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Old Japanese Apartment vs. New House

[Aiko] Hello world! Last year we bought a new house, and this is how it’s different than our old apartment [Shin] In our new house, we have a yard [Aiko] And this is our backyard So this is our little garden [Shin] This is our back side yard [Aiko] So we don’t need to share walls with our neighbours anymore, look! [Greg, offscreen] Yeah, but you can almost touch the neighbour’s wall [Aiko] But that’s a good thing because we can share rice [Shin] Now I can scratch off the wallpaper Now I can make dents in the floor! [Greg] Yeah, we don’t have to worry about damage deposits anymore But the floors and walls are easy to dent and scratch kind of like they’re from a dollar store [Aiko] The air conditioning uses less energy and less money [Greg] And because the house came with none, it cost a lot to put all them in [Shin] We have a toilet upstairs! We have a toilet downstairs too! [Greg] Which both need to be cleaned We have two balconies and one’s over here And one up here [Greg] Although our old single Balcony was still bigger than both of the new ones combined [Aiko] In our old house, we couldn’t jump around but here we can [Greg] And because there’s no one below us the kids do jump around Being serious though, it really is nice to have a house to call your own. Here’s some things we really do like: [Aiko] You have a bigger kitchen
and you have more space to cut [Greg] That little strip between the stove
and sink was all we had before [Aiko] And it’s easy to clean walls [Greg] The kitchen walls in the old place
were tile and grout which were harder to keep clean [Aiko] And it’s easy to take apart and clean the stove [Greg] In the new house the stove is made up a few parts, and it’s a relatively flat surface to clean Whereas in the old place there’s simply more to take apart and clean [Aiko] In our new sink, we have regular mode and you have spray mode And we can spray it around [Greg] In comparison the old sink had a simple faucet [Aiko] Our new bathroom is bigger and easier to clean [Greg] This is huge for me because
the new place has less parts and there’s no space underneath for mildew
and mold to grow like in the old place [Aiko] Our new doors can close quietly [Greg] And you can even easily change out the handles to get locks on the doors. Which I did. Doesn’t make the knocking sound of little fists any quieter though [Aiko] Our interphone has colour and you can see who visited us before [Greg] Which is great for seeing what weirdos visited your house Our new house has double pane windows. So it has better soundproofing, and it’s more energy-efficient. Also the frames are plastic, so moisture doesn’t perspire from them. And there’s a track to drain condensation from windows, if there is any There were some things that were truly nicer about our old apartment For example if you opens the doors and windows, you could get a nice wind flow going Because the building was concrete the temperature inside was more consistent And when you weren’t home there were lockers that the couriers could use [Shin] but kids can’t play inside because you can be stuck [Greg] Moving homes was an interesting experience Because our kitchen is on the second floor we had the privilege of paying for a crane to lift up our fridge Luckily our couch and the rest
of our stuff didn’t require one On moving day, the house was like a corrugated
plastic play place We ended up with only one small dent in the floor Which to their credit, the movers did send a repair person the following week to fix it. Since that day, we’ve made more
than a dozen ourselves [Aiko] Are there differences between renting apartments and owning a house where you’re from? [Shin] Thanks for watching, see you next time, bye! [Greg] Hey guys, we’d love to see your quick video about where you’re from at the end of our videos So please check the description to see how you can share with us. Thanks. Bye!

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