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Our SCHOOL MORNING ROUTINE – New School, New Apartment!

Good morning, guys,
it’s me, Emily. And today, we are going to be doing
our school morning routine. So I just woke up. So it is dark, so I’m just going to go
to the light on. Sorry for my appearance, guys, but I mean,
I just woke up. And Mango is here. She’s having a little itch. That’s very interesting,
right Mango? Whoof. Okay. Well, anyway, I’m
normally first to wake up, and you guys also– You guys really wanted us to do
a new morning school routine because we moved to a new city, and I’ll be going
to a different school, and our morning routine
is just different. So yeah, Evelyn is
probably still sleeping. So I have to go wake her up, and Mango is scratching my bed,
which is really great. But yeah, let’s go
wake Evelyn up. Okay, let’s go
into Evelyn’s room. It’s so dark. Evelyn, wake up! Mango’s going to come. Evelyn, we have school. You can’t just lay there. We’re going to be late. Mango. Evelyn, can you please wake up? We’ll just hope
that she actually does get up. I’m gonna have breakfast now, and I’m sure that Evelyn’s going
to get up at some point. Good morning, Mommy. Good morning, Emily. Morning, Emily. Hi, Daddy. Sleep good? Yeah. This smell so yummy. Where’s your sister? I woke her up,
but she’s probably in her bed. Okay, as usual. I’m going to go
and check on her. Okay. I love eggs. Evelyn, wake up. Her eggs are gonna get cold. Now, the only thing she’s dreaming about right now
is the back of her eyelids. This is pretty normal. I mean, Evelyn takes
a long time to get up. Yeah, too long. Evelyn, get up. She’s like, oh! Hey, there she is. Why do we have
to wake up so early? It’s not early. I’m almost done
eating my breakfast. It’s after 7:00 o’clock
in the morning. Yeah, time to get cracking. Look who fell asleep again. Evelyn. I’m done. Good job. I’ll come back for that. I wish I could just go back to bed. And she’s sleeping again. Wake up, Evelyn. What? Okay, guys. While Evelyn’s taking
a nap in her breakfast, I’m going to get
ready for school. I’m going to take
a quick shower. That’s why I have my hair up, because I normally wash
my hair the night before, because I don’t have
time to dry it. And I’m going to get dressed, and yes, see you guys
when I’m done. Okay, guys, I’m all ready,
and I’m almost ready actually. I have to brush my teeth, and fix my hair
because it’s messy. And yeah, then I’m going
to be ready to go to school, and I wonder
what Evelyn’s doing now. She’s probably still eating
her breakfast like always. But we’ll just hope that she hurries and rushes
when she’s getting ready. Okay, guys, I’m just
going to do my hair. I’m going to brush it, and I also have
my straightening iron here. It’s heating up. So, while it’s doing that,
I’m just gonna brush my hair. I’m gonna do that. This makes my hair look nice
and less messy so… So I’m finish getting ready,
so I’m just going to kind of like fix
up my room a little bit, and make my bed. And then, I hope that Evelyn can finishes
soon because otherwise, we’re going to be late. So I’m just going to fix up
my room really quickly, and see if she’s still not ready. So Evelyn, you almost done
with that breakfast? You know, if you guys
late from school, you’re going to lose
your computer privileges. That was fast. Shorts. T-shirt. And shoes. Shower! Okay guys, so I hear
Evelyn in the shower. So she’s finally getting ready. Since I’m done with everything, I’m just going to play on
the computer for a little bit. Hopefully, she will hurry up. I’m all ready. Shirt. Shorts. Socks. Shoes. Mommy, can you
please do my hair? Okay, Emily, I’m ready. How about making your bed, feeding the fish,
opening the drapes? I can’t be late to school. Mommy, can you please do
that for me while I’m at school? Thank you. You’re welcome? So it looks like we’re actually
going to make it to school on time today. Barely. Well, I mean, I’m ready and I got
more sleep than you. So, ha! Well, you have to rush because– Well, I did it. Whatever. So this is
what we’re wearing to school. We actually walk to school since our apartment building
is really close to school. This isn’t Florida. It is hot on most of the days. We– I normally wear overalls
because there’s so comfy. I normally wear shorts
because they’re so comfy. Yeah, and then I just wear
like a simple top, and then, we of course
have our backpacks, and we just go to school. We also bring Mango. Because she needs
to go for a walk. Yeah, and after our Mom drops
us off from school, she walks Mango, and it’s kind of like put
into our morning routine. And we also wear Converse because they’re
super comfortable. And yeah, so this is basically
our school morning routine. Comment down below,
if you are a morning person, or if you don’t like
to wake up early. I actually don’t want
to wake up early, but I know I got to go to school, and I really
don’t want to be late. So yeah, thanks for watching. See you next time. Please subscribe,>>and bye.
>>Bye .

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