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OUR APARTMENT TOUR (2019): 1-Bedroom NYC Apartment | Lucie Fink

Hello everyone, it’s Lucie! Welcome back to my YouTube channel. It is almost time for Michael and I to move out of this
apartment… And it’s kind of sad. We’ve lived here for three years… This was the
first apartment that we shared together. Because we’ve lived here for three years,
and because we want a little bit more space in our lives, we are moving. We’re trying to find an apartment… This apartment right here is a 1-bedroom.
I think that it is 695 square feet? Could be wrong, I’ll look that up. We’re feeling
like it’s a little bit cramped for us… Especially now that I work from home, I
spend a lot of time just shooting and editing… Working on projects here in the
apartment… I feel like I need a second bedroom that I can designate as an
office space… A place to just do my work. It’s really not safe to do work on the
bed. I don’t think safe is the word… But it’s just NOT SMART. I’m the first
person to tell you that if you have a bed you should only use the bed for
sleep, otherwise it’s gonna mess up your brain and tell you that bedtime is work
time… And I don’t want that. I want to sleep in my bed and work in an office. So,
we are on the hunt for a new apartment. We’ve been searching for some time now… And it’s difficult. I’m taking notes on this whole apartment search journey, and
I’m gonna make an entire video in the next few months that tells the whole
story of our apartment search. I can’t make the video yet because I don’t have the
end apartment. I want to make that video from the new apartment when all is said
and done, and I’m happy. Right now I’m in the stressful search process… So I’m just
waiting to make that video, but what I wanted to do today was do an apartment
tour of this apartment. You might know that I have another apartment tour of
this exact apartment on my YouTube channel. It is super outdated in that we’ve changed a lot about the apartment space
since that video. This video is sort of like an updated apartment tour… Sort of
for you, just so you can see what it looks like right now… But it’s also
selfishly kind of for me, so that I can remember this place, because I know we’re moving soon and I just want to be able to look back at this video in ten years
and see what my apartment looks like. Don’t you worry, as soon as I move… when we have our nice, hopefully spacious, two-bedroom apartment… I will be sure to
do an apartment tour of that space after it’s all decorated… *coughs* Hair ball. And now, let’s start at the door. The door
opens, and you can ring the doorbell, which I thought was super cool… Apparently, like every apartment has a doorbell… I thought it was awesome
that it was sort of like a house… You have a doorbell. And the layout is kind
of funky… I’m gonna try to put a floor plan here… So, you can see that it’s sort
of a triangular shape… The living room has a little bit of a curved wall… That was
something that Michael and I loved when we saw this space. We are really not into
square and rectangular apartments. So, you walk in, you’re in this sort of hallway
space that has a closet right here to the right… This is our coat closet… It’s a bit
of a mess. I”ll open it and show it to you.
We have coats kind of bursting out here… But I think in my next apartment I’m
going all homemade, organic, apple cider vinegar cleaners, because I’m kind of
over this stuff. And down here we kind of keep Michael’s
sports equipment, extra contact lenses, spare products that I use every day… So
that as soon as I run out in the bathroom, I can go back and pull them
from the shelf. As you probably saw, I didn’t change these paintings at all. These are my mom’s paintings. They’re still hanging here in the hallway. I still
love them, I’ve got three right here. They’re really pretty. They remind me of
waterfalls, and they’re serene. All right, and now for the bathroom. Here it is!
There I am. Hi. This bathroom has just gotten a
little bit more organized, and that’s because I did a video for refinery29
where I did Five Days of Organization… I’ve done a ton of cleaning videos. I’ve
personally gotten a lot cleaner in the past year or two… So has my bathroom. Right now we’re out of toilet paper…
Which is unfortunate, because it looks like we just don’t have toilet paper… But this is where the toilet paper would go if we had it… And then we just have
three glass cabinets here that all open, and have a lot of stuff. Not that neat.
Could be neater. I’ll give you a tour of what’s in my cabinets at a later time. This is an organic cotton curtain, and then also a PVC-free liner in the back. I
got that for my video on 17 Ways to Make Your Home More Organic and Natural. This is our kitchen… I love this kitchen. I’ve really enjoyed
it over the past few years of living here. The one thing I will say that I
don’t love about it is the color of the cabinets. I just kind of feel like this
light brown color is not fun to me anymore. I’ve got pretty much the same
kitchen that I had last time, in that it’s still just as organized the way I
did for Five Days of Adulting. This might be a new piece that wasn’t here…
I kind of stash wires and books and stuff in it. The kitchen is basically the same as it
was last time. We still have this table from Ikea, we have this cabinet piece
from Ikea, we have this TV piece with a bookshelf from Ikea… And this is NOT an
IKEA sponsorship. We just really like to shop there because we like the sleek,
white, wooden stuff. We used to have this chunky, brown, wooden coffee table. It was kind of the same color as the cabinets… So, we swapped it out for this marble,
with this black really thin wire leg, and it’s just touched through… touch through… What is that word? You know, see-through? We swapped it out for this marble top with
the black wire frame and it’s just a lot simpler and kind of disappears a little
bit more. And then, the other major change that we
made in here was adding a desk. So the desk was assembled, and I think one of my videos is when I actually set it up with all of my stationary items, so if you
look through the drawers you can see that this is where I keep my bullet
journal supplies, and all my pens and markers… And Michael and I sit at the
desk quite often to do work. This is where you might recognize my lime trees
used to live. Unfortunately, my lime trees have died. It was really sad. I noticed that they were getting what looked like cobwebs on them… and then I looked really closely, and there were little tiny bugs on every centimeter of the cobweb… Other things we’ve added are all the plants along the ledge… We love these plants. I
actually got most of them during Five Days of Indoor Gardening, and I’ve kept
them up, and they all look amazing… And I love having plants at home. It just makes
me really happy. Moving on to the bedroom… The bedroom is the major change we’ve made in this apartment since my last video. Our bedspread was this really just simple grey color… There was maybe one picture over the bed that was a beach photo that Michael took… It didn’t really look
pretty. It didn’t feel pretty to me. It was kind of just all of our stuff from
our previous apartments, thrown together. It didn’t have a style. And now we have
changed that BIG TIME. This bedroom is now so cute, and every time I walk in I
feel super happy, and super colorful. This was a design that my mom and I worked on when I did “Lucy For Hire” as an interior designer, and we actually interior
designed this entire bedroom… Now we have this really cute, blue, patterned carpet
on the floor when you walk in. I would say the room is really blue and white
heavy. The carpet on the floor, the little puff beneath the mirror, the blanket on
the bed, the lamp, and the painting… The pillows on the bed, and then also the
accents on the paintings over the bed, as well as some of the accents on the
decoration pieces around the room… I’d say green is another color that pops
out in here… And we do have pops of other colors… Overall, kind of like a white, blue,
and grey situation… And I think it’s really, really pretty, and really well
decorated. We also did this really cool thing to the closet where we had a
stencil artist come, and, using gold paint, (or, kind of like a light brown, shiny-ish bronze paint…) she painted this pattern on the wall using a stencil. And
she sort of faded it in and out so it gets darker and lighter at certain
points… But it really just took our plain, white closet and elevated it to look
like something really cool. This bedroom is currently where I shoot
a lot of my videos. As you probably have seen in other videos, I have my lights
set up right here in the corner, and most of my videos are shot with this frame
right here. That is my apartment right now in 2019. Pretty soon in 2019
we’re gonna have a new apartment, and you’ll see another apartment tour video
on here soon. I really hope you like this video. I hope it gave you an inside look
into where we live. We are so excited to find our new spot, and I cannot wait to
take all of you along for the ride. I have some really fun upcoming videos
planned for all of you… I want to take you around New York City, and show you a lot of the things that I do every day, show you some of my favorite coffee
shops, favorite restaurants… I would also love your suggestions, so comment
anything below that you want to see… And I’ll see you next time!
Love you.


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