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hey so let me just tell you what’s kinda happening this vlog is really old I filmed this a long time ago when I first moved to this apartment that I’m in right now I’ve actually been moved in for quite a while now probably like 2 and a half weeks so this vlogs kind of like irrelevant ’cause it isn’t like a current event okay this isn’t happening now i’ve already like lived all this and a lot has happened since this I really could have simplified that a lot and I didn’t but whatever I hope you enjoy regardless, I hope you have a good time my hair looks so fucking ugly ignore that and I love you a lot, I love you a lot and I hope you guys are having a great day and enjoy the video! love you so much how does that even happen hey what’s up? it’s the big day it’s the big move in day. It’s go time. You’re probably a little bit concerned for me because as you can see I’m alone and you’re probably like Emma, how the fuck are you going all the way to L.A. and moving alone the answer is that i’m not my mom is driving her car as well we’re going separately so that we could have more car space Where is my mom? Is she over there? I don’t know Road trip bitches I drove to L.A. once before in my life And I had a full fledged panic attack while driving there, so really excited for hopefully another panic attack just kidding please do not jinx that, I really don’t want another panic attack that was absolute ass both of our cars are completely filled with shit the main thing that we had to pack was my clothes because I love shopping ok so that was an issue and we just put all of it in trash bags which like is fine but, you know it’s a little bit trashy (chuckle) fuck I’m at the gas station now so Oh yeah it’s like 4:45 in the morning No one’s here, as expected I mean no one should be here, you know, it’s literally 5 am Like if you’re at the gas station at 5 am, it’s not good, um I do not look good right now. I look like a little teen boy who plays Minecraft. i do not look good right now, i look like a So I googled teen boy who plays Minecraft because I wanted to see if I could find any imagery for this, and sadly nothing came up of actual teen boys playing Minecraft So I googled teen boy who plays Minecraft because I wanted to see if I could find any imagery for this, and sadly nothing came up of actual teen boys playing Minecraft so i googled teen boy who plays minecraft because i wanted to see if i could find any imagery for this and sadly nothing came up of actual teen boys playing minecraft but i did find an entire page of minecraft characters But, I did find an entire page of Minecraft characters, then I scroll a little bit and find this little guy then i scroll a little bit and find this little guy And I was like holy shit, ME and i was like holy shit meee Is that better? No. Is that better? No. my mom’s right there, crazy my mom’s right there, crazy Moving out, but still being followed everywhere I go by my mom so, love that. movin’ out but still being followed everywhere i go Huh let’s go One hour in, no wait Oh my god, we’re like almost 2 hours in, okay like an hour and a half in. I look like the girl version of Skrillex This is not cute okay, should I like take off the beanie? Like what’s going on? Okay that’s actually worse, oh my god I look so bad We need some help sister Wait maybe without the glasses, that’s better Just stopped at a gas station to go pee It’s 6:22 I don’t know, we’re doing good, we’re killing it, we’re slaying I’m gonna go take a piss in this bathroom, so I guess I’ll just see you next time It’s now 8:08, just took our second pee break at another fucking gas station You know how it is Just been kinda jamming out, I don’t know okay you know how road trips are We’re like 3 hours away still, that is cute and fun But what do you do, what can you do about it See you soon with another update, who knows when it’s going to be, who knows what I’m gonna have to say God only knows Peace and blessings, thank you god and goodnight (booing) (elevator music) It’s now 10:45 in the morning What am I eating? Pizza. So welcome to my pizza mukbang (cheering) (approval noise) pretty good pizza actually it’s from whole foods i give this seven out of ten maybe six and a half hey! ( fan girls ) – oh my god hi! we love you so much ! (emma) oh my god i love you too! i love you guys that was cute okay back to our mukbang i got this nice coffee feeling really good and fresh about it its literally so quirky how i hang out with james charles one time and then start using all of his lingo ! so sorry about that , um i mean do i have an excuse ?? no, the bitch is contagious um ,, it’s 4:51 AM and i’m editing right now so if you are wondering why i am acting like a fucking spaz that is why sip our coffee bitch,, (loud slurping noise) my life is CORRUPT so what are we going to talk about today ?? i guess its only fitting to talk about moving out cause that’s what i’m doing things i’m worried about like not my- not myself, well that kind of too having to actually clean my house by myself so yeah that was my mukbang pizza mukbang it’s literally ten thirty and i’m eating pizza which is like not good,, you know ?? uh no !! oh my god it’s another like 2 hour drive i literally don’t know how i’m gonna do it i mean i have a coffee with me now i had some pizza i think i’m like ready to go road trips are really fun when you’re with other people but when you’re in the car alone,, oh man it gets lonely and it gets boring !! maybe i’ll listen to a podcast maybe i’ll just take a nap, behind the wheel !! oh my god yass bitch you might be like emma, why is this just a big cement building ?? um,, that’s because that’s exactly what it is let me give you a little fun and special TOUR! now i know that this is not going to be very fun because there’s nothing in here and it’s very echoey but i thought i would do my best so first you walk in like that, then you have you have these big windows nice for me so i don’t get sad then we have my computer on the floor because we are desperate right now and then we have this whole living area, i don’t really know what exactly we’re gonna exactly do- well what im gonna do with this what are you doing in the bathroom dude(editing emma): fucking freak um, then we have the kitchen right here. Nice:). Then over here we have this open space again then we have a little closet that i put all of my jackets then we have the first bathroom! i actually just took my first shit in this bathroom and im feeling pretty good about that now lets go up the little stairs! go up these little stairs. Oh my god (gasp) im like gonna get really ripped once i leave here because that is really exhasting. OK I’ve been living here for like two or three weeks and i still get fucking winded-why do i keep saying the f-word, i need to calm down I’ve been living here for like two or three weeks and i still get winded by those stairs every single time i walk up them i don’t know it’s like an issue im not adjusting. I am still out of shape! SWAG! this is what happens when you edit at 4 am. why did my light just go out? turn back on you bitch. thank you. tea this is the bedroom up here, i can do what ever i want in here if i want to do a cartwheel do you know what mayde i’ll do that just to prove a point ok, point was proven, that hurt my vagina then i have my main closet, where i have clothing this is fun, we have the thermostat/A.C. thank god that there is A.C in this place because where i live now there is no A.C and i burn up in the summer washer-dryer… uh i don’t know what that is then last but not least we have this door that leads to god knows what and we have oh my god, it’s really bright in here, what the fuck is happening, dude then we have the last bathroom, i already have a few things in here and that’s the tour, hope you enjoyed. Now we have to go get coffee cause i literally losing mind. my brain cells are popping as we speak hope you enjoyed my empty apartment tour ooh maybe thats what im gonna clickbait this video empty apartment tour that’s kind of fun, oh fuck now i have to take pictures for some good good clickbait some good juicy clickbait to just get all the veiws *rabid animal noises* i am a monster do you want to get dunkin donuts but mostly there coffee is really good shots were fired right there can we just go right now, i have to put my foot down or else you’ll never do it I look so weird right now, I look like Bambi I am tired, I’ve had a long ass day, Ok. Fu*k! We have no furniture. I am currently sitting on the floor. We have no furniture. So that’s good. We postmated some Asian Box. A.K.A my fav restaurant! haha omg, please help me…. Pretty good Watch out you got someone behind you let them by Don’t kill anybody (? note sure) Well because I’m trying to get out of the way This is just rude We’re not doing good Mom: Look at how pale You look so scary You are so rude! You look like the Mad Max guys That is SO mean Okay, what are we looking for? Mom: waters We’re looking for waters? M: With the sport lid Can we get LaCroix? (Mom laughing) M: Okay I’m done Noo M: I can’t do this ?? M: You know what I’m tired And I’m done No… no you won’t Yes I will! She’s right I’m not gonna pay her, but I mean it’s the thought that counts You will just continue to exploit me and use me for my facilitating oh my god UHH An then your smart water with the sport lid is gonna be right up here I only wana get one with the sport lid UHH I just saw your boob (Laughing an screaming) Hi HI So here’s my review of the Beverly HIlls Hotel reastaurant: So first we stars out in as you can see, I mean, the enviroment is just absolutely beautiful We go to the menue andyou can see that I left a water stain on the menue I’m suprised that it didn’t kick me out right there, but it didn’t and that’s all that maters I ordered the caesar salad It was great. I mean as great as it could be Caesar salads are so good This one just happened to be 28 dollars Was it worth it? Of course not! But it was a great experience and I’m really glad I went Thank you so much to God for creating this reastaurant I just got a text and you heard it, I’m sorry You always what? I always wondered what it smells like What my car? Yeah! I love you! byeee I love you guys Oh my God Jesus fuck First shopping point of the day Tj maxx Feeling very big Why is te lighting so bad? we are traumatised we just found out that there is not a home section of this Tj maxx just the clothing section so there is a TJ Maxx that has a home section like a half mile away from us but do you know what? we are traumatized. We came all the way here expecting I’m not okay by the way, do I look okay to you? I’m on my way to Home Goods feeling really good. So I’m on my way to the home.. So we’re.. (booing) So we’re on our way to TJ Maxx/Home Goods.There’s a little home section. We were feeling really great feeling really confident and I look at my emails to see that me entire urban outfitters order was canceled If you’re wondering why I’m so.. I don’t know.. triggered about the fact that my entire Urban outfitters order was canceled is because I ordered almost all if not literally all of my furniture off of urban outfitters oRbAn and it was canceled so that meant that like none of my furniture was on its way y’know what I’m saying? And that was upsetting to me, as one might imagine And to make matters worse, this ended up happening four more times And I didn’t’ know that when I was filming this, I had no clue Emma from the future is here to tell you that that did not happen once, twice… That happened four times. Urban Outfitters, I love you. Sponsor me. Um, I did have a mental breakdown about that at one point As one might imagine, I mean I have a – I have a mental breakdown about everything but like this really got to me, so I had literally my couch, multiple chairs, rugs, fucking everything in this order and it’s just cancelled I’m destroyed I’m upset Thank you and goodnight But at least we’re at Home Goods Fuckin’ who cares about Home Goods when your entire Urban Outfitters thing gets cancelled Mom: Yeah but they could – they could have a couple cool chairs! Also, I made an order on Dote and accidentally used my old address I sent everything to my old address So like, that’s convenient! Use code EMMA for $5 off your first order of Dote not spons Yay. Finally, we’re in the right place, this is actually home decor, Feeling really confident now, *to Mom* How are you feeling? Mom: I’m feeling confident *cheesy music* Okay, so I think we’re not gonna be getting art from here *cheering* good morning everybody today we’re going to IKEA! we were gonna go to ikea yesterday but- mom: you said hi-kea :/ okay, fu- IIIKEA. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH how was that? mom: heheheh we were gonna go yesterday, but then i had like- i got this– siri: use the right two lanes to turn on *unintelligIble* boulev- i had this sudden attack of illness, and i got sick i had like a fever so we went home, i went to bed… ikea was cancelled yesterday but we did end up going to whole foods funny story about that, on the way to whole foods, i fell asleep in the car and i woke up like an hour later, in the whole foods parking lot, in the car and i’d completely sweat through my entire shirt so thats how i knew that i needed some help mom: that was me leaving my child unattended in a boiling hot car yeah, my mom left me in the fuckin car to boil OH YEAH BABEY! YEEEEAAAASSSSS *music* mom: lemme- lemme- let’s talk about this for a second it’s like you’re- right now we’re just kind of putting stuff under there, but- but it’s better to have, like, under cabinet stores that are more organized emma: :/ mom: you know, where you have… so, it’s keeping the stuff off the bottom if it needs… um… stuff like that…? emma: ok mom: do you wanna just have bins under there…? emma: sure sure, yyeah that’s good……… smells like a fart over here and it wasn’t me maybe it was me i can’t tell :/ *cheering* hhhi and welcome to my kitchen today we’re going to be making a pizza, a lil vegan pizza actually so, i’ve never cooked in this apartment so i thought it’d be really fun if we documented the first thing i’ve ever made, in this apartment, right now lets just,,,, get right into it 🙂 thank you so much 🙂 *crunch* great we have our nice, shitty vegan cheese ’cause vegan cheese never tastes good and then we have some whole wheat crust! and, last but not least, HHHEH, mom: wash your hands!!! sh- ugh- ohhh,,, some tomato sauce this is the best tomato sauce i’ve ever eaten in my life, so. *clunk* keep that in mind. whole foods, you’re welcome. okay so basically let’s catch up a little bit, let’s catch up ’cause you know we haven’t talked in a- in a little bit so you guys have a lot that you need to catch up on for starters, ikea DESTROYED me we had a lot of fucking furniture to carry i was not in the right head space and i wasn’t in the ikea head space You have to be truly feeling good and ready for action if you wanna be fucking spending your time in ikea like its not something that you can just go into if youre not in the right place like its exhausting its tiring its terrifying its overwhelming and it broke me fuck oo-h my god what is happening AH NoO oh my god *sighs* i literally i literally like i can’t okay OW mommy *clink* tap *clunk* thank you did you wash your hands? yes mommy preheat oven to 450 i dont know how to preheat this oven i’ve never used it in my entire life uhmmmm okay so anyways as i was saying, for the rest of the day i kind of just checked out mentally i mean it’s getting pretty repetitive at this point, you know what i mean? i think you guys are all kind of sick of this like we get it, emma, you fuckin’ wake up in the morning you go to furniture stores you come home you don’t vlog for the rest of the day, like we get it and i don’t blame you i’d be pretty fuckin’ annoyed if i was you as well ugh this pizza looks great, really proud of it, really proud of… her let’s do a fun little taste test we just bought these cherry flavoured sparkling waters, my mom thought it would be a good idea i don’t know why she did cheers, let’s try it out oh, i fucking hate that ew, what the fuck? NO! EW! ugh! oh, no! okay… that is NOT okay that was so upsetting um, instead we’re going to be drinking a… watermelon flavoured perrier because i know that this is good yes, i could be drinking la croix, but this one’s also good this might even be better than la croix definitely better… no,,, it’s the fuckin’ same i don’t know how i’m going to store this pizza crust *slap* okay.. *vdfjvnskegvnkvd* goodbye, sweet baby *cheering* look at thisss bitchhh fuck, this pizza cutter sucks oh my god it’s like they want me dead i’d normally cut it into eight pieces but today that’s just not happening i’m not doing a good job, okay? yay! pizza! *cheering* so now that i moved, i have to, i don’t know, pay rent and how am i gonna pay my rent? *harp music* sponsorships thank you, so yeah, here’s that, i guess *beeeeeeeeeeep* today’s commercial break is sponsored by audible (big surprise) thank you, audible are you guys surprised that i got another brand deal? me too throughout my school life, i’ve managed to like, never read a book because of two reasons number one, sparknotes and number two, audiobooks they will save your *censored* i’m probably not supposed to be cussing.. the hardest part about brand deals is that i can’t cuss and i don’t know how to not cuss, it’s like the only words in my vocabulary, i’m working on it but do you know what? i’ve heard that a way to make your vocabulary better is to read *cheering* so let’s get into the details audible has endless amounts of fun and exciting audio books that you can listen to at the touch of a finger they didn’t even tell me to say that, i just came up with that if you’re like me and think audible is absolutely amazeballs, go to www.audible.com/emmachamberlain or text *inhale* if you’re feeling trendy ’emma chamberlain’ to 500 500 to get an EXCLUSIVE 30 day trial AND! a book of your choice for free and i just had to memorize all of that and i did it, and i nailed it they even offer books such as fifty shades of grey, if you wanna get a little bit steamy it’s totally up to you uhm… my mom won’t let me listen to that book but repeat after me, we love audible! *overlayed* we love audible! we love audible! we love audible! we love audible! we love audible! we love audible! *slurp* SPONS! *cheering* *beep* *outro music*


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Jul 7, 2019, 11:20 pm Reply

Her voice has significantly lowered since she moved to LA.


Jul 7, 2019, 9:44 pm Reply

I have been living in my house for all my life (13years) and when I go up my steps I sill get tired and I have a total of 24 stairs

Davin Erikson

Aug 8, 2019, 5:05 pm Reply

Her rent in that apartment costs 4,000 a month I was looking at la apartments and saw

Abbilynn Mcgovern

Aug 8, 2019, 7:48 pm Reply

8.2 mil subs and 8.2 mil likes

Sparshita Sahu

Aug 8, 2019, 5:42 pm Reply

17 year old and driving a car to LA!!
meanwhile in India- 40 year old uncle's still figuring out how to start a car

Olive Epee

Aug 8, 2019, 4:30 am Reply

The fucking commercial break???

Whitley Abeler

Aug 8, 2019, 8:17 pm Reply

That was the best sponsorship ad I've ever seen hahaha

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