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Our Cheapest Airbnb Apartment in Europe for $16 a night in Budva, Montenegro + Airbnb Booking Tips

Well hello hello there. It is time for another apartment tour and
today we’re actually showing you the cheapest airbnb we’ve had in Europe all year. Yeah. It is kind of crazy. Should I tell the price now or save it for
later? Yeah, let’s just get it right out of the way. $16 dollars a night! Sixteen bucks a night. Oh my gosh. Yeah. Yeah. And what we’re going to do is we’re going
to show you the apartment first and then we’re going to sit down and give you some tips on
how you can find a place this cheap yourself. Yes. So let’s begin with the tour. Sam is standing right in front of the main
entrance. I sure am. So basically when you walk in you have this
small little dining area. Yep. For 4 people so this is where we had our meals
but this was also our workspace. Yeah. Typing away. Typing away. Then we had a really nice kitchen. We did. Nice and modern. Yep. Um, so we had our fridge our range. I don’t know what to call this thing. The cooking space. It is the cooking range Audrey. Yeah. Haha. It is the element. The hot stove. The element. Anyways yeah so this was our little kitchen. We spent a lot of time here trying to be healthy
eating lots of vegetables, lots of fruits and pasta. Yeah, we were making pasta on a daily basis. Yeah. We were also having fruit salads. You know like some really cheap food items
here were things like kiwi, um feta cheese was so cheap. Peppers. Peppers were ridiculously cheap. Zucchini. Zucchini and mushrooms were cheap so we were
just like eating super healthy. It was more like vegetables with pasta. Like the vegetables were the main thing. Yeah, exactly. Um, let’s do the living area next. So I’ll let you walk first so we’re not blinded
by the sun. Yep. So this was a really nice couch. Or sectional. It was super spacious so again we did some
work here and watched Netflix as usual. We started a new series last night. Godless I think it is called. The girl from Downton Abbey. Yeah, it is pretty gory but it has got us
hooked already. We only watched one episode but that maybe
our new series because Star Trek ended. Star Trek ended. That series ended and the Crown (Season 2)
hasn’t started again. No. Although it will have by the time you see
this. Yeah but what here is something what is a
series you guys are watching on Netflix or something else that you think would be good? Let us know. Let us know because we’re always looking for
a new one. Yeah. Okay let’s continue. Let’s do the bedroom next. So again I’m going to let you go first. Okay I’m going to mosey on in first. Backwards. Backwards. Um yeah so this was our bedroom. It wasn’t the most spacious bedroom no but
I mean you can fit a double bed and like a little armoire so that yeah the bed was of
a decent size. It was comfortable and yeah we had overall
this was just like for two people this apartment was a perfect size. Yeah. You know the only thing I wish is that they
had a duvet like I’m a big douvete girl. And these blankets are super light and we’re
heading into winter. Oh, we have a balcony. I hadn’t mentioned that. So yeah it was a bit chilly to actually spend
too much time on the balcony but if you were here in the summer yeah you could have like
your morning coffee. We didn’t go out here once. This is our first time actually. First time. Haha. May as well enjoy it. Hello world. It is like what we’re having highs of what
about 10 degrees in late November. Yeah, so it is yeah it is not somewhere you
would come to chill but the views are pretty cool and look down here. Someone has a garden. Yeah. It is like a vegetable patch. There is oranges there is like an orange or
mandarin tree off in the distance. Yeah. So uh alright let’s go back and we’ll show
the bathroom. Back inside. Back inside and show the bathroom. Okay the last thing to show you is the bathroom. And it is noisy. Yeah, when you turn the lights on. Brace yourself. The fan goes on automatically. So I’m just going to let you go in and do
a little tour in there. Okay. Really quick tour. So we had a washing machine which we always
appreciate. Yes. And I think we mentioned that every time but
it is so nice to be able to do your clothes. There is a heater up here and that was basically
we were told just to leave that on the whole time. We had lots of hot water. Um, good water pressure in the shower. Nice modern shower. Fairly big by European standards um yes. And a little toilet so yeah that is it. Now it is time for us to sit down on the couch
and basically tell you about the money. Why we got such a good deal and how you can
get a deal like this yourself. Okay Sam. Yes. So what is the magic trick. How did we find a cheap place? So there are basically 3 key points I want
to mention. So the first key point is that we traveled
in the offseason. Yes. So prices are always so much cheaper. Especially in coastal type places. Resort type places. If you go in the off-season that is when you
get the deals. Yeah. And so we traveled in extreme off-season like
late November. Um this is more of like a late spring, summer,
early fall that is the peak season here. Yeah. So we traveled in the late basically the extreme
offseason. Yeah, and no one is here for the beach so
yes we are kind of like the only tourists in town it feels. Right so that is point number one. Yeah. So point number 2 is the actual location of
this place. So in Budva (Будва) the main area is
the Old Town. And we were just 15 minutes by foot removed
from the Old Town. So we were really close but not quite there. Yeah. And a lot of travelers I find are fixated
on staying in like the heart of the city. Staying in like the heart of the Old Town. Especially in a smaller destination like this. So if you’re willing just to stay a little
bit further away like in the more residential areas that is how you also get a much better
deal. Yep. And point number 3 is that this is a newer
listing. A newer building. And because of that the Airbnb host, like
when you’re there is a lot of competition on Airbnb. Yeah. There are apartments that have 100s of reviews. Like 5 stars or 4.5 stars. So if you’re a newer listing and in fact this
building is only like 3 months old. Yeah. Yeah. 3 months which is crazy. Yeah, so if you have a newer listing how you’re
going to lure new customers in is to have a cheaper price. And so we basically got this beautiful like
nice modern apartment yeah for $16 dollars. Like I could see this costing double or triple
potentially in the peak season. Yeah. We got it for an absolute steal because it
is a newer listing. It only had like I think what four or five
reviews. Yeah, not many but they were all good. They were all really good so we knew going
in that this is going to be a good place and the price was right and that is how you get
a really good deal on Airbnb. Mmmhmm. And now that we’ve talked about the apartment
closing thoughts on Budva (Будва). Closing thoughts on Budva (Будва). So we actually came here um not as much as
tourists. We were kind of on we’ll call it a work-cation. Yes. We planned to spend like far more days in
front of the computer than actual out sightseeing. Yeah. And so basically um if you want to visit here
keep in mind that it is only 30 minutes away from Kotor. Yeah. So I actually we would quite highly prefer
in terms of like travel experiences Kotor we’d recommend over Budva (Будва). So what we would recommend is if you’re short
on time stay in Kotor do Budva as a day trip. If you have lots of time then sure come here
for a few days and it must be a completely different atmosphere in the summer. Oh, I bet it is. It must be a real party atmosphere. Um but anyways if you’re into that come in
the summer but if you want to experience more of like the cultural activities here and to
have less crowds then come when we did because for instance we went out to like the main
attraction. The Citadel (Citadella) and we were the only
people there. The only people. It was insane. It was insane. So anyways we are going to sign out now from
Budva, Montenegro. Hope you guys enjoyed this tour and you learned
some tips on how to save some money on Airbnb apartment rentals. So we’ll see you guys next time. Bye. Tata.


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Cheap: eating super healthy

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Feb 2, 2018, 5:30 pm Reply

Wow. I can't even get a campsite in Wisconsin for $16 dollars.
I just watched the first two seasons of a show called Colony on Netflix. Season three is out in March. It's a Sci fi genre.

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Traveller – Trip Reports & Travel Videos

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What is the best website in Europe comparable to MapQuest or Google Maps? I'm considering booking a trip through the Alps, but the one thing missing is how to get to and from your hotel from/to the train station or airport. In Munich, they want about $200.00 to get from the airport to my hotel which is about a 1/2 hour ride. There have to be cheaper ways of getting around. Where is the best place to exchange to Euros? Airport or ATM? Also, do you have any alternate suggestions to my questions? Thanks in advance.

BTW, I've watched Season 2 of The Crown and it's great. Audrey, I also would be interested in knowing a bit more about your childhood travels. Were you born in Canada? Are both your parents Argentinian? I assume that your Dad went back with the family to work for awhile in South America. Did you go to college in Canada or somewhere else? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks for your great blog. I am looking forward to going to Lake Bled.


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That is so cheap. We will be going to Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro for 2 weeks in 3 months with 3 adults and we thought our £50.- a night apartments where already a great deal. Most of them are between £40.-/£50.-, we will have 1 apartment which is £70.- but that is in the middle of Dubrovnik so that is still pretty good. We won't be going in the winter but May, it is still off season and all of the very cheap ones didn't look great so we chose the ones which where a tiny bit more expensive. But that one is so lovely and cheap, really pretty and spacious.


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Jeremy Paxman Jill Starr

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I stayed at a,friends hotel everything included plus,4 meals for three weeks right across the street from Sveti Stefan for only $800

Jeremy Paxman Jill Starr

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