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OUR NEW APARTMENT & FIRST COVER TOGETHER (life update) With English subtitles!

Wanted to do a quick update video to let you know that Kätu has her own Youtube channel now! She has uploaded there already 4 videos. She wants to upload there mostly cover videos, where she sings. We decided that my channel will be mostly about nature vlogs. When we go in the nature together or are having some cool adventures, then these vlogs will be on my channel. But if we are doing something other than nature related, then these vlogs will be uploaded to her channel. For example, we just moved to a new apartment. Right now I’m in our new apartment and here in the background is my small office. But you can see more about it on Kätu’s channel. Our new apartment vlog is there for you to watch. Go subscribe to her channel! And from now on all together vlogs on my channel will be only nature related. I would like to keep my channel mostly as nature photography and hiking related. There’s not much more to tell you. – You are rather like a small talk guy. I will put here a few clips from our Perfect cover and from our apartment vlog. But more you can see from Kätu’s channel. – Welcome to our home! – Today we’ll show you how our apartment looks like. – We got this idea from R-Kiosk. The boxes were also put similarly there. My pillows. I was looking for them for a long time. – Here is my little corner. Bye for now and see you during our next adventure video! Bye!



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Jee uus vid

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