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Oceanfront Penthouse – Las Palmas – Rosarito Beach Real Estate by Kanoa, Luis, Aury & Ron

– Hello everybody! is Kanoa,
Baja123.com beautiful Rosarito Beach Mexico and I am sitting here today with
Luis Soriano. Hi Lui! – Hello everybody! and I brought Ron & Aury in to come
and talk to us about their new condo listing at Las Palmas. – Hello everyone!
-Hola everybody! – Okay! so we know right now there’s an inventory shortage going on in our area, there’s not a lot of good clean inventory on the coastline and so
anything that is up for sale right now is something that we want to get in
front of our clients really fast so that way they can get in there and make the
first bid on it, get the first right of refusal on those properties and I really
like this because Las Palmas is a development that we’ve sold in for quite
a few years now and I think like we were talking about earlier,there it’s kind of
been forgotten. – It’s really come alive as it lately there’s been a lot of movement,
a lot of action going on but you did bring up a good point is that even
though that’s happening there’s still limited inventory in the area.
– Las Palmas is tell everyone where it is it’s about 10 minutes, 5 minutes south of
downtown Rosarito? – Yeah, 5 minutes. – Yeah, so for those people that
don’t wanna be be right in the downtown where all of the excitement is going on
want to be a little bit farther away but be able to drive back to it easily, this
is a good location for them. – You want to be close enough to where you can get into the action but be able to turn it off and walk away when you’re done.
– I agree with you completely on that, I like the access to it because it’s right off
the toll road you can come in through San Diego get off at the toll road and
be there within a few minutes right from the exit on the toll road. – I believe it’s
only about 35 minutes away. – Yeah from San Diego which is excited for
everybody. One of the things that let’s talk about is, let’s talk about some of
the amenities people want to know about the lifestyle. – Everybody loves Las Palmas because it’s different from most of the developments that are available. you have unobstructed views you cannot be closer to the water, you’ll be on the water. If you get any closer so that’s one of
the pluses for Las Palmas. – Which is one of the main things that we know that everybody’s coming down here for, they want to get close to that water, they want to be as
close as they can this is right on the water. – You know, there’s few developments
that separate themselves by doing that this one is literally embedded into
bedrock it’s anchored down but you’re off a nice little peak to where you look
either north or south and you see sandy beach on both sides so that’s a nice
thing to have but the ocean effect and the breeze and the
sound waves that you get from coming into. Everything rushes into that balcony
doors and just keeps you quietly awake at night enjoying the surf. – It really is
beautiful especially I think from the Clubhouse section when you’re in there.
– You can’t compare those views when you’re in the gym or in the clubhouse
you know you get views from other places but here it’s like the water is right
outside the window you see the Dolphins you see the whales
just swimming by – And the seagulls! which I love watching the seagulls
too, they get to surf those waves which is always fun just sitting there
watching all that animal life in the water. -And you still have the
regular amenities right? like pools and jacuzzis. – Yes, you have plenty of jacuzzis, you have
pools with spectacular views. Again, it says if you’re right on the water.
– You’ve got four jacuzzis as you walk into the main area.
Two of them are infinities and you’ve got two pools that are also infinity
pools with the nice little waterfall for the kids. The amenities there are really
something because you don’t feel like you’re away from the ocean, you’re right
off of the water. – And this is a 24 hour guarded security development for those
people that want that have that extra security. – Yes it is, In addition to that,
security for this unit stands above the rest because you’ve got private keyed
entrance to your unit so you walk up you take the elevator and that’s something not
everybody can do so that private the elite access system that comes along
with the unit and very important for people that desire that sort of protection
– Excellent, so tell me a little bit about the unit. – The unit is a 1 bed, 1 bath, it’s about 1,200 square feet single story, the nice thing about it
it’s a top of everything else it’s on the 19th floor. It’s an open living, open concept environment you’ve got 12 foot floor to ceiling windows that
just open everything up. The privacy here is superb because nobody is able to kind
of look up you’re just able to see the skies and look down at the miles and
miles of long sandy strips of sandy beach on both sides so very nice to have
if you want to watch the fourth of July Christmas fireworks from your room you
can absolutely do so because it seems like the Rosarito Beach Hotel is just a
couple steps away. – That’s the wow factor here the views that you get miles of
white water views like you mentions for that price it’s a great deal. – You’re not
far from the restaurants and from shopping and for the
gas stations and from everything you’re close enough to have all the fun like
you were saying Ron, have all the fun but a little bit farther out of town so
you’re not in the middle of it all which I think is right because real estate it’s all
about location, location, location. – And this location will give you that the
resort type style living high end especially in that unit you can either
relax while you’re in it and again, just the views are amazing or make use of the
high end resort type style amenities available. – And I think this is gonna
appeal to people that maybe don’t want to be in some of the developments that
have multiple towers, I have like four or five towers in it because this will have
to be a little bit more private. – Sometimes less is more and that’s what
you get in this place, it’s a quality single story development that makes you
feel really at ease with where you’re at where you’re living but in addition to
that it’s also recognized then where you going in Rosarito. Looks very appealing,
attractive from an architectural standpoint it stands out in its design
it stands out in where it sits as well it’s although you have a lot of
construction that’s going on up and down the coast. The beach that it sits on has
a lot of privacy on both ends so with all the ruckus going on you’re still
gonna get a lot of privacy in the years to come. – So how does this unit price compared to
other inventory on the market right now? – Well, you got a million dollar view and paying less than half a million for it so that speaks bonus about it but in addition to that it’s really hard to
compare because it’s one of those that are just unique there’s nothing else
like this on the market so when you look at it price per square foot it’s gonna
really stand out in its quality uniqueness. As far as the title it’s
ready to go if these simple title ready to be transferred over to Americans or
foreigners that are wanted to open up a trust and it’s a turnkey unit with
quality furnishings that you’ll love to have and enjoy in this place for years
to come. – So once again, there’s not a lot of options right now, so the inventory is
low so the options are low so this is something you think you’re interested. I
highly recommend you get Aury and Ron on the phone to schedule a showing to this
unit. I appreciate everybody’s time and remember professional real estate agents
will help save you time and keep you out of legal issues. Thank you very much
everybody, have a great day! – Thank you.

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