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[Music] this episode will make full use of the videos we took while apartment hunting in Okinawa there are three phrases we do show for this tour but we actually walked through at least fifty apartments our budget was 500 to 600 US dollars which is pretty average for locals in Okinawa we were looking to be close to a base for my work and close to the University for Madoka number one the first property we saw is a solitary house located in Genoa City at about $600 this was near the top of our budget our first impression of the house was old-world there were no main roads nearby so I could hear the birds chirping [Music] there were four bedrooms in addition to the kitchen and living room when we walked through the hall the floor squeaked there was a large apartment building in the lot behind the house which blocked out a lot of the light the yard was in really bad shape we’d be hanging laundry on ropes here because there’s no dryer setup I wouldn’t be surprised if this entrance was used as a Japanese horror movie number two the second apartment we looked at was on the top floor I had a similar price range at about $600 the entrance of the house in Japan is called a gank on this cabinet is actually for shoes this is where you remove your shoes usually to the left of the game con there is a bedroom [Music] with one closet across from the first bedroom there’s a bathroom has a modern-style bathtub [Music] and the second door on the right is the toilet it’s small but this is pretty standard across Japan [Music] the living area and kitchen are combined in this floorplan but most combined options have a sliding door to divide the areas there’s a big closet too the building was new and in a residential area so there wasn’t much nature around the balcony is narrow and long no view unfortunately and the building this tall would get a lot of wind during typhoons number three the last property is on the third floor of a small building there’s a small wooden shoe box attached to the game con at the entrance just inside and to the right is a bathroom and shower room there’s no bathtub but a nice hot bath and nice hot Okinawa isn’t so appealing to us with a budget-friendly price of about $500 there is a convenient slide window between toilet and the shower rooms in case you want to have a conversation while taking care of personal hygiene the kitchen is pretty retro and really small [Music] the walls were pretty dated with wood paneling but they were at least in good condition and there are no squeaks on this floor we loved how many windows there were [Music] you could see the neighboring building very easily so we would have to get some good curtains let’s see the next room it’s a tatami room it has six – Tommy mats this section is replacing an entertainment center and shelves or other furniture there’s a wonderful view on this balcony [Music] an outside storage space it’s a pretty big balcony seems like the washing machine has to be on the outside and there’s no dryer hookup so we have to hang dress the next room is about the same size as the first itami room but there’s no place for furniture there’s only one closet you can still observe the view for me here [Music] bookshelf impossible no air-conditioner in this unit can you guess which apartment choose [Music] this is a public corridor that leads to our apartment entrance we put a shelf on the left side of the entrance to create a hallway and divide the space from this angle the entrance is on the left as you can see using Sebastian as a reference the size over the kitchen is very tiny and the kitchen cabinets were very outdated [Music] this is a living room with the kitchen the reason why Sebastian is cooking and wearing Mickey’s Santa hat is because it’s Christmas and we are having some friends over [Music] next we’ll take you to the first Atami room the Christmas lights were up for the holidays a tatami room is a fun space where you can have a Christmas party we decided to use this space for our TV and we invested in an a/c to help us survive the heat [Music] from here you can see the second – Tommy room this became our bedroom where we slept on traditional Japanese futons sorry about the boxes there from our move those are our paintings from our trip to Venice Italy let’s show you the balcony this view is one of the most influential factors that helped us pick this place the washer machine is outside and the dryer is the Sun the poles that I was inning was my Santa hat of the laundry poles [Music] sometimes we can see local fireworks from our balcony [Music] thanks for watching everyone ask us any questions or let us know any requests feel free to click like and subscribe we appreciate your support have a nice day we’ll see you soon [Music]



Nov 11, 2017, 2:14 pm Reply

I like your apartment!  Modern is nice, like the second, but I'm entirely fine with older ones in good condition and I think you guys make the right decision.  You should have seen the 3 apartments I had in Henoko…not modern by any means, but I was fine with them!  Thanks for sharing!  Just made my wife homesick again! 🙂


Nov 11, 2017, 11:22 pm Reply

Great view! congratulations for getting this place!


Nov 11, 2017, 12:39 am Reply

I lived near Araha beach and the most influential factor was also the view. We had beautiful sunsets.

Christina Tucker

Jan 1, 2018, 8:00 pm Reply

very informative

Kirstyn Rhoden

Aug 8, 2019, 1:43 pm Reply

Thanks for sharing! What agency do you recommend for someone who would not have a local co-signer? Thank you in advance ?

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