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Organize my Japanese Apartment With Me! | 100 Yen Daiso Haul

hey guys I am in the mood to do some cleaning today and I thought we could do it together maybe I can convince you guys to do the same with your own house I need to get some things organized I have a whole bunch of friends coming up to visit me within the next couple weeks and my house is a bit of a disaster as you will see so there are three main areas that I want to deal with today the hardest one is probably gonna be my makeup collection then I also want to find some way to organize my eyewear and lastly I need to do something with my tea shells the really cool thing about living in Japan and living in Korea was the same actually are the dollar stores they are so convenient for when you want to set up a new apartment organize your stuff they have so many organizational products and they’re all hundred yen one dollar it’s amazing so I’m gonna pop down to Daiso and also serious area is another dollar store chain they tend to carry different products today so so I like to check them both out sometimes if Daiso doesn’t have something when I’m looking for Syria we’ll have it I’m gonna head down there see what containers and shelves and just organizational stuff I can find and then we’ll come back here and get started all right I’m back with two huge bags of goodies I found most of the things that I was looking for at Daiso and luckily seria had the last couple things they were on my list all right let’s tackle the easiest task first my eyewear collection so what I had in mind was to get this wire lattice and I’m going to either mount this on the wall or stand it up on my desk and just kind of hook my eyewear in here and I feel like I will be able to store quite a few pairs on here so it should hold my whole collection fingers crossed glasses the USA just sent me five new pairs so that means I have five new pairs of glasses to find a home for thank you – glasses USA for collaborating with me on this video I’m always super stoked to get new glasses from you guys let’s quickly try on all my new glasses and then find a home for them this first pair pretty standard everyday frame that I will probably wear quite often I do have a pair similar to this but they’re black these ones are tortoiseshell they’re super comfortable they’re really light what do you guys think I love these big nerdy glasses next I went for something a little more subtle and maybe a little more professional-looking when I’m wearing a suit or I’ve got a business meeting to go to they have some black detailing on the top of the frame and then the rest is gold you almost can’t see them they’re very thin this is a definitely a different style for me I usually like big chunky glasses but I think these are fun and I think they look really nice next I went for one of my favorite shapes the round style most of my glasses collection is in Korea and I was really missing my thin gold round frames so I got some new ones they’re super comfy because they’re so light kind of forget you’re wearing them I find them really easy to wear with just like a casual t-shirt or hoodie type outfit which I basically live in I went for cat eye sunglasses this time I’ve never tried them before I saw a youtuber that I liked wearing them and I thought they were so cute if you find glasses you like online you see a model or influencer wearing some and you really like them you can take their picture and upload it to the website and it will go through all the glasses on glasses USA DOM and find the ones that look the most like the Perry are looking for this is the first parent that I got I like though I find it very feminine I just add a little bit of class to your outfit these look really expensive but they’re really affordable I’ve got a prescription in both of them because I need it very blind if I try to wear sunglasses without prescription it doesn’t work these next ones are Prada and they actually sell them for quite a reasonable price on glasses usa.com so if you’re looking for fancy brand-name sunglasses or glasses do check them out now these ones are really cat eye they’re super slanted in the corners I thought I would try it it’s so big brand new for me oh interesting I feel like a like a movie star or something I feel like these are the kind of sunglasses you where would you like really dressed up in a fancy dress or like a tailored fall coat these are pretty cool I feel very fashionable in me they look cute top of my head as well all right so let’s set this up in my bedroom and organize all my friends so I’ve got two options for setting this up I could either hang it to the wall with some hooks but I’m not allowed to put hooks in my wall so I probably shouldn’t do that even though it would probably look nicer but I did find these at série their little feet to put on the bottom of the wire thing I [Music] think it turned out really nicely there was room for 16 pairs and I’ve got 16 at the moment so that worked out well all right task number one is done should we do makeup next we need to get it over with let’s do makeup so this is my bathroom sink area as you can see it’s extremely messy and this is some place that friends will be seeing if they come over so I definitely want to tidy up this part and also my entire makeup and skincare collection because this is just not fun to look at it’s stressful so I’m gonna take everything out and just put it on my bed and we’re gonna go through it and I’ll show you what I bought at Daiso to organize it all so I brought a measuring tape with me to Daiso and I figure that I could fit 4 of these plastic tubs inside my pullout drawer along with 2 of these square ones that I already had so that gives me 6 tubs to sort all my stuff in now I just need to come up with 6 categories [Music] Wow it feels so good to have that all organized and over here I’ve got a pile of skincare that I’m gonna put in a different area of the house I’ve got a container for that look at how amazing this drawer looks now guys it’s gonna be so easy to find things in here now and then up here I’ve put all the makeup that I use on an everyday basis all my favorite products and some skincare stuff all my hair accessories there and I’ve just sorted the makeup out into categories in these drawers so it looks a million times better all right two down one to go compared to makeup organizing my tea cupboard is gonna be a breeze I’ve just bought lots of random teas that are just kind of sitting around like single tea so let me show you what I got at Daiso so the first thing I got were these two shelves they have legs on them to top it like this and I thought that would give me some more space to stack all my tea boxes next I got this really cool jar I can’t believe this was a hundred yen I’m thinking that I could put all my single teabags into here the ones that I’ve only got a couple of each flavor and then I also got these two trays these are actually meant for underwear you’re supposed to roll up your underwear but I thought these would work really well for tea bags as well and I think that should do it are you guys feeling inspired to start cleaning your own houses these kind of videos always do that for me so hopefully I’m having that effect on you right now I’m definitely feeling a lot better about my house now that it’s starting to be a little more organized I really want to get this whole place organized and clean and tidy so that I can give you guys a tour I am well on my way there now that my makeup is sorted that was like the biggest issue all right so these are all my random two flavors I probably have about 25 different flavors here any ones that I have like say 5 or 6 I was like this : t I’ve never tried that I should really try that tonight I’m gonna put those ones in these little trees and all the singular ones or ones that I only have two or three up I’ll put them in the glass jar I ended up only needing one of the white shelves so that means I’ve got an extra one to deal with this mess so that’s cool but it turned out really well I’ve got all my box T’s up here all the different teabags sorted nice stay in the trays there cause some hot chocolate and some coffee packets in those cute little boxes and over here we’ve got our single teabags some hot chocolate and some loose leaf teas it looks so much better I hope you guys enjoyed organizing my apartment with me if you do decide to organize your own house tweet me some before-and-after pictures I’m a sucker for before-and-after pictures I would love to see it and if you would like to check out my glasses for my glasses haul today I’ll have all the links down below thanks so much for watching guys I will see you again very soon for some more videos [Music]

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