one we thought. (Melisa) This one is cleaner. And then here’s the bedroom, which is so cute. I mean… look at the lantern … the lamp … the chandelier. The bed, now… the reason why we booked this is because it’s a memory foam mattress Which if you guys they follow our channel closely, you’ll know that our mattress in our trailer is a memory foam Love memory foam mattresses, especially when you’re traveling. It’s important to have a comfortable mattress And then there’s this open closet here where we have all our things (Joseph) It’s a nice space to put your suitcases – it’s got a little platform here (Melisa) Yep, and then we have the exposed brick. We have two little lights – bedside lights, and there’s another window over there as well (Joseph) So what are we gonna be doing tonight? Do we know yet? (Melisa) Well, we don’t have as much planned. I know tomorrow morning We’re going on a free walking tour of the city, which we love doing those. It’s a great way to get acclimated So we’re gonna be doing that. Tonight though, I think we’re gonna just kind of walk around this neighborhood And go get dinner and just kind of get a feel for the city. We’re tired but Yeah, I’m excited. This is a really cool city. Just driving here, we liked it a lot. it’s just feels like there’s a lot going on and Grenada was really cool and different but this is a completely different feel so We’ll be here for a couple days and then making our way into Portugal … into Lisbon So yeah, I think we’re gonna try to make the most of it but we’re tired I mean, we’re also trying to have a good balance of like … of having fun, but not overdoing it and just enjoying ourselves So that’s it. That’s the tour of our Airbnb here in Sevilla let us know what you guys think about it in the comment section down below, and I think we’re gonna get ready and go get dinner tonight. Right? Yeah. (Joseph) Well, it’s it’s a lunchtime in Spain. Melisa does not like the late-night… attitude of Spanish people. I don’t think she’s adjusted to it. (Melisa) I’m like an old lady deep down inside I’m a homebody. So The fact that people go out around eight and nine o’clock at night to eat dinner It baffles me a little bit. But hey, that’s all about travel. That’s … you come and you learn about different cultures, so We’re … I’m trying … I’m trying really hard. So I guess we’re gonna go get get lunch … a late lunch Right? (Joseph) It’s just regular lunch here, but yeah. (Melisa) It’s a late lunch to me Almuerzo. Is that? That’s how you say lunch in Spanish. Yes. So we will see you guys on the next video. Let us know again on the comment section below if you like the tour of the Airbnb and let us know what you think of our trip. Talk to you guys later. Bye. (Joseph) Bye.


Lionel S. Balasuriya

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Some of the best Flamenco dance troupes are in Sevilla – Don't miss a good performance while in this town. Enjoy your travels.

Team Terry RVing

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Happy you like it thanks for sharing your video from Team Terry rving on YouTube.

Norman Gebhardt

Oct 10, 2018, 8:25 pm Reply

Thanks for the nice tour of your B and B. Its always refreshing to stay in a clean apartment when traveling. Looking forward to your next video of the city.

Linda Rose

Oct 10, 2018, 1:07 am Reply

A gorgeous place! The owners take pride in the service they provide and it shows! So glad you are enjoying yourselves!

Carol Reay

Oct 10, 2018, 1:46 am Reply

That's a very nice little apartment.

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