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Orchid Residency 1-2BHK Apartments at Panvel, Navi Mumbai – A Property Review by IndiaProperty.com

Hello and welcome to Indiaproperty.com The property we’re looking at today is Orchid Residency which is located in New Panvel To be more specific, it’s located in Hari Gram, New Panvel Hari gram is a small village located on State Highway 54 which is more commonly known as the Panvel-Matheran Highway This particular highway has been proposed to be developed into a 30 meter wide road which will have 4 lanes It currently happens to have just 2 lanes Orchid Residency is located very close to Ramkrishna Academy, which is run by the Indian Education Society Panvel Station is roughly 4 KM from here, and the upcoming international airport in Navi Mumbai is roughly 7km from here There are more schools within a 0.5km or a half Km radius of this property The amenities offered at Orchid Residency include a landscape garden, a Kids’ play area, a well equipped clubhouse, a senior citizens’ sitting area and a bus service for all residents to Panvel station It consists of 7 buildings All the buildings are equipped with lifts and power backup in case of an emergency Let us now check out a model 1 BHK apartment in Orchid Residency We’re now in a model 1 BHK apartment in Orchid Residency This apartment has a super-builtup area of 590 sq. ft. and a carpet area of 395 sq. ft. We’d advise you not to go by the shabby state of this apartment considering it’s still a work in progress The living room has dimensions of 13′ 1″ x 9′ 6″ which does not make it very large, but going by the standards of a 1 BHK flat in Mumbai, it’s just about adequate You can comfortably fit in a small sofa set and a small showcase or a small bookshelf in here. There’s a large french window at one end which opens up into a small balcony-ish area that overlooks the hills nearby The fact that this property is in a rural settlement called Hari Gram is best experienced when you look out of the window Let us now take a look at the kitchen With dimensions of 10′ x 7′ the kitchen is just about okay sized for a flat of this size The one thing that I really like about this kitchen is there’s a large window right in front of the granite countertop The one thing that I do not like about the window is that it looks at a blank wall That is not something that I’d like in my kitchen The granite countertop goes around the corner and at the end of it, there’s space to install a refrigerator You can also install a microwave at this corner and a water purifier in this corner right above the sink The kitchen fittings have not been installed as of now but the builder has promised that they are going to be of good quality Apart from that, the kitchen walls have been done up in designer Dado tiles upto the lintel leve And there’s a loft, an open loft, which you can use to store things Let us now move on to the bedroom We’re now in the passageway that leads away from the kitchen and the living room to the bedroom. As you can see, the bathroom and the toilet is segregated, as it is the case with most 1 BHK flats The bathroom floors have been done up in skidproof tiles, and the walls have again been done up in designer Dado tiles The same can be said for the toilet, which has an Indian style toilet installed in it Let us now move inward to the bedroom This is the bedroom and it has the dimensions of 9’3″ x 10′ The bedroom, once again, does not seem very large but seems okay for a flat this size You’ll have to manage your space really well if you want to keep this room looking spacious One good thing the builder has provided is this large window at one end and this balcony, a small balcony though, that overlooks the hills again This window also helps the room look larger than it is So you can use that to your advantage Coming to some broader details about this apartment, The walls have been done up in an oil-based distemper paint and the floors are all covered in 2’x2′ vitrified tiles The floors are a little dirty right now, but there’s still a fresh coat of paint that needs to be put on after which the floors will be cleaned Electrical sockets and plugpoints have not been installed yet but I can see that they have been located very conveniently across the apartment That brings us to the end of this video property review Whether looking for any kind of property, Land, commercial, residential or farmhouse, Indiaproperty has it all


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