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our rent cost in a mexico beach town

Welcome back Tangerineys! Today we’re going to be telling you something
that is so popularly asked on our channel lately and that is how much we’re paying for
rent, what our cost of living is and we’re telling you this today because we are finally
settled in Puerto Morelos. And in addition to that, how we found our
rental, that’s a very common question. People often say something like “oh, you just
have to know a guy who has an uncle who rents out his apartment” but like, how do you find
said uncle or said guy? And by the end of this video, we’re going
to let you know what we found, the various options we found, how much they were and what
we ended up going with. I am now in the jungle. [Laughter]. So when we first came to Puerto Morelos we
booked a week. That’s what we usually like to do in any new city just to get our bearings,
to see do we like it, do we like the food, the people, what do we think of it,
and then we go from there. I think it was like day two where we were
like “yeah, we’d live here”, then after we decided we wanted to spend more time in Puerto
Morelos, we joined some Facebook groups, ones that were specifically catered towards rentals
in Puerto Morelos, and in addition to Facebook groups, we also drove around looking for – for
rent signs, they usually say, “Se Renta”. Best ways to find that uncle owns an apartment
one, go on Facebook and literally just type in “Rentas De” or like the city name and rentals
or something like that. Facebook usually figures out what you’re looking
for and shows you the best groups or the ones with the most members that are active and
whatnot. And we also went to a real estate office in
person. Real estate offices were a pretty good resource
for us although we didn’t end up booking through them. Yeah and that’s not something I’ve ever done
in the US, I mean in the US I was always looking on like Craigslist or just Googling apartment
complexes, maybe talking to friends. And so I thought there was a cost, like if
you went into a real estate office, I thought you’d have to pay to have them help you find
a place but that was not the case. So speaking of talking to friends, that’s
another way. Talking to people who live here and saying,
“yeah, we’re looking for a place” and then normally people are like “oh yeah, I’ll keep
an eye out for you”. That’s how we found the cheapest option while
as we were looking. Waz as we were looking. Waz we were looking [Laughter]. Since moving in here, one of the things we’ve
had to figure out how to do – what to do or how to do it is filling up these things and
buying new ones, so we’re going to do that now. At where? OXXO. OXXO. Good afternoon. Good afternoon. Thank you! There’s no Bonafont? Yes (there is). Outside? 65 pesos. So, we got two 5-gallon jugs of
water and it was 65 pesos for both of them total. If you don’t have a jug, well then you’ll
have to put a deposit down on the jug and that was 70 pesos for one jug when we did
that. As far as I know too it’s a non-refundable
deposit. Oh okay. So you’re just – you’re buying it. Yeah, but you never have to pay that again
as long as you don’t break it. But you’ve been following us on our Facebook
page, you will have seen the few videos that we’ve uploaded of attempts to put these garrafones
in the water dispenser, all unsuccessful and we got some really great tips from you guys
on how to do this without spilling all of it and flooding the kitchen essentially. [Sarcastic Evil Laughter]. Oh my gosh! Heaven help us all [Laughter]. Someone told us to cut a hole in this, cross
like that. This little guy right here is going to go
into this hole hopefully then… We hope – hopefully [Laughter]. We hope this works and I don’t dump a gallon
of water on the floor like I did in those others. Okay. Oh gosh! every time this happens, it sounds
like it’s cracking and breaking but I don’t see any water anywhere. Oh, there we go! We have bubbles! Laska, victory dance! Victory stretch, okay. So to kick off our search, we posted what
we were looking for in the Facebook groups that we joined once we were approved in those
and that didn’t actually end up turning out to be very fruitful for us but what did was
reaching out to people who had already posted their own and then connecting with them and
then just going to see those properties. So, ultimately we saw in person like five
I believe. Yeah something like a half a dozen and some
of those people we reached out to on Facebook ended up being real estate agents, so in addition
going into a real estate office, we worked with agents that way. Who also ended up having more properties that
we viewed – that we didn’t see on the Facebook groups ourselves. Yeah, so that – those proved to be a lot of
very desirable options that we were considering. One thing I don’t think we’ve mentioned yet
about Puerto Morelos is that there’s two sides basically; the beach side or the port side
and then divided with mangroves, you have the Colonia side where we’re currently at
and where we’re staying. We all but ruled out the beach side just because
it’s high season right now and most of those are vacation rentals priced to be pretty expensive
per night and most people are not looking to rent them out long term because they can
make more money. Yeah, not in high season. Yeah. So, longer term rental over on the beach side
versus the Colonia side, you’re looking at two or three times more expensive for the
same size and kind of property. One of the other benefits of starting off
booking and Airbnb is that a lot of times the Airbnb hosts have multiple properties. So, we ended up asking our host, letting them
know that we wanted to stay longer and we’re looking for a longer term rental and it turns
out she has a whole bunch of properties in Puerto Morelos. Like we mentioned earlier, we initially booked
a week at our Airbnb but we ended up staying there a couple weeks or maybe even three weeks
as we looked for other longer term rentals. I think this is really important too because
without that buffer of those weeks, I think we would have felt pressured into taking a
rental initially that wasn’t a good fit, so having that extra time, even though we might
be paying a little bit more nightly as opposed to those longer-term rentals, that’s the way
that we found to – find that perfect fit and not have regret later. Can you guys please bear with us with this
wind today. Something about Puerto Morelos, it is really
windy all the time and we do not have our external microphones yet, we’ve told you this
a million times, we wanted to get them, we’re going to get them but then we decided we’re
going back to the US where it’d be much cheaper, we’re not having to pay the import taxes for
electronics. And why are we going back to the US? Where are we going in the U.S.? Would you like to share the news? Yes we – It’s not really news but [Laughter] would
you like to share? We are going to Las Vegas, it’s one of our
favorite guilty pleasure trips and we’re super excited for it, to celebrate – Vegas! [Laughter]. We’re celebrating both of our birthdays and
our three-year anniversary while we’re there. Ho ho yeah! And shenanigans, you best believe [Laughter]. So, back to rentals though, in all of our
searching and talking with people, some people spoke English, some people did not and in
these types of situations, were really glad we’re learning with Rocket Languages. I know we bring this up all the time but it
really is the most all-inclusive language learning software and that’s why we promote
it, that’s why we like it, that’s why we’re using it because it helps us build full sentences
instead of just random vocabulary words that can’t really be put into practice. And as it turns out, Rocket Languages is having
a sale right now, so if you’re considering getting it so that you can learn Spanish,
we’ll put that link down below in the description, you can even start out with a free trial and
go from there. I forgot to mention, it’s only the first thousand
people that can get the discount they’re running right now, so if you’re thinking about it,
Do It. So, what did we end up finding in our search? Well, on the ocean side, there was one place
that was a one-bedroom and it was 15,000 pesos a month. So that’s getting on the high side
of what we’re looking for. So, over on the Colonia side, for that same
15,000 pesos, we found like a four-bedroom three-bath place with all utilities, electric,
Internet, water, gas, everything included. That was in a gated community and in the same
gated community we found a three-bedroom place that was also furnished and that was 10,800
and there was another two-bedroom place in the same gated community once again and that
was 13,700, furnished with a really nice top-of-the-line furniture – everything brand-new – totally
brand-new. Granite countertops, everything that could we could ever want. The cheapest we found in our search was 3,800
pesos a month. We didn’t actually see that one though, so
– So, yeah – Can’t totally say that that one is for sure legit. Mm-hmm. There are some very cheap places but like
we mentioned, they might not have everything you’re looking for like hot water and air
conditioning. Something interesting I think about Puerto
Morelos and actually a lot of cities in Mexico is that the majority of rentals that you’ll
find are furnished, so at least in Phoenix, I don’t think that’s very common to find places
that are furnished, it’s rare and there’s certainly not places with nice furniture. Like in college, we both stayed at Villas
on Apache and that furniture was mmm, bad! Really bad. And furnished places in the US are way more
expensive. In addition to those in that gated community,
we also found some large studios and large one bedrooms that were in the six to seven
thousand peso a month range, so we had a lot to choose from. There were quite a few great options in our
budget and keep in mind, this is peak season. This is – this is expensive time of the year. Often people are asking us how easy it is
or difficult to find a rental that allows pets especially since we’re traveling with
a husky and in this case we found tons and tons of places in Puerto Morelos that were
pet friendly and even the ones that weren’t actually were okay with Laska when we asked
and as long as we are paying an extra deposit. In most cases it was about two months rent
put down upfront. Right now we’re at one of our favorite places
on the Colonia side, we showed you this in a previous video, it’s called Chilpayas, they
have amazing seafood here. And the next tip we learned when we were looking
for a rental was about places and the time that you’re renting. This might seem obvious but the longer you
rent, the cheaper it’s going to be per month. So, this is a huge huge difference whether
you’re looking at renting a week or renting a month or a few months and typically if you’re
going through a real estate office, they’re looking for a minimum of six months. So, if you’re at the course of our travels,
we’ve kind of figured out that at around the four month mark is where we start getting
the itch to go somewhere else, so when we were looking for these places, we were sort
of hoping to get three or four months booked and then go from there. So, here in Puerto Morelos, we didn’t want
to lock ourselves into a six month contract even though that’s what most people renting
prefer but what we found was that renting for four months was almost the same price
as renting for six months. As in you could stay for four months and pay
almost the same price as staying two months longer, does that make sense? The monthly price for four month rental was
way more than the monthly rent for six months. So the lesson is; the longer you can rent,
the more money you will save… most likely. So, in Puerto Morelos, the Internet can vary
a lot as we found out and this is pretty true of most cities like depending on the neighborhood
and whatnot but one way that we figured out how to get around this or to find places with
the best internet is bringing a laptop with us and doing a speed test at all of the rentals
that we checked out in person. We did find that it was pretty good in some
parts and horrible in others. So, if you rely on internet like we do, then
we recommend doing the same thing. Okay, we’re gonna try to multitask here and
tell you the next tip [Laughter]. People coming from the US or Canada to Mexico
often are pretty put off by how many random loud noises there are at any random time of
the day and night. Like Justin Bieber in Spanish playing at 5
a.m., real example. This is a real culture difference that you’re
probably just gonna have to get used to. There are some ways you can avoid it here
though, place – Here in Puerto Morelos. Yeah, here in Puerto Morelos. Getting a place in a gated community or I
think the beach side is going to be quieter at night but I can’t confirm that, I know
there’s just a lot less action going on over there. Less families – during the day – I mean this is where the majority of the population in Puerto Morelos lives, in the Colonia side and we’re going to tell
you all the details about this lovely place but after insanity, because as it turns out,
this is really hard to do while talking. Yes [Laughter]. Please excuse our sweatiness, that was [Laska
howling]… woooo. Thank you Laska. Yeah, come here! Okay, sit. Good girl! Good girl. You’re hot. It’s like a woolly rug. And one last thing, if I can ask you a favor,
if you stuck around to this point, thank you so much. Please don’t post how much we’re paying for
rent in the comment since obviously we left this till the end for a reason, so please
and thank you, we worked very hard on this video to give you lots of good information. So, last but certainly not least, our place,
the one that we picked. What are some details about… Please stop licking my armpit [Laughter]. We ended up going with a studio apartment,
it’s a very large… okay [Laughter]. It’s a very large studio apartment although
it was still a good deal, the three bedroom and four-bedroom places, we honestly just
like… what would we possibly do with that much space? We really don’t need that much space, so we
decided to go with a smaller one, she offered us no need to put a deposit if we paid three
months in advance, so that’s what we did. Seven thousand (pesos) a month. And so that includes electricity, water and
it included the first amount of gas, whatever gas was left in the tank and we recently had
to get that filled up again, which we filled out with… That was fun – five hundred pesos to fill
it up, so not too terrible. I’m not actually sure how long it’s going
to last but to get this gas, our landlord gave us the number and we tried texting it,
it didn’t work… Yeah, then I called and I got an automated
system, guys this is in Spanish, like, speaking on the phone in another language is hard enough,
then when it’s an automated system you can’t ask them to repeat anything, they say it however
fast they say it and we were unsuccessful. We ended up asking our neighbor to help us
[Laughter]. Who I’m pretty sure he called and did it in like
two seconds, so it’s probably not that difficult if you can understand their automated system
and they just came out and filled it… Laska, stop [Laughter]. They came and filled it, it was no big deal
but yes, so that’s what we’re paying for this place. We’ll be here for… now, after this it’ll
be like – A little over two months probably… Two months or so. We only wanted to do three months at first because
there’s no air conditioning in here which Hence the sweatiness after working out but
after the three months, she’s going to install an air conditioning at which point we will
be paying utilities in addition to the rent cost. Hopefully we answered all the questions you
might have had, if not, drop us a comment down below, if you think someone else would
benefit from this information, share this video with a friend on WhatsApp and email
or on social media. Also, if you haven’t already subscribe to
our channel, if you want to see more videos we’re making about Mexico but we’re just traveling
the world, coming up the Vegas, woo woo [Laughter]. Oh yes, and one more thing [Bell Ringing]
GONG THAT BELL so you get notified the next time we put out a new video. Okay bye bye [Laughter]. [Music]


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Aug 8, 2019, 12:52 pm Reply

Beautiful country and the skies look so clean. I would consider this in retirement because certain things are getting too expensive in the US. After a lifetime of cooking, I would like to go to restaurants more there. Here in the US it’s too expensive. If I could get a big place in a gated community walkable to the ocean I would do it, if I have access to my medicine. I would just rent out my second home as well and would have other income streams. I’m uneducated about Mexico. Does anyone know about their medical care and drugstores to get medicine? I would like to live in an area with access to the best medical care, any recommendations?

Vicky Torcolini

Aug 8, 2019, 3:03 pm Reply

Keep up the good work.
You are doing a great job & will absolutely make a great living as You Tubers.
Talent, Passion, & Hard Work are in your pockets!!

Mickey Vidakovich

Aug 8, 2019, 4:40 pm Reply

As you're walking down the street at 4:40, does Mexico look like California or is it the other way around I wonder.


Aug 8, 2019, 10:03 am Reply

In England you get a room in a sharing house for 15000 pesos a month plus bills. It really goes to show how much cheaper life is in Mexico

Stephanie Watson

Aug 8, 2019, 8:57 pm Reply

Why did u choose Mexico instead of costa rica

Tammera Mowbray

Aug 8, 2019, 6:35 am Reply

Don't know how I got here! You guys are darling. Can't wait to watch more.

David Johnson

Aug 8, 2019, 2:07 pm Reply

Is Puerto Moreles anywhere near Cuernevaca Moreles?


Aug 8, 2019, 8:46 am Reply

Hope u had fun in Vegas also, but man has it become a ripoff for what you get. Corporate policies have sacrificed the personal touch it used to have. Fun place still and I've met good people who live there, but resort fees among other things a joke.

Vernon McKenney

Aug 8, 2019, 8:11 pm Reply


Dan Erskine

Aug 8, 2019, 10:05 am Reply

I think you two have a lot of good advice. I've lived in Panama and I think your advice is applicable

rosa ness

Aug 8, 2019, 6:13 pm Reply

i live there too! awesome guys i know the neighborhoods youre filming


Aug 8, 2019, 8:32 pm Reply

I love how the husky wants in on the vlog at the end- she is totally playing to the camera
Seriously what is cost of living, food wise? I realize you can save if you eat the seasonal crops of the local area that is a whole convo in itself- gmo? Plastic? Toxins?? I’m so intrigued with the lifestyle of these wonderful people I’ve heard it is wonderful, the community spirit ?all are welcome as friends-what we thought we were growing up to do here….

Stephen Guerrettaz

Aug 8, 2019, 2:27 pm Reply

I think she should unleash those puppies

Marilynn Arnold

Aug 8, 2019, 1:01 pm Reply

Are there flour tortillas in Mexico for fajitas etc.?

Steve Sullivan

Aug 8, 2019, 11:05 pm Reply



Aug 8, 2019, 11:11 pm Reply

Great video guys!!!


Aug 8, 2019, 7:23 am Reply

What, no home tour?

Stormy Wood

Aug 8, 2019, 7:33 pm Reply

I am shocked! What no "press two" for English?

Paul Kloster

Aug 8, 2019, 12:47 am Reply

Very nice guys and helpful .


Aug 8, 2019, 4:37 pm Reply



Aug 8, 2019, 4:40 pm Reply



Aug 8, 2019, 4:40 pm Reply



Aug 8, 2019, 4:45 pm Reply


Victor Mashatt

Aug 8, 2019, 6:54 pm Reply

Can a retiree on an income of about 1200.00 a month live decently there. Maybe 300.00 rent .


Aug 8, 2019, 8:59 pm Reply

The dog needs his own channel

Denise Sinclair

Aug 8, 2019, 1:30 am Reply

I am single older lady and I want so bad I’m going to Mexico where I can forward to live what advice do you have for me sincerely Denise Sinclair


Aug 8, 2019, 2:54 am Reply

Would like to go to Cancun during winter and wondering if there is a resort you would recommend and if you would be up to hang out while my wife and I are there ?

Blanca Melgoza

Aug 8, 2019, 7:37 pm Reply

You guys are so cute

Anissa Davis

Aug 8, 2019, 3:26 pm Reply

I love you guys.. Thank you so much for your information, research & showing what to do & not to do… I want to retire in the Yucatan Peninsula area, particularly Merida.

Anissa Davis

Aug 8, 2019, 4:17 pm Reply

You said that there were a lot of opinions but keep in mind it's "high season"… What months are low season & which ones are high season.

Stephan P.

Aug 8, 2019, 1:56 am Reply

Great video y'all. Thanks for all the great, valuable info. Much love.

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